Monday, 23 January 2017

A weekend of delicious torture!

It would seem that this weekend; you boys have been desperate to test your pain limits. I've had numerous bookings from boys who desire cbt and anal stretching.

First up was a new slave from the US. He decided to celebrate the over-sized Oompa Loompah's inauguration by seeing how much he could stretch his ass (his own; not the Oopma Loompah's. We already know his ass is stretched because he's always talking out of it...)

What started off as a gentle introduction to anal stretching turned into practically shoving a drain pipe up there. That boy could take a lot! He had 3 different types of anal toy - a medium rubber butt plug, a large glass butt plug and a HUGE butt plug which had prongs. It was easily the size of a large fist.

I started him off by using his fingers until he could it all four of them inside. He was already super turned on and that other hand of his kept straying to his maggot. "Leave it alone, slave!" I snapped. "Before you stroke that maggot; I wanna see your ass gaping!" He quickly learned that helping himself was not going to go in his favour. 

Next was the medium sized butt plug, which I had him insert and then use his rectal muscles to push it out. This plug was not at all forgiving and it took a lot of straining. But he pushed and pushed until it plopped out on the floor. After some furious fucking with that plug; he as was more than ready for something bigger.

In went the glass plug and that really did look exquisite. I could see his ass gaping around the glass and as I had him pull it half way out; the thick, bulbous part stretched his ass to the limit! I had a lot of fun having him repeatedly pull it out only to shove it back in again.

Finally; came the last and biggest plug. This one was a monster! Lots of lube was required and after to some serious pushing; it was soon deep up his ass. While it filled him; I gave him permission to masturbate, which he did with delight, cumming hard as he pushed that mammoth plug out and caused his ass to gape as wide as the Mersey tunnel. I have no doubt that he will be back for more.

Next up was a pain sub, who was desperate to have his pain threshold pushed. With a kink for CBT; I had him slapping his cock and balls until they were so red; you could paint a white line in front of them and use them as a stop sign! He wasn't suffering enough for My liking so I had him coat his cock and balls in candle wax, before making him use a leather belt to whip off all the dried wax. The whole ordeal took him a good 10 minutes to complete and he was writhing around in agony. Every few strokes; he would stop and cradle his sore balls before begging for mercy. "I can still see wax on those balls, slave!" I barked at him. "Continue until ALL of it is gone!" I would not give him mercy. I don't do mercy. Instead; he had to continue until he was a blubbering, sobbing mess with balls the size of watermelons. He'll be walking like John Wayne for the rest of the week. Good luck trying to explain that, boy! 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Chastity Sub's Humiliating Shopping Trip.

Of course it's no secret that I love to humiliate Chastity Sub as much as possible. So last week, I felt it was high time he endured some public humiliation. His task was to visit his local sex shop, and ask the assistant where he could find some sissy porn.

The very fact that he had to ask this highly embarrassing question was enough. But I also made him wear his slave collar. Here's how he got on...

Mistress Cristal. Todays task was very embarrassing. When i was walking to the shop i was very conscious of feeling the collar. I had my jacket buttoned right up to my neck to conceal it but felt like everyone i passed noticed it making me bright red. I was extremely nervous and even more nervous when i went through the door. It took building up courage to go to the assistant and i must have been letting off a lot of heat from how red my face was. My voice must have sounded very low and nervous when i asked the assistant if he had any sissy porn and i was squirming with nerves and embarrassment. I felt he could see my collar as i spoke to him. There was another man in the shop and i felt more embarrassed thinking he found it very amusing. I was bright red as he showed me the dvds that were in and i chose these 3 from what they had. I hope these are to Your satisfaction. I felt even more embarrassed as i imagined that he was thinking of me watching them and even more embarrassed walking out of the shop and back to the car. I was imagining everyone i passed could see the dvds even though they were well hidden. I hope this report and the dvds are to Your satisfaction Mistress.

