Sunday, 10 February 2019


Because one of My subs is due to be released from chastity this month, I decided to really make him EARN his release.

Chastity Sub has been in chastity since 1 January 2018. As you can imagine; he's pretty desperate for his release date. He's had relentless teasing from your's truly as well as some "help" from fellow subs who have been sending him naughty content to make his little clitty drool. His particular favourites are pictures and clips of shemales because his ultimate fantasy is to be fucked by one. As a result; he's been made to spend 1 hour each evening, watching shemale porn and trying to wank his clitty through his chastity cage.

He won't cum though. His orgasm comes at a huge price - having to do the whole of his chastity sentence again; a fate he's obviously desperate to avoid.

So like I said; I've been making him earn his release date with some extra humiliation. I know how much he likes to squirm. He may be bright red in the face but his clitty LOVES it! And so do his many fans..

Today; Chastity Sub was under orders to make a trip to his local supermarket. He had a list of only two items - 1 cucumber and 1 tube of sexual lubricant. Easy, yes?

Well, not quite. Because not only did he have to purchase these highly personal items, but he also had to do it whilst wearing a vibrating butt plug and vibrating cock ring - on full power, the risk of that vibration being heard pretty much extreme.

This is probably the most humiliating task I've given Chastity Sub to date. He's previously been made to visit a key-cutting store and request a doggy disc to be engraved with the word "slut". That was pretty embarrassing for him, especially since it was a female assistant who dealt with his request.

But this was something else.

He was not allowed to go to any of the self-service tills. No "unexpected item in the bagging area" for him. Nope; he had to go to a manned checkout - on a very busy Sunday afternoon, lots of people in the queue and him buzzing away like a demented bee.

This provided a great deal of amusement to the checkout assistant as well as several people in the queue who had a good laugh at his expense. He's never been so embarrassed in his whole life..until next week's task that is...I look forward to seeing what happens with that one! 

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