Saturday, 6 December 2014

How The Time-Waster becomes The Time-Wasted...

A couple of weeks ago, I had to deal with a time-waster on AdultWork. Now it's not often I encounter them, but I did, and he was kicked and blocked from entering My DirectCam room.

This afternoon, said time-water sent Me an email via AdultWork, asking for Guided Masturbation. I guess he'd figured I'd forgotten about him - unfortunately for him, I hadn't.

So, I emailed him back - telling him to get his lube ready and enter private chat ready to begin. He got all super excited at the anticipation of finally being allowed to serve Mistress again, until he discovered he couldn't actually connect to My Direct Cam room - ah the beauty of blocking!

"Mistress, it won't let me connect" was his email. And here is My reply:

"Yes, I know. I kicked and blocked you when you wasted My time a couple of weeks ago. I haven't forgotten - even if you have. Annoying having your time wasted, isn't it? Bye!"

Damn - I enjoyed that! I guess pay-back is a Bitch - just like Me....

Friday, 5 December 2014


I have some VERY GOOD news! Yesterday I received notice that I will be moving back to My home next week - just in time for Christmas! I will finally leave temporary accommodation and My highly inconsiderate neighbour (not without dishing him out some Karma of My own of course - cue the Motorhead!) and I will be returning to My lovely clean, freshly decorated, re-carpeted, centrally heated apartment, My garden (which now resembles a jungle and needs some serious work) and My cat!

This means that next week I will not be available for webcam bookings from Tuesday 9 December to Sunday 14 December inclusive.

Normal service will resume again on Monday 15 December - I will also shortly be posting My availability over the Christmas period, so make sure you stay tuned for that.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has been incredibly supportive during what has been a very difficult time - moving back; I hope, signals a new start and I can finally draw a line under the hell I've put up with for the last 4 months.

Back to normality - at long last! 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mistress is a VERY angry Mistress!

This morning, I have woken up with intense anger, so much so that white hot fire is coursing through My veins. Thank goodness today is My day off - otherwise some poor maggot would be feeling the force of this anger!

Having read the full run-down of the new "Porn Nazi" laws, I am disgusted that because I choose to enjoy the BDSM lifestyle, I am now a criminal. Because I have a vagina and breasts - that also makes Me a criminal.

These new porn laws are downright discriminatory. We are supposed to live in the age of equality, where women should have the same power as men - bollocks! We are nowhere near that! Clearly, we are now back to a time where women should be seen and not heard.

So let's take a deeper look into these laws:

The consumption of female ejaculate is not allowed - the consumption of male ejaculate IS allowed.

Right, so it's okay for a women to be gang-banged roughly, face-fucked until she gags, and then have several men ejaculate in her mouth at once - this is seen as perfectly fine. It doesn't damage children at all....

Yet it's not okay for one woman to sit on a man's face and squirt into his mouth...that apparently DOES damage children.

Spanking, caning, whipping, penetration of any object and verbal abuse are not allowed - whether or not such acts are consensual .

So if you enjoy being spanked - sorry folks - that's no longer allowed. If you enjoy being called a "disgusting fuck pig" - that isn't allowed either.

However, if you're a woman, you are perfectly fine to be dressed as schoolgirl - roughly passed around like a piece of meat, have every orifice stuffed with cock - because THAT doesn't damage children...apparently.

Oh, and the law states that such material shouldn't look like they are "TV-like". I'm sorry, but I can't remember the last time I saw a man being pegged, before it cut to the News at Ten followed by the weather forecast. Is there a clip out there of a women masturbating before it cuts to the latest deals from Sky TV? Hello?

Let's cut to the chase here. These laws are ridiculous, unworkable, discriminatory, archaic and complete and utter tosh. As somebody has clearly pointed out; 50 shades of Grey is due out in the cinemas soon. Women (and men!) around the world have read the 50 Shades of Grey series - excuse Me - it's full of BDSM! Is E L James now a criminal? But then again, the Dominant subject in the series is a man - so I guess that's okay as far as MPs are concerned.

These laws have been made on the pretext that they are to protect children from abuse. Child abuse is NOT pornography. "Child porn" is NOT pornography - it is evidence of a crime! Sexual acts between two consenting adults IS pornography - but is NOT crime - except if you're an MP that is.

Adults who enjoy a healthy, colourful and kinky sex life are not criminals. We are not deviants who at one whiff of BDSM will suddenly be overcome with an urge to harm children.

If MPs really want to protect children then do something about the many paedophile rings, many of which are right under their own noses; they seemingly want to pretend don't exist.

