Friday, 5 August 2016

Custom Email Assignments.

Not quite plucked up the nerve to serve Me on cam yet? Well never fear; there are still ways to serve Me and explore your kinky side at the same time!

I offer custom email assignments for boys who would prefer to serve Me in a less "obtrusive" manner. These assignments are tailor-made kinky tasks, custom designed with your kinks and fetishes in mind. Perhaps you have a fetish you're dying to explore? Perhaps you've never really ventured into the world of BDSM, and are now ready to "dip your toe"?

Email Assignments are the perfect way to ease yourself into the world of BDSM & fetish. Assignments can be designed for a novice to more advanced for the more experienced kink monsters among you.

Each assignment comprises a set of kinky tasks for you to complete by a set deadline. As you complete each task, you are expected to take photographs of your humiliation. Perhaps I will share your humiliation with the world and post your photographs of My website? How embarrassing to know the world is watching your shame!

At the end of the assignment; your final task is to do a diary of each task you have completed. Your diary will detail the task, and your experience as you carried it out. Be sure to include as much detail as possible - My fans really want to know how much you squirmed in shame!

Conditions for email assignments are straight forward. You MUST be aged 21 or over. You MUST have at least a basic knowledge of BDSM. And most importantly; you MUST be 100% clear about your kinks and also those kinks you're absolutely NOT into.

Ready to take the plunge? Then get in touch by email and tell Me how you propose to entertain Me with such task! 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Panty Boy's Appointment With The Tens Machine..

So now that Panty Boy is back in service after a long hiatus, the first thing to do was punish him. You see; Panty Boy forgot the golden rule. EVERY masturbatory emission must be eaten - whether emission was while he was conscious or not. Wet dreams are no excuse...neither is mopping up said emission with a tissue.

So his punishment for this lapse in obedience was a 2 hour appointment with the TENS machine...increasing the current level every ten minutes. The results were spectacular!

"i admitted it to Mistress: i’ve been bad. i’ve cum and not eaten my mess. That it was a wet dream and i sleepily cleaned myself in the middle of the night is not the point. i’ve not done as my Owner, Mistress Cristal, has trained me over many months. So i must be punished and to add extra spice to the punishment Mistress Cristal let me choose it.

i didn’t have to think for long – it had to be a suitable punishment for the crime, something that would entertain Mistress and something that i would not like. And my range of weapons of punishment has become quite small so, after a short while it became obvious. The tens machine on my balls. i put this to Mistress and She came back with the details. Tens on balls for 2 hours, starting on level 1 and increasing by 1 every 10 minutes.

You’re probably better at maths than me and know that that means ending on level 12. i like to think i knew it too but i was panicking so had to work it out. That’s right, i’d have to go to level 12 and endure it for ten minutes.
A quick background – my tens machine has 30 levels and i’ve used it on my balls at Mistress’s command  before. It is set to a shock pattern that hurts and i’ve used it twice on my balls at Her command - once on level 6 and once on level 8.
This punishment was making me panic, i could feel my heart racing and my cheeks flushing. Level 12 *gulp*.
Well nothing to do but get on with it and better to get it done sooner rather than later so i started that night - once i’d got the kids to bed *blushes*. Yes i had the kids in the house so this was risky and i’d have to be careful and as quiet as possible. Oh dear.

i stripped naked, kneeled and put my collar on. i put the tens pads on my balls and connected the machine. It does 30 minute programs and then you have to restart it. A safety precaution i presume, lol. So the first 30 minutes comprised levels 1, 2 & 3 and were light work. A light prickling even at level 3, i even managed to get some housework  done*more blushing*. Next, reset the machine for the next 30 minute program for levels 4, 5 & 6.Levels 4 and 5 were quite mild just a mild tingling sensation through to level 6 which was getting more serious - some mild shocks that caused a few winces and squirms.

Now for the next 30 minutes. Now we are getting into serious territory. Levels 7, 8 & 9 are not to be trifled with. i know what you’re thinking: “but it goes up to level 30. What a wimp at only level 7/8/9!”. Well if you though that then i invite you to try it, my friend, just pop in to your friendly Lloyds Pharmacy for exactly the same model as i have. Anyway back to my punishment and i’ll just tell you about level 9. Well when that kicked in i cried out in pain! As soon as i’d done that i listened for movement. Had the kids heard? No sign of movement so that was a relief – at least until the next shock in the balls. Ten minutes of level 9 had me panting and gripping the bed, anything i could do to try to ride the pain until the ten minutes are over.

And so to the final 30 minutes. i’m not ashamed to say that these final 30 minutes and 3 levels scared the shit out of me. Level 9 had been bad enough but level 10 hit me like an express train – straight in the tenders. It’s when you reach these higher levels that you begin to appreciate the sheer sadism of this punishment. You have ten minutes of pain to get through, endure, experience – however you want to look at it. But as your time begins to come to an end the fear of the next level begins to add to the pain and discomfort. Because as the ten minutes ends you’re not going to be ending the pain. You’re ramping it up to the next level. For 10 more whole minutes.

