Thursday, 24 March 2016


It would be so easy to allow you to sit there on cam; tugging on your little maggot until your empty your balls of your disgusting cock-snot. But as you should know by now; Mistress doesn't make things easy for you. If anything; I make life difficult for you..because I can.

Introducing a new frustrating and humiliating masturbation game for all you wank-obsessed boys out there - WANK BINGO!

This is a game of tease, denial and edging with a very interesting twist. You get a "virtual" bingo card. I call out 25 random numbers. Each number determines how many pumps of your fist you are permitted. The speed at which I count to each number determines how fast you pump your fist.

Of course you don't get to cum until I've counted out each number - that's when you get a FULL HOUSE. Once you get a full house; that's your opportunity to beg for your release. But be warned; I don't have to grant you release - at all. It all depends on how kind I'm feeling or on how much I enjoy seeing your frustration.

Word of warning though; when you reach a successful "full house" - that is to say I permit you to cum; I generate a final number. That number determines the amount of pumps you are allowed in order to cum. So for example; if I call out "15", you only have 15 pumps of your first. If you don't cum in those 15 pumps; you don't get to cum at all - the session ends and you're not a "lucky winner". Instead; you're a VERY frustrated loser!

If however; you manage to cum before all your"full house" pumps run out; then you have the reward of recycling your mess - with your tongue. And that isn't open for negotiation - ALL of My slaves eat their cum; whether they like it or not!

Oh and remove all notions of cumming before you reach a "full house". You'll quickly find that I make it quite impossible for that to happen...



While Mistress is away...My boys still play!

So what did My boys get up to in My absence over the weekend? Well; Chastity Sub endured three hours of constant teasing - I'll be doubling it next time - should keep him in check until his May parole hearing...

And Panty Boy experienced the pleasure and frustration of his new butt plug...soon it will be huge dildo - I wonder how much he's drooling about that?

Finally; it's no fun unless My boys are REALLY suffering - and I know how addicted to pain Chastity Sub is. So I had him scratch that itch with some VERY painful clamps....

Back in the saddle!

You will be pleased to know that after a birthday and an eye infection; Mistress is now back in the saddle and operating at full throttle. My cough has cleared and My eye is back to it's normal beautiful self. This means that I am more than ready to remind you of who wears the trousers - little hint - it isn't you.

I will be back on webcam today from 1pm and taking skype bookings right up until 5pm. I shall also be opening My Niteflirt lines for those of you who crave some phone domination. I shall also be reviewing a few completed email assignments over the next few days. Let's hope for your sake; they make the grade....severe punishments are in order for those which don't!