Friday, 10 January 2014

Call Me On NiteFlirt!

Have you spoken to Me via NiteFlirt yet?

I am generally available to take calls via NiteFlirt every evening from 7pm. You can call Me for only $1.99 per min, with 3 mins free!

Also available via NiteFlirt are a range of ways for you to tribute to receive even more of My attention, and soon you will be able to tribute to receive My Skype ID!

So check Me out today via the link below!

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Thursday, 9 January 2014


I'm convinced some of you boys don't have a brain - or you're too busy thinking with the one in your trousers!

First, if you're going to book a cam session with Me via AdultWork and it's through Yahoo or Skype - might I suggest you have a Yahoo or Skype account? There's little point otherwise. Don't book and then mention you don't have the appropriate account - it's a waste of My time and yours.

Secondly, I understand that some slaves prefer not to show their face on webcam. I have no problem with this whatsoever, and I will happily speak to you if you want to wear a mask. But, if you don't have a mask, then you can't appear on cam - rather like the idiot who spoke to Me in Direct Cam today. He didn't have a mask and he wanted to take part in the Cum Challenge.

Of course, I need to see his cock - but because he didn't have a mask, he couldn't appear on cam at all - what the fuck is the point in that????

For My sanity, put your brain in gear first - and start thinking with the one in your skull!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Wishlist Updated

Last night, I spent some time updating My Wishlist, with lots of lovely things to suit all budgets.

My Wishlist is a collection of gifts of which I would love to receive; from boots, shoes, clothing, electrical gadgets, alcohol and perfume.

Purchasing a gift from My Wishlist is a good way of not only showing appreciation to Mistress, but also showing you are WILLING to serve Me in a financial manner. Indeed, I am more inclined to take notice of a slave who takes the first step and uses his initiative than one who sits there and expects something for nothing.

Every slave who is generous receives a mention on My website, along with a picture of their well-received gift. A slave who is VERY generous and treats Me to something worth £100 or more, is given the honour of a personally signed photograph of Me. A little token of My appreciation for their generosity.

You see this is how it works - it's a two-way street. Pay attention to receive attention. It's not difficult to understand.

So take the initiative and visit My Wishlist via the link below

Open Yourself To Me.

Serving Me on a Financial basis is not for those who want to do this on a whim. It is an honoured position and few will make the grade. Indeed, you will have to prove to Me why you feel I should ALLOW you to explore this desire, this secret, this fetish. I know that is what you need. You NEED Me to permit you to explore this. It is what you crave. You think about it in every waking minute - how much you NEED to show your appreciation to ME - your Superior Goddess. 

Simple messages of "I want to spoil you Miss!" simply will not do. I want to know what makes you tick. I want to know WHY you want to serve Me, WHY you feel compelled to contact Me, and more importantly WHY you feel somebody like you should have the honour of My attention. 

It is not just about money - it is about you and Me. I'm certainly not going to sit there and demand you drain your wallet to make Me happy. No, that is not what I am. I want you to WANT to give Me money, gifts, tributes, treats and more. It's about Me getting inside your head, into your psyche, that little secret part of your personality that nobody else knows about, and opening the door to unleash it. You NEED that freedom to express that deeply hidden desire - and the gift I give you to you in return for your servitude, is that freedom. 

But it is not for those who aren't serious. This is a psychological journey as well as a fiscal one. You must be willing, but above all, you must be OPEN. Closed minds are of no use. It's about a desire, a NEED, and an itch that must be scratched. 

Will I give you the opportunity to scratch that itch? Well that is up to you. In the first instance, you should contact Me and tell Me WHY I should allow you to scratch it. Lay yourself open, and confess your secret. But leave your inhibitions at the door - I have no use for them....