Friday, 27 May 2016

Do you really know all about Financial Domination?

Forget what you think you know about Financial Domination because I'm about the set the record straight. It's high time somebody dispelled the myths about Financial Domination/Financial Fetish so that those who practice or indulge in it can fully understand what it is.

Financial Domination is NOT about money! Let's be absolutely clear about that. If you think that Financial Domination is about getting rich by taking money off "piggies" then you're very much mistaken. It is about POWER. It is also a deeply psychological fetish and if done properly; takes a good degree of intelligence and hard work. 

The whole point of Financial Domination is to get into the mind of a submissive so deeply that they WANT to spend their money on you. Now that isn't something which comes easy even to the most experienced of Financial Mistresses. Why? Because everybody is different. The mind is also a very complex part of the human body and is not always open. For you to control the mind of another; they have to allow you into their mind in order to do that. And that takes time and lots of gentle "coaxing".

Let's think of the mind in terms of an onion. An onion has lots of different layers. It has the flimsy friable skin on the outside which while it will break very easily; it won't always peel away all at once. It takes several attempts and you have to go all the way around the onion in order to peel that skin away. And once you've peeled away that skin then you have another slightly tougher skin to peel away - one that doesn't break as easily. This is what it's like when trying to get into the mind. You have to peel away the layers gently and slowly in order for the mind to feel comfortable to let you in. There will be barriers and walls put up - that is basic human survival. We all put up a wall of protection - some higher than others; because we are fragile. The mind is very fragile as well as it is complex. 

The trick is to break down those barriers but again; you have to do it gently and a layer at a time. Go in hard; and those barriers will be back up and much stronger than before. Go in deeply aggressive; and those barriers will become impenetrable. 

But want happens once you have broken down those barriers and you're through to the soft and squidgy middle? The mind becomes fully open and is yours to control and massage. Think about it in terms of a lump of clay. To get the shape you desire; you have to knead, squeeze, pinch and stroke until it's finally in the shape you want. It's the same with the mind. And when you've achieved that shape; the clay will finally do exactly what you want it to do. You fire it and glaze it and you've got a nice bowl or cup to use.

Gentle steps will do the same with the human mind. But those steps have to have an element of respect. Like a lump of clay; if you're too clumsy; the clay will lose it's shape and you have to start all over again. However unlike clay; the barriers come back up meaning it's not possible to start again. You've lost your access to the mind forever.

This is why when I say "findoms" tweeting "fuck you pay me" tweets; I cringe for them. That isn't real Financial Domination. For one thing; you're not putting in the hard work needed. Second; you're demonstrating your complete lack of knowledge of the fetish and finally you're simply demanding. 

Financial Domination is not about demanding tributes. If you've successfully managed to get into the mind of your slave; he will be so desperate to please you; he will OFFER tributes. He will have a desperate need to do that. It will be an itch that cannot be ignored. He will feel compelled to act on those feelings. But why would he want to act on those feelings? Well not because you're expecting it from him. But because of the euphoric feeling he gets from acting on them.

Consider what happens when you donate to charity. Be it a charity tin or even a text donation method. You pay your money and what happens? You get that warm fuzzy feeling. That feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction that you've done something to make a difference. You feel happy inside that your donation will help to make the life of somebody that much better. You enjoy that feeling - it feels good doesn't it? It feels even better when you donate a large amount to a charity you really care about. You feel almost giddy with that feeling of good will you get deep in your bones.

Now magnify that feeling by about a hundred. It's spread throughout your whole body. It's releasing those endorphins which make you happy. You're floating on air. You adore that feeling. And because you adore it; you want to feel it again and again. That's the feeling a financial sub experiences when he's done something to please his Mistress. It's not about meeting a demand. He's spontaneously sent a gift because he knows it will make Mistress happy - and he feels proud of doing that. He feels proud that he is the one to really make Mistress happy. It puts a smile on his face and a tent in his trousers. He can't get enough of that feeling and wants to experience it more. It's like a drug - he becomes more and more addicted to the feelings of euphoria he gets from spoiling his Mistress. And what makes that feeling more intense? The fact that he's CHOSEN to do it. He hasn't done it under duress or because Mistress has made bratty demands of him. Mistress has simply graced his life with acknowledgement and communication and he feels compelled to offer a gesture of thanks for Her presence in his life. But he's done it unconditionally. That is an important factor - a financial slave will give UNCONDITIONALLY. He realises that it's a gift he's giving and he doesn't want anything in return - that euphoric feeling he gets from giving; is more than enough.

