Friday, 11 March 2016

Cam sessions restricted due to illness.

Unfortunately; last weekend I managed to catch a pretty nasty dose of flu. And while I'm over the worst; it has left Me with a nasty little cough. This means; that unless you want Me coughing and spluttering in your ear; I am unable to offer full cam sessions at the moment.

However; that doesn't mean I'm completely out of action. One-way cam without sound is still available - this means I can see you but you cannot see Me. How humiliating to know you're being watched but not being able to see Me watching you1 And you won't know if it's just Me watching you - oh it could be a few of My girlfriends too! Don't worry; you have My full permission to squirm!

One-way cam sessions are available at a reduced price until I am able to get back to normal - hopefully in the next couple of days. Text chat of course; is always available.

So don't bother thinking you can kick-back and relax just because Mistress is currently sick. Even from My sick bed; I'm still more than capable of keeping you on your toes!