Saturday, 16 February 2019


It's not enough for you to want cock. You need to be in a state where cock becomes the centre of your entire universe. It completely takes over your entire mind, your needs, your desires, your dreams.

Cock is a beautiful thing and you should strive to make receiving and worshipping cock a daily part of your sub training. That is why I have created this file; to help you to understand your own needs about cock and why it is always important to listen to them.

This file will help you to enhance your desires for the male penis. You will learn to understand that your need for cock is not something you can set aside and ignore completely. It is there, deep within your subconscious mind, desperate to be acted upon in everything you say and everything you do.

Cock will always be at the forefront of your mind. You will find yourself staring not at the face of men you talk to. Instead, your eyes will be firmly glued to their crotch. You will not be able to focus on a single word they are saying. All you will be able to think about is what lies beneath the sanctuary of their pants and how much you so desperately crave it.

Your own behaviour will convey a message that you want their cock. You will let them know that their cock is all you care about and you will do anything in order to taste and feel it. Cock is your life-source, your reason for living and the only thing you will ever care about, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



When we have a desire to explore our secret fetishes; we often find that it is our inhibitions which hold us back. Our desires are overshadowed by deep-seated fears that our fetishes may be exposed to the world and thus, in turn, reflect badly on ourselves.

There is no shame in enjoying a particular kink. What you enjoy is strictly your business and does not need to invite the opinions of others.

This is particularly the case when it comes to feminization and cross-dressing. Why should you fear what others may say about your secret desires? Nobody is going to tell them. In fact; you are always in complete control of who finds out and who doesn't. The decision is entirely yours.

This file will help you to embrace this side of you without any fear of consequence. You will receive a gift of the ability to freely explore your feminine side within the privacy of your own home and enjoy the many exciting sensations it will bring.

When you listen to this file, you will be immersed in a desire to enjoy wearing women's underwear and will be seduced by the suggestion that you purchase your very own feminine underwear collection, for you to enjoy privately and at your own leisure.

Once you wake; your conscious mind will have no recollection of the suggestions made, but your subconscious mind will remember them in detail. It will recall them at times when your desires come to the surface and allow you to indulge whenever you feel the urge.



Erotic bondage is not simply just a physical state of being. It is also a state of mind. When we allow our conscious minds to dictate what behaviours should be the “norm”, we effectively allow our conscious mind to become set in a form of psychological bondage; a place where we are not free to shed our inhibitions and enjoy the parts of our personalities which we long to explore.

Bondage triggers focus on enabling the subconscious to be free of the daily shackles which bound us and enjoy the freedom to lose the sense which would otherwise hinder the total experience of being free to enjoy erotic bondage of the mind and body.

By removing your sense of taste, sight, thought, feel and even self; you can be taken into a highly arousing journey of giving up control to another. You will enjoy the pleasure of being bound in tight latex, as it moulds to every curve and crevice of your body and helps you to create sexually exciting scenarios in your own mind.

Using the power of your own imagination; you will be helped and encouraged to reach into those deep desires your conscious mind forbids you to explore and allow yourself to become completely embroiled in a world where being bound and taken by a Superior is the most arousing experience you could ever wish to have.

This is more than just imagination. This is a place where imagination and reality become one!


Friday, 15 February 2019

From the mouth of Chastity Sub....

Another VERY embarrassing shopping trip for Chastity Sub - here's his own words about the humiliating experience...

Mistress Cristal gave me an extremely embarrassing and humiliating task for Her pleasure and amusement.

I had a most humiliating and embarrassing time carrying out my task.

I walked to the supermarket and went into the toilets. The first thing I had to do in the toilets was to insert my vibrating plug. It was embarrassing as I heard people coming and going and kept thinking what if they knew what I had gone in there for that they would have found it highly amusing at my expense.

 I then put my vibrating cock ring on and again could hear people coming and going as I did this. 
I felt very embarrassed when I switched them on and started feeling the vibrations and worried about people hearing the noise and seeing my excitement. I just felt extremely embarrassed walking around the supermarket feeling the vibrations worrying about them being heard and people noticing my excitement and seeing my purchases of just a cucumber and sexual lubricant in my basket. 

At the till I must have been the reddest I have ever been as I felt so humiliated as I was sure the assistant and others were laughing at me.

 I stuttered when asked if I wanted a bag and I said no thanks that I could carry them. I was crimson red with embarrassment walking out of the shop carrying them, one in each hand and could not look at people so worried that they were laughing at me imagining what I had bought them for. 

It was even more embarrassing to then go to a pharmacy and ask if they had an enema kit. Unfortunately, the Pharmacy did not have any enema kits but I felt ever so embarrassed stutteringly asking if they sold them and noticing the assistant looking at my cucumber and lube and must have been thinking I wanted it to clear out before using them. 

The 20-minute walk home was ultra humiliating as I was sure everyone I passed could hear the vibrations and see what they were doing to me and seeing the cucumber and lube and thinking I was going to fucking myself with them.

 I have never felt so humiliated and embarrassed in my life nervous about what people will imagine I am now doing and hoping not to bump into them again soon.

Did I mention that his chastity sentence ends on Sunday? does, but only if he serves Me on webcam. There is no way I'm going to miss out on the chance to see him erupting like Mount Etna! Sadly for him; he says he's not sure when he's going to get an opportunity to have a cam session with Me. Guess that means we'll be stretching his chastity sentence out a while longer....excellent! 

Sunday, 10 February 2019


Because one of My subs is due to be released from chastity this month, I decided to really make him EARN his release.

Chastity Sub has been in chastity since 1 January 2018. As you can imagine; he's pretty desperate for his release date. He's had relentless teasing from your's truly as well as some "help" from fellow subs who have been sending him naughty content to make his little clitty drool. His particular favourites are pictures and clips of shemales because his ultimate fantasy is to be fucked by one. As a result; he's been made to spend 1 hour each evening, watching shemale porn and trying to wank his clitty through his chastity cage.

He won't cum though. His orgasm comes at a huge price - having to do the whole of his chastity sentence again; a fate he's obviously desperate to avoid.

So like I said; I've been making him earn his release date with some extra humiliation. I know how much he likes to squirm. He may be bright red in the face but his clitty LOVES it! And so do his many fans..

Today; Chastity Sub was under orders to make a trip to his local supermarket. He had a list of only two items - 1 cucumber and 1 tube of sexual lubricant. Easy, yes?

Well, not quite. Because not only did he have to purchase these highly personal items, but he also had to do it whilst wearing a vibrating butt plug and vibrating cock ring - on full power, the risk of that vibration being heard pretty much extreme.

This is probably the most humiliating task I've given Chastity Sub to date. He's previously been made to visit a key-cutting store and request a doggy disc to be engraved with the word "slut". That was pretty embarrassing for him, especially since it was a female assistant who dealt with his request.

But this was something else.

He was not allowed to go to any of the self-service tills. No "unexpected item in the bagging area" for him. Nope; he had to go to a manned checkout - on a very busy Sunday afternoon, lots of people in the queue and him buzzing away like a demented bee.

This provided a great deal of amusement to the checkout assistant as well as several people in the queue who had a good laugh at his expense. He's never been so embarrassed in his whole life..until next week's task that is...I look forward to seeing what happens with that one!