So how do you get to this stage in Financial Domination? The answer is "patience". While it's quite okay to expect an initial tribute from a financial slave; it is NOT okay to expect ridiculous amounts of money instantly afterwards. Take the piss and get greedy and you won't see that slave for dust. You have to respect that they are human beings too and if they don't want to tribute you; they won't. Calling them every name from a pig to a dog; and threatening to "ruin their life" (yes; I've seen one silly girl do this!) is NOT going to change their mind. It's going to put them off and have them avoiding you like the plague. 

I have been practising Financial Domination for approximately 16 years. In that time; I've received countless financial gifts and physical gifts. But NOT ONE of those gifts have ever been demanded. It has simply been a case of Me opening up My emails in the morning or the postman knocking at the door and I'm greeted with a lovely tribute from a slave. And you know what? I ALWAYS thank said slave. I'm not over the top with thanking them. But I do thank them in a respectful manner. It's also good to post a picture of said gift with a nice little thank you message. This adds to that nice euphoric feeling slave enjoys - they have seen evidence of their actions making Mistress happy - and that's what they want above all. 

But none of these loyal slaves have sent Me gifts from the word "go". It has taken time to establish a trusting relationship with them. I communicate with them, I allow them to serve Me on webcam, I give them a shoutout on twitter and I will even allow them into details of My personal life - like telling them what I got up to over the weekend; sharing My opinion of current affairs with them or even asking after their well-being. It's called "human interaction" and that is by far the most important part of Financial Domination. They need to see that beneath the leather and the whips; there is a real person. Not just some faceless girl hiding behind a laptop and tweeting out abusive demands for money.

This leads Me on to the "I'm having a manicure; pay me!" kind of tweets. No, these are not good. If you're at the top of your game when it comes to Financial Domination; you shouldn't need to tweet ridiculous demands like these. By showing your slave a degree of respect and understanding that they are human beings with human feelings; that manicure will pay for itself. But you must work hard in order for that to happen. You cannot just sit there and expect to be paid because you've sent out a handful of tweets. It doesn't work like that. You've got to put in the effort and come across as somebody a slave WANTS to spend his money on. And be classy with it too! Sophistication and confidence are two very sexy qualities. Maturity is also a very sexy quality. Intelligence is a very sexy quality. Don't come across as cheap brat with a webcam and a wishlist. You'll only attract the attention of time-wasters and very pissed off Dommes who HATE those who behave like this. Real financial subs loathe it too and will see you for what you really are. They expect you to be intelligent because they're intelligent too - don't insult that intelligence by sitting there with a "pay me fucker" attitude. It's just going to make you very unpopular. 

One final note; contacting a genuine Findom with "how can I get more paypigs?" is embarrassing and amateur. If you don't know the answer to that question; I suggest you re-read what I've written above. Neither do genuine Findoms approach a sub first. They approach YOU! And if both parties are genuine; eventually you'll enjoy exploring the fetish together. But be warned; Financial Fetish is NOT something to practice if you "want more money for the holidays" or "you fancy a new outfit." If you focus solely on how much money you can get (and it's NOT as much as you think!) you've already failed and will have no hope of ever being taken seriously.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Chastity Sub truly earns his parole.