So let’s skip to the business end – level 12. i was trying to video with my phone as level 11 came to an end to show me clicking the tens up to level 12. That in itself is difficult enough without level 11 kicking you in the nuts every few seconds. i really was beginning to feel close to screaming. As the timer ticked over from 11 to 10 minutes with a shaking hand i somehow managed to change the level to 12. It was bad. Worse than i had expected and i wheeze and puffed like a lady in labour. i was on my hands and knees at the start of level 12 so i could video the process. And then i changed position to lying/sitting on the bed. This was much worse. i think the pads must have made better contact or something – even though i did keep reapplying them if they came loose (i don’t think they’re really designed to go on balls). Whatever the reason this position on level 12 was a killer. I can’t really describe it in words  - you’ll have to watch the video. You’ll laugh. But please don’t be too unkind in your mirth, we all make mistakes and i think i’ve paid the price and hope that Mistress Cristal thinks so too.

So, dear Mistress Cristal, i humbly apologize for my mistake and hope that You are satisfied with how i have completed this task. i think i have learned from my error and will always strive to do better.
Your slave,"

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Chastity Sentence For Panty Boy.

This is to certify that:


Is hereby sentenced to the following length of time in chastity:

224 DAYS.


17 NOVEMBER 2016


7 MARCH 2017

Chastity Sub's most intense session yet...

A recently torture session left Chastity Sub with some long-lasting effects. I always like to ensure he knows who's in charge....

"Before Fridays session with Mistress Cristal She had instructed me before it to harvest some nettles in preparation. When I arrived at the session I was in my slave position 1 kneeling naked wearing only my slave collar. It was amazing when the session started to have the honour of hearing Mistresses voice making it fantastic. Mistress asked me how the weeks tease and denial had been going and I informed Her that it had been very frustrating and torturous. Mistress has me on 3 hours a day teasing using a vibrating cock ring, vibrating butt plug and an intense vibrating wand. In the whole 3 hours I am on edge all the time from the vibrations feeling desperate to cum but knowing I am instructed never to cum from it. The vibrations on my cock and ass keep me constantly on edge and with the excitement I am leaking pre cum which I have to collect every drop in a brandy glass. Mistress Cristal asked me about that I had been viewing her clips and pictures. I informed her that I had and how brilliant and fantastic they are. I view them during my teasing which makes the teasing far more frustrating as it makes me more excited and desperate to cum. I would recommend them to anyone as they are fantastic. In some of the clips Mistress Cristal gives instruction on cumming but as I am under orders never to cum without her express permission I can only leak pre cum into the glass at those parts making it even more frustrating seeing Mistress mentioning about cumming but knowing it is not for me. I am still under probation from my chastity sentence until September which means if I cum without Mistress Cristal’s express permission then I will be put back in chastity. Mistress has taught me well that I may now never cum unless she has permitted it personally no matter how desperate and ready I am to. This is all for Mistress Cristal’s pleasure and it is good to see that my torture, frustration and desperation pleases Her a lot.

My cock which now belongs to Mistress Cristal was hard when the session started. Mistress Cristal informed me that Her cock should behave like a court room when a judge enters when I enter a session with Her in that a court room stands to attention when the judge enters and Her cock should always stand to attention in Her presence. Mistress at first was pleased that Her cock was standing to attention but unfortunately was less pleased when it started to droop a little. Mistress informed me that she will teach it a lesson so it learns to always be hard in Her presence. I then had to endure 2 minutes of hard slaps from a wooden spoon making Her cock bounce around from each slap. The head of Her cock was next to endure 2 minutes of hard slaps from the spoon followed by my balls. My balls were still a bit bruised and tender from the last session and felt the pain more this time. Mistress asked me what my pain rating was after this and when I informed her that it was 10 She said it was not good enough and I had to do better so I then had to replace the spoon with a leather belt and Mistress told me that as my balls were already so sore and tender that I was to start with them. I then had to endure 2 minutes of whipping which felt really painful, then whipping the head of the cock for 2 minutes followed by the shaft. When Mistress asked me what the pain rating had gone to I informed her that it was now at 20 and She said it was heading in the right direction but still not good enough.

Mistress then instructed me to put bulldog clips all over my cock and I fitted 20 clips onto it. As they are all over I can only feel biting all over my cock. Mistress then instructed me to put the industrial clamps onto my balls and as they still hadn’t recovered from the last session fully the pain was excruciating and Mistress was very kind to allow me to remove them to allow my balls to recover but she informed me that due to this She would have to focus the attention and torture on Her cock instead.

