Saturday, 22 November 2014


There are four main slave positions I use. I expect you to remember these, and their Position Numbers. You WILL be using them!

Position 1. Kneeling.

ALL slaves will present themselves to Me like this. This is the first position you will adopt when you greet Mistress - WHENEVER you greet Mistress. Your forehead will be on the floor, your bottom will be high. Your hands will be in line with your head - NOT your cock. Whenever I am sitting, this is the position you will adopt. Slave is never higher than Mistress.

Position 2. All Fours.

This position will be used very frequently, particularly in the case of  anal insertions and some corporal punishments. You will be looking at the floor unless and until Mistress permits you to look at Her.

Position 3. Hands on Head.

A position you will ALWAYS adopt whenever you are permitted to stand up. There are occasions when you will be allowed to stand - but you will ALWAYS place your hands on your head unless otherwise instructed. Those hands will never stray from your head. 

Position 4. Spread-Eagled.

I expect to have full and complete access to all parts of your body - even in a webcam situation. That means you will keep your arms and legs out of the way of My scrutiny. If I want to examine any part of your body, you will adopt and remain in this position for as long as I desire.

During sessions, I will instruct you in the position I expect you to be in, by stating the Position Number. It is up to YOU to ensure you remember each position and number - unless you wish to displease Mistress. 

Personal Slave & The Vibrating Butt Plug...

A very kind submissive on twitter (you know who you are) sent Me a lovely gift from Love Honey - in the shape of a vibrating butt plug. And when it was delivered last week, I knew that My personal slave would be enduring hours of fun with it for My amusement.

When he arrived home from work, I had him kneel at My feet, ready to kiss My toes as he ALWAYS does when he comes home. He was fully aware that I had a little smirk on My face, and in the process of his worship, kept stealing a glance at Me, amid a look of confusion.

"We've had a little gift sent to us today," I informed him. "Would you like to see it?"
"Oh yes please Madam!" he replied like an excited little puppy.
"Then crawl into the kitchen and fetch the package from the kitchen counter. No peeking!"

So off he went; ass in the air, crawling to the kitchen as instructed. Moments later, he appeared with the package held securely between his teeth before dropping it in My lap, and sitting back on his haunches, as his eyes danced with excitement. Ever so slowly; I opened the package to reveal the contents.

"Now I want to make it clear," I began. "This gift is for BOTH of us - but I think I'll get more enjoyment from it. Would you like to try it?"

"Please Madam!" he replied. Boy, was he eager! "Will you put it in for me?"
"Once you are naked," I answered. "You know the rules." He tore off his clothing at break-neck speed and before long, as on all fours, presenting his ass in readiness. Meanwhile, I disappeared into the bedroom to retrieve a few "essential" items, which would make the experience much more amusing...

"Now it isn't the weekend yet," I informed him. "So even though we're playing; your cock is not allowed to get hard." To reiterate this, I caged his cock securely. PS is only allowed to touch himself at weekends - and that's only on the condition he has pleased Me during the week. Next, I applied a generous amount of lube to his ass and some on the tip of the plug. I wasn't going to let him have it all at once however. I decided since he was caged, it would be fun to tease him a little before he was filled.

First, I pressed the tip of the plug lightly against his ring, as I played with the ten settings on the plug. The pulse setting was particularly interesting as it had his rosebud fluttering in response. In fact, I couldn't resist pressing the tip a little way inside him, as he sighed and squirmed against the sensations.

"Do you want it all?" I purred to him, as I began to slowly move the tip backwards and forwards in his ring. "God, yes!" he gasped, trying to push back every time I pushed the tip forwards. "You know what you have to do, if you want it," I reminded him as I delighted in winding him up as tight as a coiled spring.

"Please Madam! I beg of you!" he cried in sheer desperation. "I need it! Please put it all inside my bottom!" I do love the way he begs when he's desperate. He begs with real conviction, and it always makes Me chuckle. And who could resist the way his little pucker was twitching as he desperately tried to push on the plug? I decided to give him what he wanted and pushed the plug all the way inside.

"Now be a good boy and keep hold of this," I told him. "You'll be wearing it for the rest of the evening. I've got plenty of batteries to keep you going."

So for the rest of the night, he wore the plug, as I regularly adjusted the setting. No, he couldn't get fully hard, but he was leaking all over the place - which I had him lick up. By the time he'd finished, he had a very sore tongue from all the cleaning up he had to do! I had so much fun hearing him gasp and groan every time I adjusted the settings.

When I decided that he'd had enough, I had him remove the plug and sent him off to bed. "Can we play with it again soon, Madam?" he whispered, now thoroughly exhausted from being on edge for 5 hours. "Only if you're good," I told him. "And perhaps I might allow you to cum next time.." Perhaps I might. But then again; it is so much fun to keep him frustrated....