So dear readers; you're probably wondering how Chastity Sub got on with his "parole hearing". Well; I'm very pleased to tell you that he passed with flying colours. Of course it wasn't without some serious effort and suffering on his part. In fact; I had him show Me how desperate he was for early release. Read his account of how he got on:

On the day of my parole hearing I was extremely nervous. I was made even more nervous after seeing Mistress Cristal had notified all Mistress followers with intimate and humiliating pictures showing my chastity, torture and frustration. Mistress had informed me that to achieve parole I had to have filled both brandy glasses with pre cum. The second glass was not quite full enough so I had until 3pm, when it was my hearing to completely fill it. I spent the morning and early afternoon teasing myself to achieve this. My cock and balls were already extremely sensitive and constantly on the edge after enduring numerous hours of tease and denial through the use of vibrating cock ring, vibrating butt plug and wand on at full power. Each vibration causing me to leak more and more, feeling so sensitive and desperately on the edge frustrated in only leaking pre cum and not being allowed to cum.

At 3pm the time of my hearing I entered Mistress Cristal's room extremely nervous, excited, on the edge, sensitive and frustrated. I knew that in order to gain parole that I needed to be fully compliant, obedient and do anything instructed to please Mistress. After 14 weeks of chastity which involved numerous hours of tease and denial having to leak 2 full brandy glasses of pre cum I was so desperate to please Mistress.

After entering I had to show Mistress Cristal the 2 glasses to show the amount of pre cum I had collected then put them to one side. I had to beg Mistress to gain Mistress permission to remove the chastity cage to free my cock from its restraints. After I was given permission I was informed that my cock was not hard enough for Mistress. I know that at all times in Mistresses presence that my cock must be hard for Mistress. In order to make it hard enough for Mistress I was instructed to slap it hard with the back of a wooden spoon until I was allowed to stop and then slap the helmet hard until I was allowed to stop. Once my cock had gotten harder for Mistress I then had to slap the balls hard with the wooden spoon until Mistress said to stop. This made my cock and balls feel tender and had started to redden them. I informed Mistress that this had gone to 15 on the pain scale. I was then ordered to tenderise them more by whipping the cock with a leather belt followed by the helmet and then the balls. This made them even tenderer and redder and put me on 20 on the pain scale.

I was then instructed to put 2 industrial clamps on my balls. The pain from the clamps instantly brings tears to my eyes as they bite in so hard. Mistress then made me run the pin wheel deep into the shaft of my cock all over followed by running it deep into the helmet all over. The pins are really sharp as they dig in and my cock was getting ever more tender and sore. The pain scale had shot up to 50 and there were tears in my eyes. Mistress then had me light a candle and start to pour the hot wax all over the cock. Because my cock was now so sensitive, sore and tender the wax really burnt as it landed all over. Once my cock was coated in wax I was instructed to pour the wax down both sides of my balls. Once the wax was hardened I had to remove it with the leather belt. I have discovered that in order to remove the wax I need to whip hard with the leather belt. As my cock was so tender already the whipping of the belt felt far harder and severe than before and there was no release from it until all the wax had been removed from the cock. Once the wax was all off the cock I then had to whip hard on the side of my balls. This made the pain in my balls even worse as they were already tender and as well as the pain from the whipping the belt was also making the clamps jiggle hard and feel like they were biting in harder and harder.

Once the wax was all removed Mistress made me put on the clover nipple clamps and add all the weight attachments to the chain. There are 2 6 oz weights and one 10 oz weight. With these attached I could feel them forcing the clamps to tighten on my nipples and really tug them downwards. Mistress then instructed me to stand and I was told that I was going to have to do some exercise. To start with I had to march on the spot for a minute really lifting my knees up high. The action of this made the clamps on my balls jiggle about biting in hard into the flesh and made the weights on the nipple clamps bounce up and down which loosened the tug on the nipples followed by instantly tugging the clamps back down hard on them. This was extremely painful and bought more tears to my eyes in doing so. To follow I had to jog on the spot for a minute lifting my knees high whilst doing so. This made the clamps on the balls bite even harder and the weights on the nipples to bounce up and down even harder making the pain increase more and more. I then had to do 15 squats and whilst doing these I could really feel the weights tug down hard on the nipples and then to really pull on them as I went back up forcing them to bounce. I then had to do 15 lunges with my left leg and then my right leg. Each lunge forced the clamps on the balls to bounce sideways biting in hard and the weights to swing from side to side really tugging hard on my ever sensitive nipples. For Mistress amusement I then had to can can for a minute. This really made the clamps and weights swing hard tugging harder and harder. For more of Mistress amusement I then had to pogo for a minute. This felt like the longest minute of my life as the clamps on the balls bounced up and then down tugging into the skin and the weights on the nipple clamps bounced up high only to fall down hard making the clamps tug in harder and drag my nipples down hard. At the end of this my nipples felt like they had been stretched so far to being tugged off and were so sensitive and stretched and in agony. My balls felt like they were being bitten hard by the clamps and the pain rating had gone to 100.

