Saturday, 7 June 2014


I have My first video for sale boys in the Cristal Domme Shop! You will be able to enjoy 5 minutes of Me teasing you with My ass, shaking it around as I strip it down to just skin! Oh I know you're going to enjoy this naughty little clip.

All you need to do is visit the link below and follow the instruction to purchase. Once payment is received, it will be sent to you via email for you to enjoy!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Game of Chance - For your pleasure!

I have a new game and this is to keep all you wank obsessed losers in check!

In the game, whether or not you wank is solely dependent up on a game of chance. I flip a coin and heads - you get to wank, tails, you go without. But it doesn't stop there. Oh no, I made it much more interesting than that!

All in all I flip the coin a further 10 times. If it lands on heads, you get to wank fast. If it lands on tails, you have to wank very very slowly - frustrating much? You bet!

But to add a further cruel twist, the 10th time will determine whether or not you get to cum. I will flip the coin a final time and if it lands on heads - you get to cum. If it lands on tails, you go without! Yes, that's right, you with-hold your cum, because the coin has spoken!

So are you lucky or not? Let's find out shall we? 

What missed yesterday...will you miss it today?

Now if you had booked a webcam session with Me yesterday; you would have been treated to this!

So what will you be treated to today?

I will be available for cam bookings on Skype from 2.30pm GMT. Bookings are priced at £1.30 per minute, minimum booking length 10 minutes. Tribute is via E Gift Card only.

So be quick, and send your booking request to the email address below:

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Treat Mistress to a sexy latex catsuit!

Just imagine how good I would look in this very sexy catsuit. You would see Me dressed in it, on webcam, rolling around on My bed, enticing you to come and worship My latex clad body while you almost burst with excitement! Imagine how sexy My curvy ass would look, as I bend over for you to see it. Imagine My huge breasts almost bursting to get out of this second skin!

If you want to see this, then you need to purchase this for Me from My Amazon wishlist via the link below. And the lucky boy who purchases it, will receive a signed photo of Me wearing their gift! So what are you waiting for boys? Get buying!

Wanker's Wednesday Cam Bookings Available.

It's Wanker's Wednesday!

That means I will be taking Guided Masturbation cam bookings via Skype from 2.30pm until 5.30pm GMT today.

Cam bookings are priced at £1.30 per minute, payable via E Gift Card. This price includes audio and two-way cam. Tribute is to be made in advance.

If you wish to book, you should email Me via the address below, stating the length of time you wish to book for.

Little Dicks.....

The word "cock" doesn't apply to you "little" boy....

Monday, 2 June 2014

Masturbation Monday Cam Bookings Available!

It's Masturbation Monday!

I will be taking Guided Masturbation bookings via skype from 2.30pm until 5pm. Bookings are priced at £1.30 per minute and this includes two way cam and audio. Tribute may only be made via E Gift Card.

To book, you should email Me via the address below, stating the length of time you wish to book for!