But then again, what can you expect from people who once wanted to the age of consent to be lowered to 13?

Well dear readers, it is time to make a stand - for our right to express ourselves sexually and enjoy our kinks without fear of reprisals.

If you believe these laws are unjust and unfair, then I urge you to take a moment to sign the petition via the link below - and tell David Cameron that we will NOT be treated as criminals because our sexual tastes are not considered to be "the norm". This is not just about the Adult Industry - it's about your RIGHT to enjoy safe, sane and CONSENSUAL play, without out of touch idiots telling you what is and isn't good for you.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New UK Porn Laws - To Protect Children or a Femdom Witch-hunt?

So on Monday, the new Audiovisual Media Regulations laws came into force, seemingly to protect children (despite the fact, that there is NO EVIDENCE that such content actually harms children).

And along with this, is a list of BDSM activities which are now BANNED in the UK porn industry:

Aggressive Whipping (and exactly what do they class as "aggressive whipping"?
Penetration by any object (associated with violence - apparently)
Water Sports
Female ejaculation
Face sitting

I should also point out that the consumption of male ejaculate is permitted, while the consumption of female ejaculate, isn't. And what happened to EQUALITY? Did some MP get pissed on instead of squirted on and confused the two perhaps?

Naturally; this means that those in the Femdom/Fetish industry are going to find life rather difficult. Instead of producing material which has now banned BDSM activities; we're now faced with having to produce material which is "nice and gentle". Sorry, but BDSM is NOT "nice and gentle". Flowers are "nice and gentle". Fairies are "nice and gentle" - Domination isn't!

So why have these laws been introduced? Well the official line is that it's to protect children, because such content could be harmful to them. In more simplistic terms; we are all sexual predators by default. All it takes if for us to view BDSM porn and suddenly, we'll have an overwhelming urge to harm children.....apparently.

But reading between the lines - these laws are designed to impose yet more control on us, and are a knee-jerk reaction to cover up the failings of an increasingly incompetent government.

It appears to Me that these laws have got nothing to do with "protecting children", but rather demonstrating a hatred against Women who choose to take part in the BDSM lifestyle. We women have clearly forgotten our place - to be seen and not heard. Our metaphorical bollocks have become aware - or so MPs would have you believe.

How long before we're forced to talk to our slaves in a "nice and gentle" way? "Slave, would you mind awfully getting on your knees for Me - if it's not too much trouble?"

And from the point of view of slaves who enjoy giving up power to another - when do they get a say in what they enjoy? Who wants to visit a Dominatrix who enjoys stroking kittens, rather than a whip, because the Government have told Her to?

The fact is, the more you censor these things, the more they will go underground. You cannot stop such activities simply by claiming the UK don't want to see them. By censoring such activities, people will get an extra kick out of doing them because it is forbidden. How about educating people in the difference between real abuse and safe, sane consensual play? Let's not forget; that Genuine Dommes take this very seriously - we are not about to put our slaves in danger - because we take our responsibilities seriously. (I'd have yet to find a slave who has died because he was "spanked".)

As far as I see it, there are only two reasons why these so called "laws" have been introduced:

1.) The Goverment have FAILED to protect real victims of abuse. Claims have been pushed under the carpet so as not to upset people. Prosecutions have not been brought and files have been "lost" - the Rotherham abuse scandal is a classic example of this - and is one of many throughout the country. The Government know they are equally to blame for this but are passing the buck - as always, whenever there is a scandal of a sexual nature - it's porn industry and the sex workers who are to blame. Let's not forget the Max Mosley case - which was branded a "sick Nazi orgy" when in fact it was a BDSM session at Mr Mosley's request and consent! But because Mr Mosley was in the public eye, the Dominatrices received more condemnation than him.

2.) We are clearly going back to a time when "sex" is a taboo - even if it's consensual. Kinky sex is definitely a taboo. Only nice "normal, gentle" sex is allowed. And women are expected to be submissive in this gentle sex. Sex isn't "taboo". It's not dirty - EVERYBODY does it - animals do it! (oh female preying mantis - your days are numbered love - the biting off of your partner's head will be outlawed soon as it "endangers life"!)

Who's more ridiculous in this? Me or the MPs who came up with these knee-jerk laws without doing any real research? You decide.

Sunday, 30 November 2014


Tomorrow, is Cyber Monday - which means I will be having a sale on cam and instant messenger bookings!



Cam sessions will be available tomorrow from 1pm until 5pm.

Instant Messenger session will be available tomorrow from 1pm until 5pm and 9pm until 10pm.

Tribute by E Gift Card ONLY.

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