Mistress was then kind enough to allow me to remove the weights from the nipple clamp chain which was a slight relief because my nipples were no longer being tugged down. However Mistress then made me put the chain in my teeth so my ultra sensitive nipples were now being tugged upwards.

Mistress was then kind enough to allow me to remove the clamps from my balls. It is agony when they are removed as the area that has been bitten tightly is suddenly freed. Mistress then made me run the pin wheel deep into the grooves left by the clamps on my balls. This makes the pain from the wheel seem even worse as the skin is already so sensitive and the pins feel even sharper. The pain from it was making me shake. Mistress then made me light the candle and drop hot wax onto my balls. As they were already so sensitive from the clamps and pin wheel the wax felt molten hot and really made me shake. Once the wax had hardened I then had to remove it by whipping it off with the leather belt. This was absolute agony on my tender and sore balls and there were a couple of spots that were stubborn in removing. It took ages to remove them and I was crying and hopping in agony but I knew that in order to gain parole I had to endure it until it was all removed. I was now at 140 on the pain scale.

Mistress then made me scrub my cock all over with sandpaper. First the shaft and then the head. My cock was already so tender and sore and the sandpaper really irritated it and made it ever more sensitive and tender. Mistress then instructed me to run the pin wheel all over it again. This made the pins seem ever sharper as my cock had been made so sensitive. This put the pain scale up to 160.

I was then instructed to get the first brandy glass of pre cum and Mistress told me I had to drink it all. I started sipping it and the taste was vile. It took a few sips to complete the drink and I felt humiliated in having to drink a full glass of pre cum. Mistress then informed me that in order for me to gain parole I would need to chug the second glass of pre cum down in one. The taste was absolutely vulgar as I drank it down all in one. It was so humiliating having to drink so much pre cum in one go and tasted vile. All I could taste was pre cum which was sickly and I was so humiliated in having to drink so much.

Mistress then instructed me to put on my latex gloves and grab a handful of nettles that I had collected and rub them all over my balls. Because my balls were so sensitive and tender the nettles felt stronger than before and the stinging was worse than I have ever experienced. It made me shake and shudder from the pain and the stinging. Mistress then informed me that I had passed parole but to be allowed to cum I had to grab a handful of nettles and wank with them and cum into a glass. Whilst I began wanking I could feel the stinging worse than before and there was a mixture of pleasure and pain. It was the most painful wank I have ever had as I could feel the stinging all over my cock. When I was allowed to cum in the glass the feeling of pleasure was immense as after 14 weeks of constant tease and denial being kept constantly hard and on the edge the pleasure of feeling the cum being allowed was so great. It felt like the most powerful cum I had ever had.

Once the pleasure had subsided it was instantly replaced with the feeling of pain and stinging and itching all over my cock and balls and nipples. This made the pain and stinging and itching feel even more so. Mistress then instructed me to drink down all the cum in one go. The cum tasted a lot better than the collection of pre cum but after all I could taste was cum and pre cum. This taste lasted for hours and added to the humiliation.

Mistress then gave me permission to remove the nipple clamps and the removal of them is so painful as the blood rushes back in to them where they have been clamped tight made worse from the exercising making the weights tug them so hard.

After I felt so good from the pleasure of Mistress allowing me release from my parole knowing I had pleased Mistress with my efforts. For hours after I could feel the sensitivity and tenderness and itching on my cock and balls and tenderness and pain in my nipples but it was worth it for making the effort to please Mistress. For hours after I could also taste only cum and pre cum and feel the humiliation from having drank so much of it.

