Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sunday 9 March - Sunday Confessional.

Sunday Confessional begins at 2.30pm GMT tomorrow on NiteFlirt, AdultWork and via Skype and Yahoo.

You will be reporting to Mistress at this time to confess ALL of your sins of the past week, before begging to be punished for them. I expect you to provide a detailed account of all your disgusting behaviour, ensuring you don't leave out any of the explicit details. I will listen and ask you highly humiliating questions about your crimes, before deciding on a suitable punishment.

Punishments will range from painful, humiliating, frustrating or even financial, but you WILL be punished. Only then will you be truly absolved of your sins, ready for you to start the week with a completely clean slate (one wonders how long that will last!)

Book your place for tomorrow's Sunday Confessional now. Places often fill up quickly. Tribute is required for all sessions, to be paid via Gift Card. To book, you will email Me directly via the address below: 

Female Domination For Females!

Having had three female slaves serve Me on cam today, I have decided that I am going to be branching out into Dominating girls as well as boys.

Yes, that's right - Mistress likes to torture girls for Her own entertainment. I will not be interacting sexually with girls, in the sense of the same rules will apply; no body worship, and no nudity from Mistress. But I will very much enjoy watching girls torture their tits and nipples, inserting bigger and bigger toys into their willing fuck holes, and even indulging in a bit of self-fisting. Yes, the sky really is the limit when it comes to dominating ladies - and something I do enjoy.

So if you're a girl who is submissive, aged 21 or over and craves to be under My control then you may apply to serve Me online via the email address below: 

Skype & Yahoo Sessions available Saturday 8 March.

Skype and Yahoo bookings will be available today from 2.30pm. Tribute is required for all sessions via Gift Card. Minimum booking length for all sessions is 10 minutes. If you wish to book a session with Me today, then you may email Me directly at the email address below:

I will also be live on cam at AdultWork and doing live phone chat via NiteFlirt, again from 2.30pm until 5pm and 7.30pm until 10pm (GMT.)

Friday, 7 March 2014


Tonight from 7.30pm for ONE NIGHT ONLY I will be offering Cleavage Worship Cam Shows via AdultWork, Skype and Yahoo.

Yes boys, tonight you will have the opportunity to view My ample assets as you tug and rub at your little cocks, imagining if you could ever dream to be worthy enough to splash your sticky cum all over My sexy cleavage.

Of course, we all know that in reality; that would never happen. That little delight is saved for real men - not helpless little minions like yourselves. But Mistress will be kind enough to allow you to fantasize about it tonight.

There will be no shots of My naked breasts or nipples - and any such requests for this will be ignored. But I will happily squeeze My boys together, and jiggle them about for your delight, showing you what you're always going to be missing out on.

If you wish to book a cleavage worship show via Skype or Yahoo, you may email Me via the email address below: 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

14 Days Until My Birthday!

My Birthday is only 14 days away and to avoid disappointing Mistress, you should ensure you have already ordered that special gift to show your appreciation for all Mistress does to enhance your kinky life. Below are pictures of the gifts I would really like to receive on this VERY special day. Some of you have already been kind and organised your gifts - but there are still some of you yet to put in the effort. If you wish to receive rewards and brownie points, you had better get busy!

If you know how to treat your Mistress PROPERLY and treat Her to any of the above gifts, you may visit My Birthday Wishlist via the link below:

Alternatively, if you wish to treat Me in another way for My birthday, I will accept Gift Cards to the email address below:

Don't forget - EVERY generous boy is rewarded! 

Skype & Yahoo Bookings Available Friday 7th March.

No bookings today folks - Mistress is having a much-needed and well-earned day off! Yes one of those days I was beginning to forget what it felt like to have time away to chill out! But nevertheless, today is MY day!

I will be taking bookings via Skype and Yahoo tomorrow from 2.30pm GMT. Tribute is required for all bookings, and the minimum booking length is 10 minutes. If you wish to book, then you may email Me personally via the email address below. Bookings usually come in quickly as we get closer to the weekend, so it is advisable that you book early to avoid disappointment. 

I will also be available tomorrow on cam at AdultWork and for phone chat at NiteFlirt. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Gotta Love Nettle Season!

I hear that the nettle season is starting - can't wait to send a few of My pain-sluts foraging! *evil grin*.

Genuine Domme Forum Coming!!!

After much consultation with My fellow Genuine Dommes and genuine subs, I am pleased to report that in the summer, I will be building and opening a forum which will be exclusive to Genuine Dommes and genuine subs only.

