Friday, 4 July 2014


Tomorrow (Saturday), I will be taking webcam bookings via Skype from 2.30pm until 5.30pm.

On offer will be ass worship, Guided Masturbation, Heads or Tails, Fetish Exploration, Humiliation, Sissy Training, Anal Training, CBT (Genital Torture) and Foot Worship.

Skype sessions are priced at £1.30 per min which includes two way cam and audio. Tribute to be made via Amazon UK Gift Card in advance. (Paypal is accepted at My discretion.)

To book, simply visit the link below and fill out the simple form to reserve your place.

Power Does Not Bare All....

A genuine submissive knows and understands why Mistress doesn't get naked. He respects this and has a full understanding of what it means.

And yet for some "submissives" (I used the term very loosely here), the penny still hasn't dropped...

There are good reasons why Mistress doesn't bare Her flesh to Her subs; and it has nothing to do with being prude or feeling that I have a need to hide Myself away.

The fact is, Mistress is like the crown jewels; you can see them, but you can't touch them. And you can't get in close. The jewels are shielded by tough glass. You want it - but you can't have it.

The same goes for My body. While I wear revealing outfits, which give a sense of what is underneath; what you really want remains covered - and it always will. Mistress is above you; She is powerful, and She doesn't need to bare Her flesh to prove that power. Her power comes from the mind; the biggest erogenous zone in the human body.

From a submissive point of view; when we are naked, we are showing our vulnerabilities. Our bodies are on display - we have absolutely nothing to hide. Have you ever had a dream where you are naked in public? Remember the shame of that? That is what it is like for a submissive. Secondly, being naked when your Owner is fully clothed is very erotic to somebody with a submissive nature. It reinforces the power, and the status of the Owner. Mistress remains covered up, while Her slave is stripped of any "protection". It reinforces a slave's vulnerability, thus rendering him completely powerless and at the will of another. It heightens the sense that he has given up control to his Owner. When Mistress instructs you to peel away your clothes, this is actually a metaphor - She also wants you to peel away the layers that cover your soul. She is telling you to give yourself to Her completely, shielding nothing away from Her eyes.

In My time, I have seem a few "Dommes" getting naked and even playing with themselves for the entertainment of their Slaves. That again doesn't happen in My sessions. Why would I want to share My sexuality with somebody under My command? Why would I be naked and masturbating, thus bringing Myself down to the level of My slave? If both slave and Myself are naked and mutually masturbating, then we are equal. But in a Domme/sub relationship, there is no equality - one is the Controller whilst the other is controlled.

During My Ass Worship sessions, I still remain clothed. Yes, if I feel the slave is worthy; I will strip down to My thong - but that is it. What slave really wants remains covered by a tiny piece of material. I know exactly what he wants - he wants to see what he truly wishes to worship. But by denying him of that, I am adding to the excitement. He has to IMAGINE what it would be like to see it - using his mind to add to his excitement. He knows that Mistress teasing him but denying him at the same time. I can make him beg for it - but I will never give in. This always leaves slave wanting more.

To Me; dominating My slaves is not about sexual gratification - and I hate to burst the bubble for the un-enlightened subs out there, but sex as far as I'm concerned, doesn't come into it. Yes, I may get excited when watching a slave ride a dildo for Me. But to Me, as far as slave is concerned; it is a psychological power-trip. Slave is doing as he's told. I'm demonstrating My power and control over him. He knows he has to do whatever I tell him, and he does it. It's that I enjoy most of all - the fact that I am in full control of another.

I have boys who say they want to fuck Me. A true submissive knows first an foremost NEVER to say such a ridiculous thing. Why would Mistress fuck somebody who is not Her equal? Why would Mistress give Herself to Her slave, and satisfy his own selfish needs? Remember; serving a Dominatrix is not about you. It is about the Dominatrix. If you're not worthy of being Mistress' equal - you can bet your life you'll NEVER be worthy of sharing something so intimate as having sex with Her.

The Domme/sub relationship is always very complex. Two people entering into an agreement; both having different agendas. Mistress has Her agenda - to make you submit and obey. Slave has his agenda - to receive the sexual gratification he craves. But very quickly that agenda is forgotten, and he serves to the agenda of his Mistress. Only when he has thoroughly pleased Mistress will his agenda be remember....

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mistress is doing Her bit for charity!

I have some news for you all!

Some of you will be aware that I am a keen philanthropist and in the last few days, I have made some important decisions.

On 22nd September this year, I will have My very last cigarette. That's right, I am giving up smoking (yes I smoke, but not indoors, which is why you don't see Me smoke on cam.).

Not only am I giving up smoking, but I plan to be sponsored for this, and will be creating a blog specially dedicated for this effort, with photographs showing My progress.

The money I raise from this will be going to a charity of My choice - in this case being Michael's Dream Foundation - which raises funds to help sick children around the world.

Secondly, and this is another reason why I have made the decision to give up smoking; I intend to take part in the Race For Life, to raise money for Cancer Research UK. So after I've quit the cigs, hard training will begin to ensure My fitness levels are up to speed, ready for Me to take part in My first 5K run. Should I be successful (and I will be), the next event will be the 10K run again, raising funds for Cancer Research.

I have chosen some running so I may begin My training, which are on My wishlist. Who wants to help Me to do this by purchasing these shoes for Me?

So, boys and girls - get behind Me, support Me and lets make a difference to children and for those affected by cancer. This is something VERY important to Me and I hope it will be important to you too!!

Sunday, 29 June 2014


I will be available for Skype and Yahoo bookings this coming week at the following times:








To book a Skype or Yahoo session during these times, you may email Me via the address below:

"Traditional Punishments"

Sometimes, the more traditional punishments are the most effective...