Mistress then informed me that my parole had resulted in release from my chastity but I was not allowed to masturbate unless Mistress instructed me to. I know that my cock and balls belong fully to Mistress and I have no choice in when they receive pleasure and only Mistress can decide on their pleasure and pain.

Throughout my chastity sentence I have become more and more compliant and obedient to Mistress Cristal. Before I met Mistress Cristal I was used to cumming whenever I wanted to and enjoying pleasure from it a lot. The chastity sentence has taught me to hand all control over to Mistress Cristal and that the cock and balls are Mistresses to choose what she wants to do. Throughout all the time I have been in chastity Mistress Cristal has kept me in permanent arousal and on the edge from teasing and denial using vibrating cock rings, vibrating butt plugs and high powered wand. The number of hours Mistress made me do this was ever increasing and all the time I was aroused and feeling the vibrating and the constant leaking of pre cum I was so desperate to cum. However knowing that Mistress Cristal was so pleased with the tease and denial and arousal without cumming this made it much better. It was better knowing that my frustration and desperation was more pleasing to Mistress than if I had pleasure from cumming.

Throughout the whole experience Mistress Cristal has pushed my limits to beyond what I thought was possible and it is only been made possible with knowing how amused, entertained and pleased Mistress was with this. The more amused and entertained and pleased she was the more I was pushed further than I thought.

When I first started visiting Mistress Cristal before my chastity sentence began my torture was always completed with being allowed to cum which mixed pain with pleasure. Then once the chastity sentence began there was no pleasure from being allowed to cum after but more pain from the frustration of being teased and left desperate to cum but with no permission to. This was a further pushing of my limits to keeping Mistress pleased but not having permission to receive personal pleasure other than knowing Mistress was pleased. Mistress Cristal has therefore taught me that Mistress pleasure is the only pleasure that should matter to me and that I have no choice for me other than what pleases Mistress to choose for me.

Before visiting Mistress Cristal I was a private person but Mistress has shared intimate details, photos and video clips with Mistress followers and the whole world making me feel so humiliated and embarrassed knowing that it is Mistress choice to share anything private and intimate with anyone she chooses  and I have no say in it. From this Mistress has taught me that I am Mistresses to choose to share with anyone she wants no matter how intimate, humiliating and embarrassing for me. It makes me feel like I have no choice in how I am used by Mistress or with whoever she chooses.

From Mistress Cristal I know that I have no choice in my sexual matters, pain and pleasure and I have to obey whatever it is that pleases and amuses Mistress. I know that my cock, balls, ass, nipples and the rest of my body is Mistresses to use and treat however she desires in any way that pleases Mistress. This has been enhanced by Mistress informing me that even though I am out of chastity I am only allowed to masturbate when Mistress tells me to.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Will Chastity Sub Gain His Parole?

Chastity sub is nearing his parole hearing - just 6 days to go until he finds out if he's going to be granted early release from his chastity cage. He hasn't had release since the New Year so it goes without say that he's rather frustrated. Of course if he isn't granted parole; he will be forced to remain in chastity until September. This is a fate he probably doesn't even want to contemplate; considering how on edge he is all the time. Super sensitive and eager to cum; his mind is plagued with erotic thoughts as he endures a permanent hard on.

Of course as the date draws near; his torture becomes all the more intense. Yesterday he was forced to endure a very torturous CBT session on webcam involving some very harsh clamps on his balls. So harsh in fact they did actually nick the skin. Not badly but enough for Me to choose to torture him even further by having him rub vinegar into the wound. That definitely made his eyes water and then some. 