Friday, 21 November 2014

Fake Sub Meets His Match...

I've said it before and I'll say it again; I can spot a fake submissive a mile off - on cam, via email and especially on the phone. So when a fake sub called Me this afternoon on AdultWork, I was more than ready for him:

Me: Good afternoon, and what's your name?
f/s: Steve.
Me: I beg your pardon?
f/s: (shouts) STEVE!
Me: I heard you the first time - but what I didn't here was your correct address.
f/s: What?
Me: Don't say "what". Say "pardon". And think about the fact that you are speaking with a Superior Dominatrix.
f/s: Yeah I know.
Me: So where is your respect?
f/s: I am respectful.
Me: I've yet to hear evidence of that...
f/s: Sorry Mistress.
Me: That's better. Now why have you called Me today?
f/s: I'm horny.
Me: That is no reason why you should receive My attention. Now give Me a reason why I should continue speaking with you.
f/s: Cos I've got a pierced cock.
Me: I'm not even slightly interested in your cock. Try again.
f/s: I dunno.
Me: Have you ever been dominated before?
f/s: No.
Me: No, what?!
f/s: What? Err...Miss.
Me: Yes it shows. What does BDSM mean to you?
f/s: I dunno. I feel a bit uncomfortable actually.
Me: That's because you've bitten off a bit more than you can chew. You're not submissive, are you?
f/s: Err,
Me: Then go and waste somebody else's time - NOT Mine.

Unfortunately for this little wank-stain - he wasted his AdultWork credits being a fake sub. Nevermind, at least I enjoyed Myself! 

Do you want it?

Don't you wish you were worthy of worshipping this fine ass? Look how perfect it looks in tight PVC. The zip goes right up between My round ass cheeks. I know that's where you want your tongue to be. Oh yes, you'd love to bury your face between those beautiful round globes.

Do you want it? Do you want it smothering your face? Yes you do. 

Then you had better cum over here and book your Skype session! I'm online now until 5.30pm today, ready and waiting for you to bow down and crawl to Me..

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Want to be My Christmas Fairy?

With advent approaching, it's time for you sissies out there to get creative for My online Sissy Advent Calendar.

This is your chance to shine as a pretty little sissy fairy and enjoy the attention of appearing on My website.

How it works is that you dress yourself up as a Fairy or Angel, with a Christmas theme. Take a picture of yourself (cock pics WILL be rejected) and send your photos to Me at:

The best 24 entries will be showcased daily during Advent!

You have until 30th November to get busy so don't delay if you want this extra special FREE attention from Me! 

Ass Wednesday

Yes, I have a big, round ass...

More of it to smother you with...

Monday, 17 November 2014


Initiation is intense and is designed for Mistress and slave to determine the way forward in your slave training.

ALL new slaves will go through initiation, regardless of their experience. This will be their first session, be it via phone, webcam or email.

Initiation comprises of the following:

  1. Light cock and ball torture.
  2. Light spanking/whipping
  3. Light anal play with fingers and/or toys.
  4. Light nipple torture.
  5. Masturbation and cum eating.

Should slave have any limits (things you are NOT into) which feature in initiation, he expected to advise at the time of booking. In the case of phone and webcam bookings, you should expect initiation to last for around 15 minutes.


EMAIL  - £6.00

PHONE CHAT - £10.00


To book your place for Slave Initiation, simply email Me at the address below:

Heads or Tails?

I have a new game and this is to keep all you wank obsessed losers in check!

In this HIGHLY FRUSTRATING game, you pleasure depends entirely on the game of chance. Will the law of probability leave you frustrated or relieved? That depends on the way the coin lands.


The first toss of the coin determines whether or not you get start wanking. Heads = you may wank. Tails = you have to wait for the result of the next 9 tosses of the goin.

The next 9 tosses of the coin determine if you wank fast or slow. Heads = you wank fast. Tails = you wank slow. If you get more than two tails results in a row - you have to stop wanking! Frustrating? Oh yes!

The 10th toss is perhaps the worst - it is the deciding toss of if you will be permitted to cum. Heads = you may cum for Mistress. Tails = you go without! And when I say "go without" I mean you go without until you play the game again - that's on another day - not in a couple of hours...

Heads or Tails as the potential to leave you frustrated for days on end - which of course is highly entertaining for Me. It can be a good game, or a NIGHTMARE game. Which will it be for you?

Let's find out shall we.....?

To book your chance to play Heads or Tails, simple email Me at the address below:

The Cum Challenge.

