Friday, 3 April 2015

Time For Some Easter Entertainment!

Happy Easter to all of My readers!

You will be pleased to know that Mistress will be available throughout the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. So forget about stuffing yourself silly with chocolate -in fact I will be ensuring you work off those Easter eggs you've been gorging on! 

I will be available for Skype shows this weekend as follows:

Friday 3 April - 1.30pm until 5pm.

Saturday 4 April - 1.30pm until 5pm.

Sunday 5 April - 1.30pm until 5pm

Monday 6 April 1.30pm until 5pm.

To book your session you should email Me at:


I  require all My sissy slaves to dress up as a Play Boy bunny and send pictures to entertain Me. The best efforts will feature on My website. NO COCK PICS - I'm not interested in seeing your tinky winkies - not even if they were made of chocolate....

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

It Hurts To Be A Girl......

Sometimes, it hurts to be a woman. In fact, at certain times of the month, being a Woman is not all it's cracked up to be. We suffer for our gender. We have a week of emotional instability, sore breasts, bloating, aching joints,and extreme tiredness.

And the main event - stomach pain, back pain, even more tiredness, switching between being irritable and weepy, shoving all manner of "feminine protection" in our knickers or inside us. It's NOT fun. And it's definitely NOT something for boys to poke fun of. Let's face it - nature has made it so that women get the rough end of the stick. WE are the ones who go through pregnancy and childbirth. WE are the ones who end up having what can only be described as a Ford Cortina inserted up us every 2 years (pap smears, however important, are NOT pleasurable), WE have to suffer the hell that is the menopause and then of course there's the mammograms later in life - just to give you an insight - imagine having your balls placed in a vice - and slowly but painfully squeezed until you think they're going to pop - does that sound like fun to you?

Now at this point; you boys might be thinking "well, we have to hear about these feminine tribulations. Where's the fun in that?!" Hearing about it is not good enough. Only when you experience it can you truly appreciate what we go through and WHY we have the right to claim Superiority over you.

When it comes to My sissy boys; when Mother Nature visits Me, she also visits them. They don't get to escape these monthly visits simply because biologically they're male. As far as I'm concerned; they seek a journey into sissydom - so they take whatever comes with the territory.

There are simple ways in which I can recreate a "Monthly Gift" for My sissies. Prolonged wearing of nipple clamps works very well in creating that dreaded breast tenderness. As does any form of nipple torture. When you've had an hour or longer in the clamps or have endured all manner of sadistic torture to your nipples; will you be so keen to condemn women for moaning about their PMS symptoms?

Keeping you in an uncomfortable position for prolonged periods of time can easily mimic the effects of joint pain - how long can you remain tied up on all fours before you're squirming in discomfort?

And depriving a sissy of sleep - that takes care of several things at once - the tiredness, and the emotional turmoil. Remember; BDSM is 90% psychological and 10 % physical....

And when the "Monthly Gift" arrives - the torture doesn't stop there for sissy. Oh no. Repeated ball busting creates a lovely slow, dull ache in the lower abdomen - the sissy version of "menstrual cramps". And that's before I make you wear a maxi pad - day and night. Oh, and you have to change your maxi pad. No visiting the urinal for you - unless you want your friends or colleagues to see your maxi pad tucked inside your frilly pink knickers. Off to the cubicle you go - after you have worked out how to carry a replacement pad to the toilets, without anybody finding out.....Do you take a "bag" or do you store it in your pocket and pray that nobody notices? And of course should somebody notice - how are you going to squirm your way out of that one?

I digress - because the above really isn't My problem - but it is My entertainment.

You see, being a girl means you have to regularly carry the burden of being a girl. And if nature doesn't bring that burden, Mistress will! I see no reason for you to be immune from it. In My world; biology is not an excuse nor is it a form of protection.

When God created man; he was only joking. But when He created Woman; he decided that Women had to put that mistake right - and by making you endure what We go through, we are doing just that!

Instant Messenger and Phone Chat Today.

Unfortunately, Mistress is not feeling very well today. While I will be online, I will only be offering Instant Messenger bookings via Skype. I will however be available later this afternoon for Direct Chat via AdultWork.

You can call Me via Direct Chat by visiting My AdultWork profile via the link below. Calls cost 0.80 per minute. Email Me via the AdultWork secure email system to request permission to call FIRST.

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