Saturday, 15 March 2014


Sunday comes around far too quickly for naughty boys. In fact I should imagine a lot of you naughty boys are rapidly beginning to DREAD Sundays! Why? Because that's when all naughty boys report to Mistress for Sunday Confessional!

Sunday Confessional will begin tomorrow at 2pm GMT sharp! You will report, to confess your sins of the past week and then beg for punishment. The punishment will of course fit the crime, and you WILL endure it, no matter how painful, humiliating or degrading it may be.

You can report to Sunday Confessional via Skype and Yahoo for just £1.30 per min (sound and c2c included) by emailing Me at the address below.

Alternatively, you can report to Sunday Confessional with Me via AdultWork DirectCam and Pre-booked Webcam.

Of course, My dedicated Sunday Confessional line will be open via Niteflirt from 2pm. You can call and confess to Me for only $2.00 per minute by calling the number below.

1-800-863-5478 ext 10300123


Mistress will be taking cam bookings today from 2.30pm until 5pm GMT via Skype and Yahoo. Price for bookings is £1.30 per minute, to be paid via E-Gift Card only. This price includes audio and cam to cam. Minimum booking length is 10 minutes and bookings must be made via email to:

From 7.30pm until 10pm GMT this evening, I will also be taking phone chat bookings via Skype or land-line/mobile and text chat bookings via Skype and Yahoo.

Price for phone chat bookings is £1 per min, for a minimum booking length of 10 mins. Price for text chat is £5 for a 20 minute text chat session via Skype or Yahoo. Again, tribute to be paid via E-Gift Card to the email address above.

I will also be available via NiteFlirt and AdultWork (phone and Direct IM in the evening only), at the above times.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Legs, Ass and Cleavage Worship - Friday 14 March - 7.30pm until 10pm.

It's Friday night boys, which means Mistress will be on cam this evening, offering a special!

Tonight from 7.30pm GMT you will be able to worship My stocking clad legs, My (clothed) ass (well except for a thong!) and My cleavage.

Cam sessions are conducted via Skype and Yahoo at £1.30 per min - this includes audio and cam2cam. Minimum booking length is 10 mins.

I will also be offering this via AdultWork Direct Cam and Pre-booked webcam!

To book Me via Skype or Yahoo, you should email Me directly at the address below. 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

On-Line Slaves Required.

Mistress is currently taking applications for boys and girls who wish to submit and serve in an on-line capacity. You will be serving via webcam via Skype and Yahoo, via telephone via Skype and land-line/mobile, via text chat via Skype and Yahoo and via Email in completing weekly email assignments. 

You should be aged 21 or over (no exceptions!)and have a genuine desire to serve an on-line Pro Dominatrix. Experience is not necessary as I will also consider those who are new to the scene, but obedience, honesty and commitment is! 

Those who are interested in serving Me this way, should email Me directly at You should include a brief outline of your kinks and fetishes, including the kind of things you would like to explore in on-line sessions. You should also include details of how often you wish to partake in on-line sessions/email assignments and most importantly, WHY you feel I should consider you for servitude. 

Your initial email should be brief and to the point. It should be well written without any spelling or grammatical errors and should not include any "text speak". Those emails which do not meet this standard will be ignored and deleted. 

Those who wish to serve Mistress in a Financial capacity, will be considered after they have made an initial tribute of £25. This initial tribute must only be made via E-gift card to the email address above. Slaves who wish to serve Me financially should send this along with their application. 

It is important that you make sure you are fully aware of My kinks, fetish and limits BEFORE you apply. Therefore, you will be expected to visit My website and make sure you are fully informed to avoid insulting or offending Me with any fetish activities which are hard limits for Me. You can see details of My kinks, fetish and limits via the link below:

5 Questions You Should Never Ask A Domme.

I think this is an important and worthwhile read for any subs out there who wish to serve a Domme. This is courtesy of Tony Black at FetPro.


5 Questions Never to Ask a Pro-Domme

 | Pro-Domme Guide | March 11, 2014
This article is an installment in our ongoing Pro-Domme Guide; an informational series for both domination professionals and their clients.
Hi guys. Thanks for caring enough to check out this article. Just by reading and following this advice, you’ll give yourself a big advantage over all the numbnuts who will ignorantly blunder into these pitfalls and learn their lessons the hard way. But if you really want to get ahead and make a great impression on a dominatrix, be sure to check out these gems, too: Prodomme List of Pet Peeves and 5 Stupid Client Tricks. Now, on with today’s program…

5 Questions Never to Ask a Pro-Domme

Chances are, the pro-domme of your predilection hears these questions at least once a week, and it’s like the sound of nails on a chalkboard to her. One of the quickest ways to earn a red flag next to your name is to waste her time and yours with one of these thoughtless inquiries. So save yourself the heartache and banish these thoughts from your mind before you open up a new email or dial the phone.

1. Can I be your personal slave?

5 Questions Never to Ask a Pro Domme
If you want to make a positive first impression onMistress Lucy Khan, don’t ask one of these questions.
You might as well just tell her that you’re cheap, broke, looking for a freebie, or all of the above, because this question will get you the same response. While some professional dominas do make use of personal slaves, as a rule, they are extremely selective about who they choose for this privilege. In general, a personal slave is someone she has known for a long time through a personal or professional context, and who has earned her trust with deeds, not words.

