Saturday, 20 December 2014

Get the point?

He seemed rather shocked by My response......

Or maybe his feeble little brain couldn't handle it....

Either way - some of you may be rather shocked to hear that:

BDSM is NOT about having a wank.

BDSM is NOT about Mistress masturbating for your pleasure.

BDSM is NOT about Mistress praising your cock and/or massaging your inflated ego.

BDSM is NOT about Mistress doing you "favours". 

BDSM is NOT about expecting Mistress to be "submissive for a change."

Have I made My point?

Saturday Suffering!

We are fast heading towards the last few days to serve Me before Christmas. You should be aware that I have decided that MONDAY will be My last day, before I break for the Christmas period. After Monday, I will not be available until 27 December - can you really go that long without Me?

Today; I will be taking webcam bookings for Skype, from 1pm until 5.30pm. Bookings are priced at £1 per minute with a minimum booking length of 10 minutes Tribute be ONLY be made via Amazon UK E Gift Card.

You should also be aware that today is Sadistic Saturday - one of My favourite days of the week. Today, I will be ensuring you suffer for My entertainment. You will suffer through pain, humiliation, fact any way I choose to make you suffer. But suffer you must!

So don't delay; weekend bookings usually fill up very quickly! Email Me NOW to request a session:

Friday, 19 December 2014

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Why My NiteFlirt Lines are closed.

You may be aware that Mistress has not been available via NiteFlirt for a while. Well there is a reason for this. My NiteFlirt calls are patched through to My land-line (cellphone isn't quiet clear enough for long-distance calls). At the moment, My father is in hospital, which means I need to keep My land-line clear just in case. This is likely to continue until after the Christmas period, and certainly until My father is released from hospital.

However, there are still ways to interact with Me via NiteFlirt. I offer Email Tasks as well as a range of Goodie Bags for you to enjoy.

Email Tasks are priced from $15 each. Goodies Bags are from $5 dollars each.

So if you are a NiteFlirt slave and need My attention, you are expected to visit My NiteFlirt profile without delay.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Mistress is back!

You will be pleased to know that after a week's break so I could move; Mistress is back in the saddle again.

I will be taking Skype bookings today from 1pm.

Bookings are priced at £1 per minute and payable only by AmazonUK E Gift Card - NO PAYPAL - EVER.

So if you have missed Mistress and need to serve Me today, you should email Me to request a Skype booking: