Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Assignment for Sissies!

Tomorrow (Sunday 1 December) sees the launch of new humiliation gallery for all the sissies to take part in!

Between now and Christmas Eve, I will require you to dress up as a Christmas Fairy and send a picture of yourself in your pretty attire. You may obscure your face if you wish. Remember to be creative - lots of sparkle!

The best "sissy-fairy" will be publicly recognised on My website with their picture taking pride of place for all to see!

It is completely FREE for you to enter - so get your creative sissy juices flowing!

Send your pictures for consideration to the email address below:

Friday, 29 November 2013

Worship Mistress This Christmas!

Yes My little pets, Christmas is fast approaching!

I LOVE to be pampered, spoiled and worshipped at Christmas and I expect you to be the ones to do this.

I accept Amazon UK Gift Cards of all sizes and links are below so you have absolutely NO EXCUSE not to be good to Mistress this year. You don't have the right the refuse - your Gothic Goddess has demanded you send Her your gifts.

All Amazon UK Gift Cards can be sent to the email address below:

To send Me an Amazon UK Gift Card, simply click on the image below:

Thursday, 28 November 2013

New Rubber Leggings!

Big THANK YOU to the submissive who treated Me to some gorgeous rubber leggings from My wishlist!

Used Tights!

At the request of a TV tights enthusiast, I decided to put on a pair of 10 denier bamboo tights today. And to get him extra excited, I sent him this pic.......

Now he's a very lucky boy - having sent a tribute, he will be the proud owner of these worn tights. He will be wearing them while he sucks some cock too!

If you would like to own a pair of My worn tights, you should contact Me by email to the address below:

Slave slut's Review.

Slave slut has written a little review on his servitude so far. As you can see, he clearly enjoys being My slave!

Dear Mistress Cristal

I am glad that you are pleased with my homework assignments so far. I have to admit I was very nervous at first when I became your slave even though I have experienced cam sessions with you several times on AdultWork.
you are very beautiful and the thought of you seeing me degrade and humiliate myself for you, and the pleasure you get from it is worth every painful and humiliating moment

The worst of my tasks so far are the ball hitting tasks, I cant take the pain too much on that but I know that if you think I'm not putting the effort in you will make me do it again, the first time I done that my balls were aching the next day
I found also the wax on my ass painful. I have been tortured with wax before but not for a long time and I was unused to the pain.
and again I was nervous about the spanking my bum when I realized the marks did not show on my photos so I spanked myself more than the times you said just to try and show you proof that  I did it.
I saw Madame Luna from adult work Saturday and she said my ass is bruised still
the other forms of physical punishment like the toothpaste, tabasco sauce, and wax while painful I can deal with
the one task I found the hardest and the one I came closet to not doing was watching porn and not touching my worm

I did not enjoy waxing my legs but I have to admit I loved how smooth they were, I could not stop touching them
painting my fingernails I thought was easy and it was but I forgot to buy anything to remove the paint and I had to go to work the next day and quickly use thinners to remove the paint before anyone saw.

I do enjoy a dildo in my slutty ass Mistress but riding it for 30 minutes is tough and when you told me to do it again when I whined like a bitch I could only do it thinking that I couldn't disobey you, and it turned me on when I saw your order to ride it again

I enjoy most of the tasks Mistress, I think the one I enjoyed most at first until it made my ass ache was the dildo ride
I bounced on that dildo and my worm became hard and I even had pre-cum coming out
Im ashamed to say Mistress that when I watched the video it turned me on seeing myself like that
I enjoy most wearing the outfits and seeing them on your blog.
I love to see the photos up and knowing people can see them.

the thing I enjoy most of all is hoping that when you see my photos you are laughing and it pleases you
slave slut xx

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Having read up about it, I have finally decided to take the plunge and offer non-sexual adult baby cam sessions. This means that you will be free to express your "baby-side" with Me, as long as there are no expectations of sexual touching. You should also address Me as Nanny, rather than Mommy.

Adult-Baby Sessions can include the following:

Self-change of wet nappy/diaper (no solids!)
Peekaboo and other baby games.
Dressing up.
Punishment for naughty babies.
Feeding time.
Dummy/Pacifier Sucking.

If you wish to see Nanny on cam and take part in an Adult-Baby cam session, you may email Me via the address below:

She's Back!

Yes, I'm back and fully ready to put you in your place!

Taking Cam Bookings Tuesday 26 November.

Just a reminder that it is My first day back on webcam today and I will be taking cam bookings from 2pm. Today's cam sessions will be without sound sadly, until My cough clears completely, but you will still be able to see Me as you carry out My EVERY instruction.

Cam sessions are priced at £1 per min and the minimum booking length is 10 mins. Payment is via Amazon UK GC.

If you wish to book a cam session with Me today, then you should email Me via the address below:

Monday, 25 November 2013

Show Mistress Your Little Winkie!

To mark November, I will be posting a gallery of little winkies on My website. This is perfect for those who get off on having their tiny little maggots humiliated and it's COMPLETELY FREE.

All you need to do is take picture of your tiny todger and send it to Me at

You could even put something next to your winkie to highlight just how pathetically small it is. Suggestions would be a very very small pencil, a tampon or even a key - obviously the very little boys out there will have to choose something MUCH smaller!

Send your pics in by November 31 for posting on My Gallery of Little Winkie shame!

Slave Slut Lives Up To His Name.

Slave slut was ordered to send in a collection of himself wearing his sluttiest outfits. I can see that his slave name fits him perfectly!

Taking Cam Bookings Tomorrow!

You will be pleased to know that I am almost back to full health! Yes, it's taken a week, but I'm getting there, and I'm eager to get back to work.

So, from tomorrow, I will be back to offering cam bookings. Unfortunately, until My cough clears completely, I won't be able to offer sound - I don't think you want Me coughing down your ear - NOT sexy! But at least you will be able to see Me as you obey My every command.

I will be offering webcam bookings via Yahoo and Skype from 2pm tomorrow. Bookings will be priced at £1 per min with a minimum booking length of 10 minutes.

If you wish to book a cam session with Me, you are instructed to send Me an email to the address below:

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Note For Financial Slaves.

As a Financial Mistress, I understand that entering into a Financial Servitude Contract is not something which should be taken lightly. Indeed, it is important that you feel comfortable in your decision to serve Me in this manner.

I therefore am happy to have an informal chat with you via email. This gives you the opportunity to tell Me about your expectations and hopes of serving Me financially, as well as asking any questions you may have.

However, I make it clear that this "informal chat" is not an endless one, and after a certain amount of time, you will be expected to make an initial tribute in order to prove you are serious in your intentions.

As I'm sure you will appreciate; My time is valuable and that means you must be prepared to pay for it. Expecting Me to endlessly chat to you for free is disrespectful and not very becoming of a financial slave.

So, if you do have a genuine desire to serve Me, you are invited to get in touch with a brief description of yourself, what you are looking for and why you feel it is important that I should consider you. You may send your first contact to

All SERIOUS emails will be read and if I feel you are worthy of My attention, I will reply.

My Christmas Wishlist Is Now Available.

With just over a month to go; it is time for Me to unveil My Christmas wishlist which is now available via

As you will see from the list, there are a range of gifts to suit all budgets, from chocolates, beauty products, clothes and shoes. At this time of year I particularly enjoy receiving fine wine and champagne, jewellery and perfume.

Every slave who is generous this Christmas will be publicly recognised on My website, with a photograph of their gift posted.

You can visit My Christmas Wishlist today buy clicking the link below. Remember - tis the season for giving!