Of course he's yet to find out what I intend to make him do with said material. Is he worried? He should be! 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Accepting Fetish Clip Requests.

Starting Thursday 20th January; I will be filming new fetish clips to be uploaded to My clips channel, every second Thursday. There are already 60 clips available on there but this year, I aim to double this amount.

While at present; I don't have the facility to provide custom clips (it is in the pipeline however), I am now welcoming suggestions and requests for the sort of clips you would like to see.

As you will be aware; I am very open minded and will happily film clips on a wide range of interests. There are however; certain conditions:

  • There will no fully nudity. Topless nudity is permitted. Crotch-focused will not be permitted.
  • I will never upload clips which see Me in a submissive role. I am 100% Dominant. The lady is not for turning!
  • My clips will not feature anything illegal, dangerous or anything with the "yuck" factor.
  • I will consider ALL requests. I reserve to right to decline requests I feel do not meet My inclinations.
I have a range of outfits I can wear in these clips including PVC, leather, latex, & lace. In addition, I have a vast collection of shoes & boots including extreme heels, thigh boots and flats. I even have wellington boots for those who enjoy this kink.

Toys can also be featured, but you will not at any time see clips of Me masturbating or using them on Myself. I have a collection of strap ons, whips, paddles & canes. I also have satin gloves and feathers for those who crave something more sensual.

No fetish clip will be considered as "too bizarre" provided it is within My limits. And no reasonable request will be refused. 

You can request the type of clip you would like to see by contacting Me directly at the email address below:

To see the clips already available for your viewing pleasure, simply click on the link below:

New Chastity Sentence For Chastity Sub

This is to certify that Chastity Sub will spend 


in chastity from today:

Friday 13 January 2017.

Proposed release date is:

Wednesday 22 February 2017.

Chastity sub will serve the ENTIRE sentence without parole. Days will be added for unacceptable behaviour. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The Bitch Is Coming Back!

After taking some much-needed time out to deal with some rather pressing personal issues; I am pleased to inform you that I will indeed be back on cam this coming Thursday from 12.30pm. This means that you will not only be able to serve Me via AdultWork, but also via pre-booked Skype session.

Whether you are an experienced or novice submissive; provided you have read ALL of My website and are aged 21 or over; you will be welcome to approach for a session. Sessions will be available 12.30pm until 4.30pm Thursday, Friday, Sunday & Monday. Because while My personal issues don't need urgent attention, but still need attention, I will be offering reduced hours until further notice. You should keep checking back on My website for regular updates.

My cam session sale continues until the end of January, which means you can take advantage of My £1 per min rate. From 1st Feb, the rate will go back to normal at £1.20 per min, so hurry if you don't want to miss out on this saving!

Remember; I am happy to explore most fetishes as long as they are a) legal b) not dangerous and c) don't have the "yuck" factor. Limits are always respected and you will always respect Mine. Cam sessions with Me include cam to cam and audio. Special requests will be considered as long as I have 24 hours notice. 

Sessions are booked & paid for in advance with a minimum booking length of 10 minutes. Payment is via Gift Card or Delivery Code voucher ONLY. I do not take Paypal - so there is no point in asking for this payment method.

The session is confirmed once I have received your session fee. It is strongly advised that you book early to avoid disappointment. My cam days often fill up very quickly! 

Want to book? The you may contact Me via the link below:

Friday, 6 January 2017

On Sabbatical

Due to unforeseen circumstances and urgent personal issues; I will be unable to accept any webcam bookings until further notice, as I take a much needed sabbatical.

I hope to be back to normal as soon as possible and your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated. While I aim to offer phone chat and instant messenger sessions as and when I can be available, please do not bombard Me with repeated requests for My attention. One email will be enough and I will respond to you as soon as is possible for Me to do so.

I appreciate that this may well be inconvenient for you, but at this time My personal life must take priority until such time as I can return to a normal schedule.

Thank you.