Thursday, 14 April 2016


This is to certify that:


Is sentenced to:


Proposed Date of Release:

24 NOVEMBER 2016

Proposed date of Parole Hearing:

4 AUGUST 2016

Panty Boy may be eligible for parole on or after this date subject to him pleasing Mistress and at the discretion of Mistress.

Panty Boy is the property of Mistress Cristal

Panty Boy has managed to achieve the highest honour - he has pleased Me enough to become My property. I now take full ownership of him as I mould him into the kind of slave I enjoy. This truly is a great privilege for Panty Boy and is testament to the hard work he has applied in ensuring he pleases Mistress to the best of his ability.

Only a few have this honoured status and through his dedication; Panty Boy has managed to achieve this. He has proven himself to be worthy of My continued and long-term attention and I have no doubt that he will continue to learn and flourish in his journey of true submission.

Panty Boy will now reap the rewards of becoming My property. He will enjoy the special perks which come with the honour of becoming an owned slave. He will be permitted life-time access to My Kik ID at no extra cost - meaning he can communicate with Me as often as he would like. He will also enjoy the extra reward of being under My wing; and will continue to take pride in serving Me unconditionally.

I shall point out that at no point did Panty Boy ask to be owned. He knew better than that. He simply obeyed and performed until he had impressed Me enough for ownership to be offered. This is what made him a cut above all the rest when it came to serving Me. His servitude is truly selfless - he has all the qualities of an excellent submissive; and I very much look forward to seeing our relationship grow as he learns more about what is expected of him and even more about himself. 

Join Me in congratulating Panty Boy - he earned his rightful place with very pleasing results.