Saturday, 5 October 2013

Taking Bookings Saturday 5 October.

I will be taking bookings this afternoon for webcam, phone and instant messenger.

Webcam and instant messenger sessions will be conducted via Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger - whichever you prefer. Phone chat sessions can be conducted via Skype or land line.

Sessions are booked in blocks of time. Prices for which are as follows:

Webcam Bookings (without audio) = £1.00 per min.
One way cam Bookings (you cam only) = £1.00 per min.
Webcam Bookings with audio = £1.30 per min.
Phone Chat Bookings = £1.50 per min.
Phone Chat with Webcam Bookings = £2.00 per min.
Instant Messenger Bookings = £0.80 per min.

The minimum booking length for all sessions is 10 mins. Tribute is required for all types of session and can be paid via Paypal or Amazon Gift Certificate. Tribute MUST be paid in advance.

If you wish to book a session with Me today, then you may email Me using the email address below:

A Word About Financial Blackmail

Financial Blackmail is NOT for the weak-hearted. Neither is it for those who want to give it a go on a whim. It is a serious business. It is for those who want to be fully owned by their Mistress. For those who will give up every scrap of information about themselves willingly - or pay the price.

A lot of "submissives" go into Financial Blackmail with their eyes closed - "oh She won't really want all that information", "I'll just dip my toe in and see if She's serious," or "it's just a game for me." Wrong!

When I say I will make you pay for not giving up your darkest secrets I mean it. That is why I will only take applications from those who are SERIOUS about Financial Blackmail, who understand exactly what it entails and why they should go into it with their eyes open.

So how do you prove you are serious? Well the answer is simple. If you are willing to pay an initial tribute, that proves to Me that you are serious. If you are willing to give all the information I demand, that proves to Me you are serious.

If you just want to send Me pictures of certain parts of your anatomy, whilst keeping your private information close to your chest, that proves to Me that you're a loser who's trying to waste My time. So don't do it.

I'll make this clear - for the benefit of those who are unsure - serious applicants for Financial Blackmail will be expected to pay an initial tribute of £25.00 BEFORE I consider putting them to good use. No pay = no play.

It's up to you really. Do you really know what you're letting yourself in for?

If you do, then you may contact Me using the email address below. If you don't, then I suggest you move along.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Online Slaves Required.

I am currently seeking Online Slaves to serve Me via webcam and instant messenger. We will communicate via Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger, whichever method you prefer.

You will be expected to serve Me at least 2 or 3 times per month, for a minimum of 10 minutes each time. Each session will be centred around your particular kinks and fetishes. You will receive instructions to carry out while I watch/listen and at the end of the session you MAY be rewarded with relief - only if you have obeyed and pleased Me.

Tribute will be required for each an every session and is payable in POUNDS STERLING via Amazon GC or Paypal.

If you feel you are capable of serving a strong and demanding Mistress such as Myself, then you may visit out My online application form using the link below.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Taking Bookings Thursday 3 October.

I will be taking Cam, Phone and Instant Messenger bookings today Thursday 3 October. We will communicate via Skype and Yahoo Instant Messenger. Tribute is always required for bookings in the form of Amazon Gift Certificates and Paypal.

If you wish to book a session with Me today, you may email Me personally using the address below.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

All Subs Must Read This!

Here is a very interesting article from Dr Sue and I expect ALL of you to read this. I will not listen to nor tolerate your excuses!

One-Way Cam Sessions Now Available!

I am re-introducing an old favourite for when I am not personally able to appear on cam.

From today, one-way cam sessions will be available. This means I will be able to see you on cam but you won't be able to see Me.

One way cam sessions can be with or without audio and are priced from £1 per min, (minimum booking length 10 mins). I am of course still offering cam2cam, but these sessions are available when I cannot offer cam2cam.

If you wish to book a one-way cam session with Me, you may email Me using the link below:

Email Slaves Wanted.

I currently have 2 vacancies for Email Slaves.

The life of an email slave is for those who feel they are not quite ready to take the leap into webcam/phone training, and these assignments can be completed offline and in your own time.

You will receive assignments detailing a set of tasks for you to complete. Each task will be catered to your particular kinks and fetishes. You will be expected to complete each task by a deadline set. Fines will incurred for those who do not meet these deadlines.

On completion of said tasks, you will be expected to provide a written report, together with photographic evidence of you completing each task. These photographs may be published in My website subject to your agreement.

Email assignments are generally sent out once per week, and you have a deadline of 5 days in which to complete them. You must complete them to a high standard and ensure each and every task is completed. Failure to complete your assignment in its entirety WILL result in severe punishment.

Tribute is always required for Email Assignments. You may pay for a single assignment at a rate of £6 per each assignment, or a block of 6 assignments for £36.00. Payment is via Amazon Gift Certificate or Paypal, which ever method you prefer.

If you feel you have what it takes to serve Me in this manner, you may get in touch using the email address below.

Cuntweasle's Centenary.

Cuntweasle is only 2 weeks away from receiving the milestone of 100 email assignments, and I intend to mark this occasion in a variety of special ways. I have been spending time going over all of his previous completed assignments and making notes of which has been making him tick and what has seriously humiliated him. Let's just say I have a few surprised on My sleeve for him.

Cuntweasle - you should be afraid - very afraid!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Ironic Punishments

October sees the start of some new punishments for all you naughty subs out there. Now I'm a great believer that the punishment should fit the crime, so from tomorrow I will be introducing what I like to call "Ironic Punishments."

How it works, is you will be punished in a method that directly relates to your offence. So for example, if you have been sniffing panties without My permission, you will have those panties taped to your face for as long as I decide. If you have been wanking that pathetic little dick too much, you will be forced to wank it continuously for as long as I decide - no matter how painful it is.

Now I intend to thoroughly enjoy dishing out these punishments, and I have a suspicion that they are going to be a lot of fun - for Me that is. Your fun doesn't even enter into the equation. Since when is a punishment supposed to be fun?

Do you feel you deserve to be punished? Have you behaved in a way that is unacceptable to a lowly slave like yourself? Then you had better get in touch and confess your crimes, and a suitable Ironic Punishment will be decided!