Dare you attempt The Cum Challenge?

The Cum Challenge is not for the weak-hearted!

You MUST masturbate continuously; cumming as many times as I demand, WHEN I demand! Even after cumming; you must not stop masturbating. Perhaps I will give you a whole five minutes in which to cum. Perhaps I will be extra cruel and give you only 30 seconds in which to cum. Either way; the decision rests with Me!

The Cum Challenge is carried out via Webcam on Skype, audio included. You should expect the session to last around 10 minutes (depending on how well you do.)  The Cum Challenge is priced at £13 per session via Gift card.

If you fail The Cum Challenge - the session will end no matter how long you have booked for.


You cum when I say, as many times as I say. If you cum more than 5 times during the session, you pass and win yourself a FREE 10 minute cam session!



If you fail to cum in the time I have set you - you will fail.

If you cum and then stop masturbating - you will fail.

If you leave the session of your own accord - you will fail.


To book your place for The Cum Challenge, simply email Me at the address below:


Every Sunday is Sunday Confessional.

This means that you are to report to Me to confess your sins of the week. You will report all instances of bad behaviour in GREAT DETAIL before begging for punishment. I will be asking you very humiliating questions about your behaviour, while I enjoy watching you squirm in shame. Once I feel you have squirmed enough for My amusement, the punishment will begin..

I firmly believe that the punishment should fit the crime. So, if you have been playing with your little worm without permission, then expect to have it punished very painfully. If you have been sticking your dick where you shouldn't, expect to have My huge strap on dick shoved up your ass for you to wriggle on it.
And if you have been paying for the company of escorts, then you'll be paying ME for My attention.

Whatever your sin, you will be truly punished for it. Punishments range from cock and ball torture, humiliation, spanking, financial abuse, anal abuse, or even ruined orgasms. But you WILL be punished.

Sunday Confessional bookings are carried out via Skype and Yahoo as well as via AdultWork Direct Cam.

Skype and Yahoo sessions are priced at £1.30 per minute and this includes two way cam and audio. Tribute for these bookings are to be made via Amazon UK E Gift Card ONLY.

To book your place for Sunday Confessional, simply email Me at the address below:


I will be available for Webcam bookings this week as follows:








If you wish to book a cam session during these times, you should email Me at the address below:

Mr Kleenex.

It is absolutely true that there is in fact a fetish for everything. Even the most obscure thing you can think of, I guarantee that somebody somewhere will find some form of sexual excitement from it. It can be the most boring and mundane thing - like cleaning your teeth - but yes - somebody will enjoy this for another reason other than to have good oral hygiene.

This afternoon I spoke with a gentleman who had a fetish for kleenex tissues - and yes you are correct in what you're imagining.

As I've said before; I do enjoy exploring the more obscure fetishes. It makes a change from the norm - believe Me - the more popular fetishes can be come rather boring, especially if that's all you've heard all day!

So when Mr Kleenex came along, I was very eager to explore his fetish with him. I had him firstly wrapping a handful of tissues around his dick - telling him to concentrate on the feeling of having their soft caress around his shaft. I didn't want him to move his hand yet. I just want him to ...feel. And only when the time was right; did I allow him to begin stroking - thus providing soft friction to that gentle caress.

In no time at all, he was thrusting his hips in time with his strokes, pumping himself furiously in and out of that soft tissue. I had him wrap another one around the end of his cock and I was not at all surprised to see it immediately soaked in pre-cum. He wanted more - much more, and I knew what I wanted to see him do.

Instructing him to pick up the box of tissues, I had him push his cock into the box and start fucking them. Think Jason Biggs and the apple pie in American Pie. Oh yes, he was defintely enjoying himself - the end of his dick nudging the tissues in the far corner of the box. In no time at all, he was begging to release all over them. Since he had pleased Me, I was prepared to allow this - provided I could see the money shot.

So, having spread out four or five tissues on his desk, he wrapped another one around his cock, rubbing furiously as he shot his load all over them - and let Me tell you - there was plenty of mopping up required!

So you see - even if you think your fetish is "off the wall", I won't bat and eyelid - variety is the spice of life! 

Mistress is accepting applications.

Mistress currently seeks online slaves, submissives, sissies and maggots to serve regularly via webcam and Email.
You will be aged 21 or over GENUINELY SUBMISSIVE, eager to please, learn and obey. You will be carrying out instruction catered to your kinks. All hard limits are respected. Soft limits can be pushed. Only those who are SERIOUS about serving Me in this manner will be considered.
Want to be considered? Email your application to:

Is this where you want to be?

So how many of you lowly maggots wish to be at My feet?

Join Me from 2.30pm and that's exactly where you will be!