Saturday, 17 May 2014


So, it's Sadistic Saturday...

That means there will be lots of this....

A fair bit of this....

And I will especially enjoy inflicting this....

So what are you waiting for? Get those #Skype bookings in NOW to:

Friday, 16 May 2014


Tomorrow is Sadistic Saturday and I will be taking cam bookings via Skype and Yahoo.

Sadistic Saturday means I will be REALLY making you suffer. You will endure pain and humiliation for My pleasure and enjoyment. You will beg for mercy of which there will be none. And you will do all of this because I demand it!

Your ass will be whipped, your balls slapped, your cock pegged and you will endure every single second of it. The more you scream, the more sadistic I will become, until you completely give yourself over to My every sadistic whim.

To book your Sadistic Saturday cam session, you should email Me via the address below. Sessions are priced at £1.30 per minute (minimum booking length 10 minutes) and are to be paid via Amazon UK Gift Card only.

In your initial contact, you should tell Mistress a little about the area of sadism you wish to explore along with details of any equipment you have available to bring to the session.

Freebie-Hunters are NOT welcome.

Some days, the freebie hunters on AdultWork do annoy Me. It's like they think I hatched yesterday with their blatant attempts to get a free session, and the countless excuses I hear are pathetic. If I had £1 for every time I've heard the words "open my cam in free Miss, to see if it works!" I'd be a very rich woman.

Today I've had them all. The "can I hear your voice in free to see if you're real?" and the "can you see me on cam to first miss?" The answer is NO - you can't!

Let's get one thing straight here boys. My attention is NOT FREE, be it via private Skype booking or via AdultWork. If you want to see Me in cam, you PAY FOR IT. You don't sit there, expecting everything for free, because you'll be sitting there a long-ass time!

I have free preview on via AdultWork for a couple of hours a day. It is there for you to introduce yourself and give Mistress an idea of what you wish to explore. It is not there for you to abuse and demand a freebie. If you can't use it for it's purpose then stay away - I will kick you out if you can't use it properly.

My rules are simple; NO PAY = NO PLAY!

Remember that!


Twitter Bitch has been dismissed from his post with immediate effect. Why? Because not only did he write self-serving tweets BEGGING for comments on My recent post about him, but when I gave him punishment he argued about it.

This is NOT the way to behave when you're under My jurisdiction. Yes I am unpredictable - this is what My slaves enjoy about Me. I make the rules and you follow them -WITHOUT ANY ARGUMENT.

You have no rights with Me. Your opinion doesn't even come into the equation. Whining about it "not being fair" doesn't impress Me. Since when is serving a strict Domme like Me about being fair? If you don't like it, don't serve - it's as simple as that.

And when I am giving you a lot of FREE attention; to argue and do things with your own selfish needs in mind shows Me that you are not the right slave for Me. When I take you on, whether it be for servitude in the usual way or servitude by promoting Me, you should see this as an honour, particularly in the case of the latter. I don't HAVE to take you on. You don't have Me over a barrel, and threats to "resign as My bitch" will only result in Me dismissing you and blocking you immediately. I will NOT be emotionally blackmailed. Serving Me is about ME, NOT you!

Now with this being said, I do have a position available for a new twitter bitch who has his priorities in the right order; Me, My promotion, My website, My AdultWork page, My NiteFlirt page, My Wishlist - and him, well he doesn't enter into it.

If you please Me, if you go above and beyond in an unselfish manner, you will receive a certain amount of My attention. If you try and turn it around so it's about you, then expect to be dismissed like the last one has. Make no mistake; I don't suffer fools lightly and I've been around long enough to know a fool when I see one.

So if you think you can work to My rules and not yours, then you may get in touch via the email address below. You should make your email like a proposal of what you can do for Me in terms of promotion and marketing. In short, you should tell Me why I should consider you for this very honoured position. Any emails which are about your needs and not Mine WILL be ignored, as will you.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Summer Wardrobe Awaits You!

Summer has finally arrived and if reports are to be believed, we're in for a very HOT summer!

Now to celebrate this, and also the fact that thanks to hard work, I've lost 4 stone and now have a slim, sexy and curvy body, I have added a few "Summer Wardrobe" items to My wishlist.

I'm not buying them Myself though. As a Goddess as well as a Dominatrix, I exist to be worshipped with your gifts to Me. And My summer wardrobe items is a very good place to start.

So if you really want to please Me and gain My attention, I suggest you start treating Me now! 

TwitterBitch pops his cherry.

Under My instruction, My twitterbitch has been made to pop his anal cherry. As you can see, he has popped it rather well! And now he's under instructions to wear his plug, every other day for 10 minutes at a time. He doesn't realise it yet, but this is getting him ready to be a slut. Pretty soon, he'll be bouncing up and down on a massive dildo!


Tomorrow is Fetish Friday and that means I will be taking cam bookings via Skype and Yahoo to enable you to explore your fetish with Me. Whether you're into leather, pvc, pain or even sticky tape, the sky is the limit. More the more obscure the fetish, the better!

To book your Fetish cam session tomorrow, you should email Me via the address below. Sessions are priced at £1.30 per minute, which includes two-way cam and audio, and are to be paid via Amazon E Gift card only. The minimum booking length for all cam sessions is 10 minutes.