I had to put the clamps onto my nipples instead. The biting of the clamps is so intense and brings pain straight away. I could feel tears starting from the pain of only feeling biting all over my cock and nipples. I then had to get into slave position 2 which is standing with my hands on my head. Mistress then informed me that it was time for some exercise. I had to start with a minute of jogging on the spot which made my cock bounce up and down forcing all the clips to jiggle and tug and bite harder and the weight of the clamps made them swing up and down making the biting feel so much harsher as they tugged on my nipples. I then had to do 20 squats which made the clips and clamps bounce up and down biting harder and harder. Then I had to do 20 lunges with the left leg and 20 with the right making the clips and clamps swing side to side. This was followed by another minute of jogging on the spot making the clips and clamps bounce harder. Then I had to perform the can can for a minute which feels very humiliating especially when you can see Mistress laughing at the predicament and the bouncing up and down and swinging and kicking of the legs make the clips and clamps bounce all over the place making the biting  and tugging even more excruciating. This was finished with a minute of pogo jumping which as it makes my cock and the clamps on my nipples swing up and down harsh and fast really makes the clips and clamps bite and tug harshly making them feel like they are trying to be tugged away stretching my cock and nipples. The pain is excruciating and really bought tears to my eyes but I could see how much it was pleasing and amusing Mistress adding more humiliation. Mistress informed me that perhaps I should have been wearing a gag in case the screams of pain worried the neighbours and the called the police. Mistress said how humiliating it would be for me to have to explain to the police that the screams were from me torturing myself for the pleasure of Mistress. The pain scale had shot right up to 120.

I then had to get back into slave position 1 and was allowed to remove the clips but the relief was only short lived as Mistress made me get the pin wheel and wheel it all over the cock were the indentations left by the clips were. As my cock had been made so tender from the tugging and biting from the clips it made the pins feel so much sharper as if they were going deep inside bringing more tears to my eyes. This made the pain scale 140. I was then allowed permission to remove the clamps from my nipples which feels as painful as putting them on as the blood rushes to them from having escaped from the harsh confines but once removed it feels so much better than having them on. The relief was short lived as the pin wheel was run all over my nipples into the deep indentations which made the pins feel so much sharper and the pain was more excruciating and bought far more tears to my eyes. The pain scale rose to 180 from this.

A candle was then lit and hot wax dripped all over my cock and nipples. As they were already sore and very tender the wax was made to feel molten hot as it hit. Once the wax had set I then had permission to remove it using the leather belt. To properly remove all the wax the belt has to whip really hard and was far more painful than it was at the beginning of the session as my cock and nipples had been made more sensitive and tender. It took a lot of whipping to remove the wax from the nipples and they had turned very red and I could see the pleasure and amusement it was giving Mistress who informed me that they were looking like 2 stop signs adding to the humiliation. The pain scale had shot up to 200.

There was no relief from the pain and torture yet as Mistress Cristal instructed me to grab a handful of nettles and rub them over every inch of Her cock. As Mistress had informed me that due to the recent hot weather this had made the nettles more vicious. The stinging from the nettles was agony and I knew I would be feeling it for a very long time. Following this I then had to paint a generous amount of wasabi paste onto my nipples which were very sore and tender which made the wasabi feel far hotter and my nipples felt like they were in a furnace. The pain scale had gone up to 300 as all I could feel was stinging and pain in my cock and heat and pain on my nipples.

Mistress asked me how horny I was and I begged for Her permission to be allowed to wank and cum. Mistress gave me permission but only with wearing the spiked cock sheath. The wanking was by no means pleasurable as it made the spikes dig in deep all around my cock making the stinging worse as well. So as I was wanking all I could feel was scratching, stinging and pain in my cock rather than pleasure at the same time also feeling pain and heat on my nipples. It has been a month since I had permission for a pleasurable wank as they have all been wearing the spiked cock sheath and this was the most painful and uncomfortable due to stinging and heat being added to the scratching pins. Despite all the pain and discomfort I felt ready to cum and begged Mistress for permission to cum as I know I am only allowed to if She says I can no matter how desperate I am to. Mistress gave Her permission for me to cum into the glass with the pre cum which despite all the pain and discomfort I was in was very intense. Mistress then instructed me to drink all my cum and pre cum and I thanked her for allowing me to drink and clean up all my mess. The taste of a glass of cum and pre cum is not the best but I know that all my mess must always be consumed to clean it up and Mistress has informed me that she will teach it for it to become my favourite tipple. All the pain, discomfort and humiliation is to please Mistress Cristal and it is good to know that it pleases and amuses Her and I know I have to obey any instruction, no matter what it is or how painful or uncomfortable or humiliating it is, without question to please Her.

This was the most intense session I have endured for Mistress Cristal and She informed me that She intends to toughen me up by pushing me further for Her pleasure which sounds very daunting. I will be feeling the effects from this session for many days. Mistress Cristal has also increased my tease and denial to 3 and a half hours each day which will be far more torturous and frustrating to endure."

And since this session; I have decided that 3 and a half hours is not enough...he now must tease for 4 hours. This is what happens when you inform a sadist that the extra half hour is torturous....