Saturday, 17 January 2015

Slave K Does Self Nipple Torture.

Isn't nipple torture fun? I particularly love the "before" and "after" effects...

I doubt slave k feels the same - he had to wear pegs on his nipples for 30 minutes a day over the course of 5 days...

And this is how he got on...

Task 1. 3 pegs on my nipples for 30 mins, day 1.  I am really not looking forward to this task.  I've had one peg on my nipples and that was bad enough
but 3 pegs for 30 mins leaves me feeling very apprehensive.  I just put the pegs on and the pain is so intense I almost broke and took them off, then
I remembered the last time I disobeyed.  I'd much rather have Mistress pleased with me than angry, so they stayed on. The pain came down to a 
tolerable level, just a dull ache, but I fear when I have to take them off. Taking them off wasn't as painful as I had feared, still my nipples
feel mangled.

Day 2. After the other night I know how much this is going to hurt and I am kind of scared, but instructions are to be obeyed.  Ok, it hurt
but it wasn't quite as painful as the other night to put the pegs on. My nipples have settled down to the dull ache, I look at my nipples with
the pegs on them and all I can think of is you Mistress and how much I enjoy your control over me. Obviously this is something I would never
do to myself, but with your instruction it just seems normal somehow. I feel strange, that I am not in control over my own body, I look down and
see the pegs on my nipples and wonder just what else Mistress may make me do, and honestly I am very excited to find out. I read stories about
body modifications and I wonder if they find themselves thinking the same things. I took the pegs off and again not as painful as I'd feared.

Day 3. This is very strange but after the first 2 days I am almost looking forward to the pain. I am quite sure what that says about me and it is
something than I've known for a while that I get off on pain, but it hasn't surfaced for sometime. The very first session I had with a Domme, several
years ago, when she really started hurting me instead of crying I started laughing which she said was an inappropriate response to pain. The pegs 
go on, and I welcome the pain. Sometimes I wonder about myself and who exactly I am. Again I look down at my chest and see the pegs protruding from
them and think about what family and friends would say if they saw me now and how little I would care. Pegs off, mangled nipples, and strangely
looking forward to tomorrow night.

Day 4. Here we go, the pegs are attached, and I don't know if after 3 days that my nipples are more sensitive, but this is hurting quite a bit more
tonight than the previous nights. Well the pegs have calmed down as before, so thats something. I kept watching the clock on this one. Time to take
the pegs offs, my nipples are very sore.

Day 5. The last day. Even after all my earlier writing about how much I am enjoying this pain I am glad this will be the last night. The pegs go
on and the pain isn't quite as intense as last night.  My nipples have been very sensitive all week. Normally the pain in my nipples would have 
faded into a dull ache by now, but I have been getting little stabs of pain tonight. Another night of looking at the clock, 5 mins to go. The pegs
are off and hurt quite a bit taking them off. This has been one of the more intense assignments that I have had. Really sore nipples.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Storms and Vixens....

You've probably noticed an acute absence from Mistress in the last few days. Well there is a very good reason for that. Lack of sleep leaves Mistress exhausted and needing to take time out. And that is exactly what happened.

The violent storms of this week have done very little to help My sleep patterns. My windows constantly rattling under 70 mph gusts are not helpful to a good night's sleep - cue Mistress looking like a zombie for the last few days.

And then there's the rain. Because I'm terrified of getting flooded again; the moment really heavy rain starts, I'm awake; and feeling very unsettled. So the one thing I will be doing next week is getting some sandbags, if only for piece of mind.

But the ultimate annoyance and disruption to My getting a decent night's sleep is the horny urban vixen which seems to have taken residence in My back garden. I say "horny" because it's clearly mating season - hence every night for the last week, she has taken great delight in sitting in the middle of My patio and screeching like well....a bitch on heat.

You can set your watch by her. Midnight comes and off she goes, barking away as if to say "come and get me boys!" One would think her horny shenanigans would be upsetting to My cat. Nope - he just yawns and goes back to sleep, while I roam the house looking for things to throw at her.

As much as I love nature and animals; and I do - when they interrupt My sleep, that's when things get serious - and Mistress gets pissy. So if she starts again tonight, she's having a bucket of cold water over her - that's should dampen her ardour. Unless of course she's managed to get herself a shag in the meantime....oh I do hope so....

Monday, 12 January 2015


MASTURBATION MONDAY! Skype bookings taken from 2pm. £10 for 10 mins. Email to book:


Sunday, 11 January 2015


Here's what a couple of My cam slaves had to say about their recent sessions:

"Dear Mistress Cristal

Many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable webcam session today. I have explored fantasy scenarios with other webcam dommes before, but none of the others can compare to the level of detail and overall enjoyment that you provide. 

I look forward to the next time. 

Mister Mask"

"Dear Mistress Cristal,

My deepest gratitude for a throughly enjoyable session. It was my first time experimenting with prostate massage during a session and I was not disappointed. Rest assured that I will most certainly be making another booking very soon.

Kind regards,



I will be available for cam sessions this week as follows:








To book a cam session during these times you should email Me at the address below:


Of course you boys know what today is, don't you? You don't? Well let Me enlighten you..,.

Today is the first Sunday Confessional of 2015 - and that means it's going to be a very harsh, strict and sadistic one! You didn't really think I was going to go easy on you, did you? Of course not! I don't go easy - "mercy" isn't in My vocabulary!

I expect ALL naughty, disgusting, filthy, perverted boys to report to Confession at 2pm prompt! You will be naked and kneeling. Your hands will be AWAY from that little flap of skin you dare to call a "cock". Your head will be bowed low and you will confess every single dirty detail of your sins. You will be thorough in your confession and you will be honest. Don't think you can leave out any information - because Mistress WILL find out all. 

Once you have squirmed in shame at My highly humiliating questions about your sins; you will then BEG to be absolved of them. Now don't think for one minute that this means you will simply be forgiven. Oh no - you have to earn that forgiveness. And how do you earn it? You earn it by suffering.

Yes, that's right; you will suffer in any way I decide. I will torture you, I will taunt you, I will deny you, I will humiliate you and I will crawl inside your head and ruin you. But suffer you must for you are here to learn that such behaviour is not acceptable to a lowly slave such as yourself. You will learn that satisfying your own selfish needs is not on the agenda. Your needs simply don't feature. You will be moulded into the meek, subservient, respectful subject you should be. You will learn that pleasing Mistress is the only life you will live. Nothing else is important.

Don't delay - you are only prolonging the inevitable. Submitting and confessing is an itch to be scratched - and I have the scratch to that itch....

Book your place for Sunday Confessional NOW - don't think about it. Just do it - you are incapable of rational thought in any case....I'm the thinker - you're the do-er - doing whatever I think you need to become a loyal, well-behaved, submissive subject.

*Sunday Confessional is conducted via Skype. Bookings at £1 per minute. Minimum booking length 10 minutes. Tribute ALWAYS required and via Amazon UK E Gift Card ONLY. Strictly for those aged 21 or over.