But he is one of My most dedicated slaves. Each and every sadistic task I give him; he carries out without question and hesitation. He knows he has no choice but to do as he's told. He is fully compliant and VERY obedient. No matter how painful the torture; he is happy to oblige and suffer for My amusement. Last week he endured some very intense nettle treatment on his cock, balls and ass. He was so sore at the end of it; he was shaking in agony. The same can be said for yesterday. I had him attach the harsh clamps also to his nipples and then pogo jump for a whole two minutes. The results was the clamps tugging and pulling on his already very sore nipples; leaving him screaming so loud I'm sure his neighbours probably thought he was being murdered. No dear neighbours. He's just suffering because it's the only way he can truly please Me. And to keep the neighbours' entertained; I increased his torture by having him scrub his nipples with sand paper before coating them in vinegar - a lasting reminder of who owns him.

Torture isn't always painful when it comes to Chastity Sub. It's also arousal torture. Like the glass he's leaking into in the above video. This is one of two glasses he has to fill with his pre cum. The first one is filled. The second one he has to fill by next Friday or bang goes his chance of parole. Am I making this task impossible? Maybe. But it's fun to see him writhe and squirm in frustration. He must up his game if he is to fill the glass. That's why on a daily basis; he must endure 4 hours and 50 minutes of teasing with ALL forms of vibration - a vibrating cock ring, a vibrating butt plug and a wand vibrator. He is My very own chastised cow - milking his way to possible freedom and growing ever more frustrated with each passing hour. Will he get to cum on Friday? Time will tell. But of course his torture session will put him through his paces to ensure he truly earns his freedom. He thinks he's suffered the most torture he's ever had to endure. He thinks wrong....


Mistress is currently accepting applications from submissives who wish to serve by Email.

You will be aged 21 or over; have a  keen willingness to please with a genuine desire to serve. You will be expected to complete weekly Email Assignments on a variety of different kinks; depending on your own fetishes. Such assignments will be pre-determined or custom written with your fetishes in mind. Each assignment must be completed by a deadline set by Mistress. Punishments both physical and financial will apply for those who are late sending in their completed assignments.

During the completion of each assignment; you will be expected to take pictures of yourself carrying out each task. If privacy is an issue; your face may be obscured to protect your identity. You will also be expected to complete a daily diary as you complete each task; writing down your thoughts, feelings and experiences of the task set. At the end of the assignment; you will be expected to send the diary and photographs to Me for My review. Those who please Me will squirm in humiliation as I post details and pictures of their completed assignment on My blog. Those who fail to please Me will go back and do the assignment again; right from scratch - FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. 

Assignments will range in difficulty depending on how benevolent or sadistic I'm feeling. I'm not adverse to giving you a nice easy assignment; just as I'm not adverse to giving you a nightmare of an assignment. The end result will be the same. You WILL complete it simply because you have no choice but to please Me with your suffering and humiliation. Entertaining Mistress is always the name of the game.

If you feel you are ready to take the plunge and please Mistress in this manner; then you may contact Me at the email address below. Ensure that your initial application is concise and to the point yet well written and selfless. You should include details of your kinks, fetishes and limits (things you are absolutely NOT into) and how you intend to please Mistress. IF YOUR INITIAL APPLICATION IS LESS THEN 50 WORDS; YOU SHOULD NOT EXPECT A REPLY. Neither will I entertain those who clearly don't have even a basic knowledge of BDSM. Only serious applications will be considered.

If your application interests Me; I will contact you with further instructions on how to proceed.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sissy Transformation Sessions.

Ready to take the plunge and unleash your inner sissy? Then it's time for you to get serious about it! I have the prefect opportunity for you to do this with My Sissy Transformation sessions. Grab your pretty lingerie and dresses; make up, wigs and hair accessories and begin your journey into finding the REAL you - the prissy little girl who's just screaming to get out!

During the session; I will instruct you in exactly how I want you to you dress for Me. You will show off all your girlie outfits and I will be choosing the one I feel most suitable for you. And then I will watch as you put it on. You will put on a wig and follow My instructions as I tell you how I want you to make up your face. The aim is to make yourself pretty for Me and as feminine as possible. Perhaps your little sissy-clit will also be locked away during this transformation. That all depends on how much you play with it. If the answer is "a lot"; then it will be a long time before you sissy clit sees the light of day again.

