Saturday, 20 July 2013

First Slave On Niteflirt!

Yesterday I look My very first call on Niteflirt and absolutely loved it! It was from a slave who had two particular fetishes, one of which being punishment writing.

He particularly loves British Dommes who give out writing tasks, such as lines, as punishment. He talked about how he has written lines before, but only 150. To Me that's pathetic - because Cuntweasle has been given 2000 lines before - and had to do them by a certain deadline.

So I told slave all about Cuntweasle's experience, how he has to spend hours writing out the lines - sometimes long and complex lines until his hand aches. And as I explained, I do punish mistakes - grammar, spelling, generally tidiness of the work. Slave absolutely LOVED this and came very very hard!

Another fetish he has is wellies. If he sees a girl in wellies he just goes weak, and has asked if I will ever wearing My wellies on cam for him.

On the days I do offer cam on Niteflirt I will be doing that for him - I'd rather like to see him drooling over them!

I'm sure he will be reading this entry, so this is for you slave!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Foot Worship Thursday!

Today I have a treat for all you feet fans out there. Having freshly pedicured My feet, painting My toenails a very sexy and glossy black, I will be offering foot worship sessions via webcam through Skype and Yahoo this afternoon. I will have selection of shoes available including wedge sandals, flip flops, and open toe platform heels. And of course, you can worship My bare feet too!

I will be available to take your bookings from 2.30pm.
You will be able to Cam with Me and enjoy My feet for £1.30 per min (minimum booking length 10 mins) and you may pay for your session via Amazon Gift voucher.

To book, simply send an email to: advising of the length of booking you require, and I will come back to you with details of the amount of tribute required.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


You may remember back in March I named and shamed a time-waster by the name of Brent Osborne. Basically he wanted sissy blackmail, and when instructed to send the relevant photograph, failed to do so.

Well it would seem that Brent has a short memory, because he has applied to serve Me again! Luckily, I don't have a short memory, and at the sight of his email address knew straightaway to avoid, after sending him a rather less than polite email response.

So be warned Dommes out there - Mr Osborn is doing the rounds again, out to basically take you for a ride. I strongly suggest you avoid like the plague, unless you want to receive tons of cock pictures, while he fails to obey your instructions!

And to the time-wasters who have already tried and failed to get one over on Me - don't bother trying. Every single one of you are on My blacklist so I know to avoid you. You really are wasting your own time - NOT Mine!

Monday, 15 July 2013

Normal Service Is Resumed.

I am pleased to say that normal service has been resumed and Adultwork are now back online after the latest DDOS attack. This means that I am now available on DirectCam (daytime), DirectIM (evening) and DirectChat (daytime and evening).

In addition, until further notice I will be available for longer hours on DirectIM and DirectChat from 7pm until 10pm every day except for Wednesdays. I will also be able to take private phone chat and instant messenger bookings every evening with the exception of Wednesdays.

I am also available for phone chat via Niteflirt at these times too!

So for those of you who are generally around more in the evening, there is now nothing to stop you from speaking to Me!

If you wish to book an instant messenger or phone chat session with Me, all you need to do is email Me at