In your booking request, you should state the length of time you wish to book for and a brief description of the fetish you wish to explore. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Cucks & humiliation faggots don't want to miss this!

Cuckolds and humiliation faggots are going to love My latest Phone Domination entry! It's very very HOT!


After a restful day off yesterday, I'm pleased to say I will be back and taking webcam bookings today via Skype and Yahoo!

Today is a follow on from Masturbation Monday in that it is "Wankers Wednesday"! That means that Guided Masturbation sessions will be available.

Bookings are priced at £1.30 per minute, the minimum booking length being 10 minutes. This price includes cam to cam and audio. Tribute for these sessions can only be made via Amazon UK E Gift Card.

To book, you should email Me via the address below, stating the length of time you wish to book for and a brief description of what you wish to explore. 

Monday, 12 May 2014


I don't normally do this, but the kidnapping of approx 230 young girls by terrorist group Boko Haram has made My blood boil. And what has made My blood boil even more, is leader Abubaka "shit-stain" Shekau grinning like a Cheshire cat, as those poor girls are paraded on video, some of them seemingly forced to convert from Christianity to Islam.

And as if My blood could get any more past boiling point, is that fact that the shit-stain is stating that they are slaves and they will be sold as slaves.

I got news for you fuck-face! They are NOT slaves - they are innocent little girls - GIVE THEM BACK!!

So, until those girls are returned safe and sound to their devastated families, the picture below will be My twitter profile picture - yes I am prepared to sacrifice part of My promotion attempts because I am utterly outraged at this situation.

Will you do the same? Will you show solidarity for those girls and give a big middle finger to Boko Haram? Let's to it and tell those bastards to #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS!

Twitter Bitch Likes Cream In His Coffee!

Following on from My twitter bitch's punishment, where he appeared here, for public humiliation as well as abstaining from masturbation for the whole weekend, he has now been allowed to have his release. At a price of course! He added a little "cream" to his coffee.

He did admit that it still tasted strong despite the strength of the coffee. But as I reminded him, his "cream" has been allowed to age in his pathetic little balls!

He did slip up again yesterday though. After I had tweeted that AdultWork free preview was open, but abusing it was not, he had the audacity to ask if he could come and say hello in free preview - meaning he would receive My attention for free, see Me on cam for free thus abusing the free chat service. So here is another humiliating picture from him, as he apologises for disrespecting Me so. He knows what will happen if he slips up again - he will go a whole week without wanking his little worm!


It's Masturbation Monday!

That means I will be taking Skype and Yahoo bookings for boys who wish to explore some very intense Guided Masturbation with Me.

If you are new to this service, you will start off with Guided Masturbation Level 1, which will see new techniques of self-pleasure. You will need lube (if possible), but nothing else.

Guided Masturbation Level 2 introduces even more techniques with the external prostate massage. You will learn to find and stimulate the male g-spot, under My instruction, which will lead to a mind-blowing orgasm - I guarantee you will be addicted! Lube is definitely required.

And finally Guided Masturbation Level 3 will see you introducing various toys to your self-pleasure. This will include internal prostate massage via the anus, and if you have one, a vibrating toy such as a butt-plug, prostate massager or even a vibrator. You can even use a vibrating egg or bullet on your balls or male g-spot. Lube is mandatory.

To book your place for Masturbation Monday, you should email Me via the link below. Prices are as follows:

Guided Masturbation Level 1 (duration 10 minutes) - £13.00.

Guided Masturbation Level 2 (duration 15 minutes) - £20.00

Guided Masturbation Level 3 (during 30 minutes) - £40.00

Payment for these sessions is to be made via Amazon UK Gift Card ONLY. These prices include cam to cam and audio and tribute must be made in advance.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Aaah, another Sunday is upon us and you know what that means, don't you boys? It means it's time for Sunday Confessional!

For those who are in the dark about Sunday Confessional; today is your chance to report to Confession, to tell Mistress all about the bad behaviour you have committed over the past week. I will listen to your shame and ask you highly humiliating questions about your behaviour and you will be expected to tell Me every single detail.

Once your confession is finished, the punishment will begin. I believe that the punishment should fit the crime, so if you have been wanking without permission, expect to have your disgusting little worm punished very painfully. If you have been sniffing dirty panties, you'll be wearing them while I humiliate you. And if you have whoring yourself to all and sundry, then expect to have your arse abused with the biggest dildo you can find!

Punishments aren't just physical either. For those who feel they should be punished financially, that will also happen. Perhaps I will order you to buy My silence about your behaviour. Or I'll make you pay Me as you beg for your pleasure. Either way, I'm sure I'll enjoy it...

Sunday Confessional is available with Me via Skype. Sessions are priced at £1.30 per minute to include two way cam and audio. (Minimum booking length is 10 minutes). Tribute for sessions is to be made via Gift card.

To book, you should email Me via the address below:

In addition, Sunday Confessional will also be available via Adultwork, through DirectCam, DirectChat and pre-booked webcam (carried out via Skype). You should visit the link below and add Me to your AdultWork hotlist to see when I am available.

And if that wasn't enough, My dedicated NiteFlirt line will also be open for you to get your behaviour off your chest. Calls are charged at $2.00 per minute and lines will be open from 2.30pm GMT. More details about My line are available below.

So you see, there really is no way you can escape your dues!