2. Do you have a boyfriend/husband/significant other?

Whether you ask this question of your hairstylist or a dominatrix, they both can see your sad and creepy follow-up question a mile away. If they want you to know they’re single and/or available, they’ll make sure you have no doubts about it. Otherwise, it’s none of your business.

3. Do you ________ ?

Save yourself the trouble and assume that she’s going to “just say no” to any sexual overtures. You’ll be much better off entering into an encounter with a pro-domme with zero expectations in this regard. In practice, your mileage may vary. But if she knows you’re expecting it, you’re giving her all the more reason to deny you. Then again, maybe that’s what you actually need. Trust her to know what’s best for you.

4. Do you offer discounts?

Very, very few professional dominatrixes offer any type of discount or price break on their tribute. And most will be insulted if you ask. If you don’t see it mentioned on her web site, then don’t bring it up. Otherwise, it’s a great way to get started off on the wrong foot with her.

5. What are you going to do to me?

Asking this question is a great way to get yourself tagged as a wannabe who’s only looking for wank material. When it’s time to discuss possible activities and fetishes she’ll let you know, and more than likely, she’ll ask you to outline a few things you’d like to experience. But don’t expect her to tell you what’s going to take place during your session. For one, this is something she’s going to figure out as the scene unfolds, and she’ll want the flexibility to be spontaneous. But more importantly, she’ll think you’re looking for free phone sex.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cam Sessions Available Friday 14 March.

I will be taking webcam and phone chat bookings via Skype and Yahoo this coming Friday, from 2pm.

Webcam sessions are priced at £1.30 per min, which includes audio and cam2cam. Phone chat sessions are charged at £1 per min. Phone chat sessions can be conducted via Skype or normal telephone.

Minimum booking length for all sessions is 10 minutes and must be paid for in advance.

You would like to book your place to serve Me this coming Friday, you may email Me via the address below: 

Check Out My NiteFlirt Lines!

My NiteFlirt lines are open most days and evenings for you to enjoy a sexy chat with Me. I have several lines, each catered to a different kink or fetish and coming soon will be a full cam line!

This line is for those who enjoy jerk off instruction of guided masturbation. Lube is not necessarily required, but recommended to ensure you gain maximum pleasure. You will listen and learn new ways to masturbate, each particular method teasing you close and close to the edge, until you're ready to explode! But be warned - orgasms are not an automatic right. In fact, you will only be allowed to cum when you have BEGGED for My permission to do so!

FEMDOM LINE 1-800-863-5478 ext10070633 $1.99 PER MIN

This line is dedicated purely to submissive boys and girls, and covers a wide range of topics including strap on worship, humiliation, slave training, sissy training, cuckoldry, fantasy role play, genital torture and cum eating instruction. The list really is endless! If you wish, you can tell Me all about your particular fetish and we will explore it together. Of maybe you have dirty little secret you need Mistress to humiliate you about. Whatever your tastes, you will enjoy hot Domination phone sex with Me!

Yes, that's right piggies - this is the line for you! It is for those who have far too much money, and no back bone to actually resist! You will be fully rinsed of all of your hard earned cash while you are ignored. Don't think for one minute I'm actually interested in you. Nope, not at all. A pathetic loser like you does nothing for Me. But your money does plenty!

Open every Sunday is the Sunday Confessional line. This line is catered to those who need punishment either by spanking, torture, humiliation, cum eating, or even financial. You will confess all of your disgusting sins of the past week and beg to be punished for them. That's right - you will BEG for your punishment. You will endure your punishment in order to be truly absolved of all disgusting behaviour. No doubt you will be calling Me every Sunday! 

It's very easy to call Me NiteFlirt. All you need do is open a NiteFlirt account, top it up using a credit or debit card and call! And new callers get 3 free minutes! So what are you waiting for? 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Pre-Birthday Gifts!

I love it when the Postman comes - especially as it gets closer to My birthday! Look what I received today!

The one above is My favourite designer perfume Jean Paul Gaultier Classique! I love this scent! Thank you to the slave who sent this to Me. And thank you to Just a Jerkaholic on twitter for the very sexy wet-look leggings - he'll be seeing Me wearing them on cam tomorrow! 

Want a mention for being generous to Mistress for Her birthday? Then you should purchase a gift from My Birthday Wishlist via the link below!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday 10 March - Cam Bookings Available!

I will be available today on webcam and phone via AdultWork and NiteFlirt from 2.30pm GMT. I will also be taking bookings at this time via Skype and Yahoo.

Skype and Yahoo bookings are booked in blocks of time (minimum 10 mins), and paid for in advance via AmazonGC. Price for these bookings is £1.30 per min - this includes cam2cam and audio.

If you wish to book a Skype or Yahoo session with Me today; you may email Me via the address below: 

In the case of NiteFlirt sessions, I offer webcam along with your phone session during the day between the hours of 2.30pm and 5pm GMT. To add webcam to your call, you may purchase My Skype ID via the link below. You will then be sent My ID to add Me.