Thursday, 5 May 2016

Meet "The Beast"

My long-term fans will remember the old "beast" - My faithful 8 inch strap-on. Sadly; he had to go into retirement. Well he has seen a lot of action over the years and he has definitely served his purpose well. So courtesy of chastity sub; I have taken delivery of a brand new "beast".  

Meet "The Beast" number 2. 10 inches of thick, hard black rubber. That's a whole ten inches for you to worship and swallow. Ten inches to slide inside you an inch at a time. Can you take all 10? Well even if you can't; I mean to make sure that you soon will. This one is very unforgiving and will be met with either excitement or dread - the latter being equally delicious to Me. I do love the look of absolute horror and trepidation in your eyes as I taunt you with My "weapon of arse destruction". I want you to feel that sting as is slides into you for the very first time. If you're an anal virgin; I guarantee you'll be feeling a tad more than a simple sting. Why; you might even start squealing like a stuck pig - oh I do hope so. That will make the experience all the more pleasurable...for Me....

You can see My special "unveiling" of "The Beast" via My clips channel simply by clicking on the link below. Take a good look at him and get to know him. You'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future...

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


For way too long; you've been helping yourself to that cock. Stroking away so much that it's a wonder you haven't gone blind and started to develop callouses! Well it's time for all that to change. You will lie back; close your eyes and listen to Mistress Cristal's words. Each and every word will be permanently ingrained into your subconscious and your mind. Never again will you help yourself. You'll not want to; for you will very quickly learn and understand that your cock is not yours to play with!  22 mins Audio/Visual.


Sunday, 1 May 2016


Fresh out of the Her morning shower; Mistress Cristal shares an intimate moment with you. Watch Her rub cream into Her freshly shaved sexy, shapely legs as you drool in adoration and excitement of this simple task. Not enough for you? Don't worry. Mistress Cristal also massages cream into Her Superior feet - listen to the cream squish between Her toes as you explode in orgasmic euphoria!

$20 - 4 x clips.