You will be made to speak like a girl; to walk like a girl and even curtsey like one. If I'm feeling extra sadistic; I may even have you dance like a pretty little girl - all for My amusement. And if your transformation pleases Me; at the end of it I will give you a pretty name for you to call yourself whenever you are serving Me.

Sissy Transformation sessions last around 25 minutes and are carried out via Skype at a cost of £25. 
To book when I am available; simply email Me at the address below:

Chasity Sub has his limits pushed to the max.

On Friday I really pushed chastity sub's limits when it came to delivering some delicious torture. Here's what he had to say:

I entered today's session with Mistress in trepidation as she had ordered me to harvest a good clump of nettles before and warned me that I would be suffering a lot today. I was also hard and excited knowing i was there to please and amuse Mistress.
I had to beg Mistress hard to be free from the restraint of the chastity cage that was restricting Mistresses cock. Mistress kindly allowed me permission to be free from the cage which felt so good to be free from the restraints holding in Mistresses cock. Mistress was not pleased that I was hard enough for her as it is important to be hard in her presence so to fix that I had to slap first the shaft of Mistresses cock then the head and then the balls very hard for her to make me harder.
Mistress then ordered me to put the industrial clamps on my balls and I was then informed that they had to remain on them for the full session. The clamps bite in really hard and deep into the skin and are extremely painful. I was then asked if I thought that I had slapped Mistresses cock and balls hard enough to please her and of course it can never be hard enough and Mistress agreed and made me slap her cock shaft and then the head harder. The slapping was far more painful with it making the ball clamps bounce up and down digging in harder.
I was then ordered to put 5 bulldog clips up each side of the shaft of Mistresses cock then thread string through them like I had not done before. This was to criss cross them like a shoe lace.Once this was complete I had to lift the cock up with the string which made the clips dig in harder tugging on the skin. Whilst I had lifted the cock up I had to light a candle and drizzle hot wax all over the underside of the shaft. I could feel the burning a lot. Whilst the wax hardened I was instructed to put on nipple clamps and put the chain between my mouth. This was really painful as it tugged the nipples up hard stretching them far. I was then instructed that the chain will remain in my mouth for the full session. I had to then lift up Mistresses cock with the string on the clips and grab a leather belt and whip the wax off it. This was the most painful I have ever had whipping wax off as to get it all off I had to whip hard which made the belt hit the clips and clamps making me feel the pain from the belt and further pain from the clips and the clamps biting in harder as they were hit. The cock, balls and nipples were really starting to sting and hurt a lot now.
Mistress then instructed me to undertake some exercise. First I had to march on the spot for a minute. This made the cock and balls bounce up and down making the clips and clamps bounce tugging harder at the same time making my mouth tug the nipples harder upwards stretching them further and further. I then had to jog on the spot for a minute This made the bouncing of the clips and clamps on the cock and balls far more painful and the tugging of the nipples upwards far harder. Then I had to pogo jump on the spot for a minute which made the cock and balls bounce up and down really hard making the tugging of the clips and clamps far harder whilst making the nipples stretch even further. Then I had to can can for a minute and the kicking of the legs made the cock and balls clips and clamps bounce all over the place and my mouth tug harder upwards on the nipples. Whilst I could feel the agony of the clips and clamps bouncing about tugging the cock and balls and my nipples being stretched further and further I could see Mistress highly amused  and enjoying my suffering which made the experience humiliating to suffer as well.
I was then allowed to sit down and remove the clips and then run the pin wheel over the grooves left in the cock which made the pin wheel feel even more sharper than usual. I had to then run the pin wheel over the balls around the clamps which made the pins feel ever sharper.
I was then instructed to put a big clump of nettles on the chair and sit on them. The stinging was excruciating and extremely uncomfortable. I then had to repeat the treatment on the cock and balls with the pin wheel over the grooves which made me squirm with the agony making the squirm harder on the nettles making them sting more. I had to then pour a generous amount of hot tabasco sauce over my balls especially close to the clamps. The burning was extremely hot and made me squirm further on the nettles. I then had to put a generous amount of the sauce all over the cock head rubbed in. Again the burning heat made me squirm more on the nettles.
I was then allowed to remove the nipple clamps but the relief was short lived because I was instructed to run nettles over the left nipple and then the right one. The stinging was really painful and when I had to put the clamps back on and put the chain back in my mouth it made the biting of the clamps and the stretching seem far more painful than ever before. I was then instructed to rub nettles all over  the shaft of Mistresses cock and my balls especially close to the clamps. The stinging was agony.
I was then allowed to remove the clamps after begging very hard and I thought the session was being finished but Mistress was not finished. I know that only Mistress can decide when I have had enough suffering and I have no choice in it. I then had to run the pin wheel deep over the grooves left by the clamps which made the pins seem sharper than they ever have been. This was followed by rubbing hot sauce into the grooves which was agony.
I was then ordered to put my chastity cage back on. Mistress timed this and said it took over 2 minutes which was not pleasing as it is difficult to get it back on when my cock has been made hard for Mistress and is then in agony. Mistress informed me that if I did not improve this then the torment might have to increase which is already a lot.
I was then instructed to post pictures showing the results of my torture which is extremely humiliating as the whole world can then see my intimate suffering and pictures. It is extremely humiliating knowing the whole world knows what happens to me and can see my intimate details and it is humiliating knowing Mistress can order me to show whatever she wants to whoever she wants and I have to obey no matter how humiliating.
After today's session my cock and balls are tingling and itching painfully and everything is heightened more from my cock and balls being so sensitive from hours and hours of tease and denial. My balls and cock head are burning hot from the heat of the sauce. I am on the edge and leaking more pre cum from seeing Mistress amused and pleased making me even more frustrated and desperate for permission to cum. My ass is tingling and itching like mad. My nipples are extremely tender, itching like mad and feel stretched further out. I know I will be feeling this for a long time. I feel extremely embarrassed and humiliated from doing all this for Mistresses pleasure and having to share with the whole world who Mistress allows to see everything of me. I am also very glad that Mistress said she was very pleased as I know I suffer the pain, agony and humiliation for her pleasure.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Meet "The Beast"