This forum will be strictly policed via the following conditions:

  • New members to the forum will be added by nomination only - and must meet the following conditions: They must be registered on an adult site like AdultWork, NiteFlirt, MFC etc. They must be fully verified via webcam. They must conduct themselves well via their social network marketing. The must have their own website/or blog.

  • Genuine subs will also be added by nomination from a Genuine Domme, subject to the following conditions: they must have served at least one Genuine Domme regularly for a period of 1 year or more. They must have conducted themselves to a high standard in their servitude. They must have made tributes to one Genuine Domme or more for at least 1 year.

  • All new members will be reviewed and added at the discretion of the Committee (to be formed).

  • All Genuine Dommes will be invited to add a special "GenuineDomme" badge to profile pics on their social network pages.

  • All genuine subs will be invited to add a special "genuine sub" badge to their profile pics on their social network pages.

  • Once the Committee is formed, any new members to the Committee will be added by process of election.

  • There will be a space for Service Providers like recognised Graphic Design, Fetish Equipment Suppliers and Dungeon Services. Again, this will be by a process of nomination.

Why have I decided to do this? Quite simply to sort the wheat from the chaff! There are far too many fake Dommes and fake subs around these days, so protect to the reputation of those who are genuine, this forum will provide confidence for all those concerned.  

***Interested in joining the Committee? If you are a Genuine Domme (and can prove it!) you may send Me an email to 

Skype and Yahoo Bookings Available Wednesday 5th March.

I will be taking Skype and Yahoo webcam bookings today from 2.30pm GMT. Tribute is always required for these sessions and the minimum booking length for all cam sessions is 10 minutes.

Price for webcam sessions are £1.30 per min. This includes audio and cam to cam. You can view prices of other sessions via the link below:

If you wish to book, you should email Me at the address below:

I will also be available today from 2.30pm GMT at AdultWork and NiteFlirt. In addition, My AdultWork and NiteFlirt phone lines will also be available this evening from 7.30pm GMT until 10PM GMT. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Scam Artist Tries To Outwit Dommes - And Fails!

So last night was rather eventful to say the least - and very satisfying - but not the way you think you dirty boys!

Professor Profile and Myself received a Direct Message from a Domme who was very upset because somebody was stealing Her pictures from Her twitter account. Now this does happen quite frequently, so any Ladies out there, posting pics, I strongly advise you to get them watermarked asap.

Anyway, after further investigation, I quickly discovered that this wasn't just a simple case of some ass stealing pics. No, this person was stealing pics, pretending to be a Domme, taking tributes to sell these pics and then not delivering - yes a scam artist.

Now this particular scam artist was creating various different twitter accounts, as we were hot on their tail. The first one as @ArabellaP_ (reported and suspended in the end), the second one was @ZoeRP_

After finding out about this individual's unscrupulous activities, I made it My mission to do whatever it took to "out" this person and put a stop to their fraudulent games, as did the Domme who had sadly fallen victim to this. So, with the help of another Domme, we managed to find out the identity of the person who was conning subs. It turns out that @ZoeRP_ is actually one 18 year old Ricky Hayward, who likes to go around, pretending to be a Financial Domme, and take money off subs for his own selfish, and dishonest means. Ricky fell into the trap of saying the money was going to his "brother's" account, when asked if his fake personna would take bank transfer. He gave out his full account details and name and this meant the Domme who caught was able to get details of his address - very VERY clever Domme!

Having found out his real identity, of course I circulated his details around twitter so other Dommes and subs knew of his fraud. I wonder if he will be proud of himself when he gets his collar felt by the police?

So for anybody out there who wants to take a leaf out of Ricky's book - I strongly advise you not to - you WILL be caught out and your details WILL be passed to the police!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday 2 March - Sunday Confessional

Yes boys, it's that time again! Sunday Confessional begins today at 2.30pm GMT. You can report to confessiona via AdultWork, NiteFlirt or by booking a Skype/Yahoo session with Mistress.

Sunday Confessional is your chance to confess your sins of the past week and BEG to be punished for them. Punishments will be painful, humiliating, degrading or even FINANCIAL. But either way, you will only be truly absolved of your disgusting behaviour once you have suffered for My amusement!

Prices for Skype/Yahoo are £1.30 per min for a minimum of 10 mins. This price includes audio and cam2cam. Tribute is always required via Gift Card and for this week only; I will take tribute via Paypal as a personal gift.

To book your place during today's Sunday Confessional, you may email Me at the address below: