Saturday, 28 December 2013

Ball-busting With A Twist!

Today I enjoyed a very amusing session with a big fat slave in tights. He approached Me via AdultWork DirectCam explaining his love of tights, how he was wearing them and how he had half a bag of ice with him - cue thoughts of Me giving him a very cold time indeed!

So after he joined Me in private chat, I saw that he had put laces around the top of his thighs to create what could only be described as a tourniquet in his tights. Proudly displaying the bag of ice, I instructed him to pour some of down the front of his tights, and the rest down the back. It was highly amusing to see him grimace as the ice encased his nuts!

Next he picked up a small, long bean bag, swinging it to and fro which gave Me the most wicked idea. I mean having him freeze his bollocks off is one thing - but having him freeze his bruised bollocks off is another! So, making him swing the bag with gusto, I had him repeatedly hit himself in his balls with the bean bag - each time hearing the satisfying thud and the yell of pain from him. With every impact, he was crouching lower and lower, clearly in agony, until he was left with no choice but to beg Me for mercy. It was pretty obvious he was suffering, leaving Me absolutely delighted of course!

Despite the temptation to make him suffer even more, I knew it wouldn't be long before he would reach his limit, so I instructed him to swing the bean bag one more time before I would grant him mercy. Sadly, he ran out of credits before the final impact, probably very much to his relief. Even so, I can imagine his blue balls now - blue for several reasons!

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013