My long-term fans will remember the old "beast" - My faithful 8 inch strap-on. Sadly; he had to go into retirement. Well he has seen a lot of action over the years and he has definitely served his purpose well. So courtesy of chastity sub; I have taken delivery of a brand new "beast".  

Meet "The Beast" number 2. 10 inches of thick, hard black rubber. That's a whole ten inches for you to worship and swallow. Ten inches to slide inside you an inch at a time. Can you take all 10? Well even if you can't; I mean to make sure that you soon will. This one is very unforgiving and will be met with either excitement or dread - the latter being equally delicious to Me. I do love the look of absolute horror and trepidation in your eyes as I taunt you with My "weapon of arse destruction". I want you to feel that sting as is slides into you for the very first time. If you're an anal virgin; I guarantee you'll be feeling a tad more than a simple sting. Why; you might even start squealing like a stuck pig - oh I do hope so. That will make the experience all the more pleasurable...for Me....

You can see My special "unveiling" of "The Beast" via My clips channel simply by clicking on the link below. Take a good look at him and get to know him. You'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future...

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


For way too long; you've been helping yourself to that cock. Stroking away so much that it's a wonder you haven't gone blind and started to develop callouses! Well it's time for all that to change. You will lie back; close your eyes and listen to Mistress Cristal's words. Each and every word will be permanently ingrained into your subconscious and your mind. Never again will you help yourself. You'll not want to; for you will very quickly learn and understand that your cock is not yours to play with!  22 mins Audio/Visual.


Sunday, 1 May 2016


Fresh out of the Her morning shower; Mistress Cristal shares an intimate moment with you. Watch Her rub cream into Her freshly shaved sexy, shapely legs as you drool in adoration and excitement of this simple task. Not enough for you? Don't worry. Mistress Cristal also massages cream into Her Superior feet - listen to the cream squish between Her toes as you explode in orgasmic euphoria!

$20 - 4 x clips.