Saturday, 24 May 2014


So it would seem that Collar Me is no more - at least for the time being.

I can't say that I'm surprised really. I mean I've had a few slaves come from there, but in the last few years, I really have seen a serious decline in the quality of people on that site.

If I'm honest, I spend more time blocking idiots, than I do responding to the few genuine subs who message Me.

I have also NEVER liked that fact that a lot of the Collar Me users are downright rude to Professional Dommes like Myself. It's like we truly are lepers, even though we are simply providing a service to those who want it, and earning a living at the same time.

Personally, I shall not miss Collar Me. If anything, the demise of the whole thing really as done us a favour - less time-wasters and attention-seekers to bother us.

I have to say though, reading the post from the owner of the Collar Me domain, I'm not sure I agree with her methods. While it is clear that she has been treated very badly, there are ways to do this. Yes, you can take down the domain, until you receive the monies owed to you BUT airing your dirty laundry in public; like she has done. No, that's not the way to do things.

Whatever is going on with her and her colleagues, bringing it into the public eye in the way she has will not do her any favours. I personally have been conned by former business partners in the past, but you deal with it in a professional manner. You don't lay it out there for all to see. You maintain your DIGNITY, otherwise people start to question your professionalism - and judging from some of the comments on her post, I'd say that's already happening.

I wish her well. I hope her situation is resolved. But if Collar Me doesn't return (I strongly doubt it will), then I won't be losing any sleep at night....

Friday, 23 May 2014


Mistress will be available for webcam bookings throughout the whole of the bank holiday weekend, at the following times:




To book your sessions, you should email Me via the address below:


I am currently taking applications from slaves who wish to serve Me on a long-term basis, via phone, webcam and email.

You will be expected to serve Me on a weekly basis, by any of the aforementioned methods. You should be genuinely submissive, and able to please Me by obeying My every whim.

You will be aged 21 or over and understand what it takes to serve a Genuine Dominatrix like Myself. You will understand that to serve Me is about Me - and you don't even fit into the equation. You will also understand that you are expected to go above and beyond in order to please Me and thus earn reward.

If you feel you may be worth of My consideration; then you may email Me via the address below. You should include a brief but HONEST description of your fetishes/kinks and WHY you feel I should consider you.

If I feel you may be worthy, I will respond by sending you a Slave Application form, for you to complete and return to Me at your earliest convenience.

However, if I feel you are simply going to be a waste of My time, then your email will be ignored. You have once chance to convince Me, and once chance only. Make it count!

Fetish Friday Cam Bookings.

It's Fetish Friday!

That means I will be taking webcam bookings via Skype in order to permit you to explore your fetish with Me.

Webcam bookings will be accepted from 2.30pm until 5pm (GMT) and are priced at £1.30 per min (minimum booking length 10 minutes). This prices includes two-way cam and audio. Tribute may be made via Paypal or AmazonUK E Gift Card.

Whatever your fetish, as long as it is within My limits, I will be happy to explore it with you.

To book, you should email Me via the address below. You should state the length of time you wish to book for, as well as a brief description of the fetish you wish to explore.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hot In Body-Stocking...

When the weather is hot, as it has been of late, I like to dress down a little bit - this is how I dressed on Sunday...

Aren't you gutted you missed out???


It's Wankers Wednesday!

Yes, today you wank-obsessed little boys will be permitted to masturbate - under My instruction of course!

I will be offering Guided Masturbation sessions via Skype from 2.30pm today. All newbies will start at Level 1. Seasoned wankers will moved on to the level of their choice.

More details about My Guided Masturbation sessions are available via the link below:

Prices for sessions are as stated below:

Guided Masturbation Level 1 - (10 minutes) - £13.00

Guided Masturbation Level 2 -  (15 minutes) - £20.00

Guided Masturbation Level 3 - (20 minutes) - £26.00

Guided Masturbation Level 4 - (30 minutes) - £40.00

Tribute for all sessions is to be made via AmazonUK E Gift Card in ADVANCE. To book your sessions, you should email Me via the address below:

Monday, 19 May 2014


It's Masturbation Monday!

This means I will be offering Guided Masturbation sessions via Skype from 2.30pm until 5.30pm.  Whether you're a newbie or an advanced wanker, you will enjoy listening to My instructions as you learn new and exciting ways of self-play, on a variety of different levels! Sessions are via webcam (two way cam) with audio included so you can see and hear Me at the same time!

Want to know more about My Guided Masturbation sessions? Then visit the link below.

Prices for Guided Masturbation sessions are as follows:

Level 1 - duration 10 minutes - £13.00

Level 2 - duration 15 minutes - £20.00

Level 3 - duration 20 minutes - £26.00

Level 4 - duration 30 minutes - £40.00

Masturbation Monday sessions should be booked via email to the address below. Tribute is via AmazonUK E Gift Card in advance of the session. To book, you should email Me stating which Guided Masturbation session you require - ALL NEWBIES START AT LEVEL 1!