Saturday, 3 May 2014

Email Slave Poetry!

My poetry slave has been getting creative again! ;-)

I am currently taking slave applications
For training to meet My expectations
All assignments will be only via email
Contact Me for information and detail
A weekly assignment set to complete
Strict requirements you will need to meet
From genital torture to a written review
Humiliation and sissy tasks to name but a few
Your tasks ranging from easy to difficult
How sadistic I feel will affect the result
You must meet the deadline that is sent
Or you will receive a fine and punishment
Submitting all photo evidence and a diary
Genuine applicant may make an enquiry!


It's Sexy Saturday which means I will be offering webcam bookings today via Skype and Yahoo. You will see Me in rubber and leather, bringing you to your knees, ready to worship My leather boots - IF you can prove yourself worthy that is!

Webcam bookings are priced at £1.30 per minute, with a minimum booking length of 10 minutes. This price includes two-way webcam and audio if you desire. Bookings can only be paid for via E Gift Card.

To book for today, you should email Me via the address below, stating the length of booking you wish to make, along with a brief description of what you wish to explore. It's a bank holiday weekend boys - so book quickly before I get too busy!

Buy Now Facility Available!

It is now even easier to purchase things like Email Assignments, My Skype And Yahoo ID's and Personal Items from Me!

After a great deal of research and speaking with a fellow Domme, you can now purchase these items via Paypal, simply by clicking on the item you wish to purchase! I will still be taking E Gift cards for bookings and initial tributes (in the case of Financial Domination), but for everything else, Paypal is an added option for you.

In all cases, once you have made your purchase, you will still need to email Me via the address below. If you are purchasing Email Assignments and Skype/Yahoo ID's I will need your email address to enable to Me to send these items to you. Where you are purchasing Email Assignments, you will need to give Me a brief run down of your kinks and fetishes as well as any limits you may have. I will also need details of any health concerns/medical history - SAFE PLAY IS A MUST!

For the purchase of Personal Items such as used thongs, stockings and tights, I will need you to email Me with your delivery address details so I can send these items to you. Thongs, stockings, socks and tights are worn to order for a full 12 hours. Toe nail clippings are available every 2 weeks (I have very slow-growing toenails!)

As before, there are NO REFUNDS given. Once you have purchased, you have purchased.

For details of what I have for sale at the moment, you should visit the link below:

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Email Slaves Required.

I am currently taking applications from slaves who wish to serve Me via Email.

Email Training means each week you will receive an Assignment which will contain a set of tasks for you to complete. These tasks can range from genital torture, humiliation, writing assignments, corporal punishment and sissy tasks to name but a few. Some will be easy tasks and some will be difficult tasks, depending on how sadistic I'm feeling!

As you complete each task, you will be expected to provide photographic evidence. Subject to your permission, these photographs can then be posted on My website for My readers to see - very humiliating for slaves who love the squirm!

Throughout each Assignment, I will expect you keep a diary of carrying out each task. You will be given a deadline by which to complete this Assignment, which you MUST keep to, or you will punished physically and/or financially. Once the deadline is reached, you will be expected email all photographic evidence and your Assignment diary for My review.

Email Assignments are priced at £6 each or £36 for a block of six weekly Assignments. They are sent out each weekend, giving you 5 days to complete. Tribute for Assignments may only be made via AmazonUK E Gift Card. This method of servitude is perfect for those who are not yet ready to take the leap into webcam or phone domination.

To apply to serve Me via Email you should email Me via the address below, stating WHY you feel Email Training is for you and WHY you feel I should consider you. If you first contact pleases Me, I will send you an Application Form to complete and begin the application process.


  1. You will be expected to acknowledge receipt of each assignment within 24 hours or you will be fined £5.
  2. You MUST send in your assignment by the deadline set or you will be fined £5 for each day it is late.
  3. You MUST complete your assignment in it's entirety or you will be severely punished and/or fined.
  4. You MUST state if you wish your photos to be published on My website.

Fetish Friday Cam Bookings - Friday 2nd May.

Tomorrow is Friday, which means it is Fetish Friday!

I will be taking cam and phone bookings tomorrow via Skype and Yahoo, between the hours of 2pm and 5.30pm GMT. You will be able to confess and explore your fetish with Me for £1.30 per min via webcam and £1 per minute via phone chat.

Tribute for these sessions may only be made via E Gift Card. Sorry, but I do not accept Paypal now or in the future.

Fridays are notoriously busy, and already I have two bookings, so you need to be quick before I become fully booked!

Email your booking request to, stating the length of time you wish to book for, and a brief outline of what you wish to explore.

Thursday Funnies!

Fuck you Daisy! This ice-cream is MINE!!!

And if Daisy & Cooper were human....

Damn Willy Wonka is gonna be so pissed....

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cam Sessions Available Today!

Yes boys, I'm back on cam today - eager to bring you to your knees and have you submit to Me in every way! I will be wearing rubber and leather, teasing you with My sexy painted toe nails, My boots, My cleavage and My very sexy rubber clad ass - and you will BEG to enjoy it!

My Skype and Yahoo will be open for bookings this afternoon. Cam sessions are priced at £1.30 per minute, tribute via E Gift Card - in ADVANCE. Minimum booking length is 10 minutes.

I will also be offering Guided Masturbation cam sessions for those who wish to learn new techniques of solo pleasure - lube is optional, but definitely recommended. And for the brave; The Cum Challenge is also available!

So get those bookings in boys, by email to!

Poetic Guided Masturbation!

Following on from My Guided Masturbation post, an admirer decided to send this poem as an ode to Me!

The self-proclaimed Queen of Guided Masturbation
The common past-time of the male generation
My sessions are popular, you will quickly learn
Experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm in return
Learning techniques of using both hands
Teasing and stroking as you follow My commands
Finding out your dick is not the only erogenous zone
As you achieve solo-pleasure while home all alone
It is even more explosive when you find your g-spot
Guaranteeing you greater pleasure you had forgot
My clients have always been completely blown away
So book your session and do it Mistress Cristal's Way!

Now I couldn't have put this better Myself ;-)

Monday, 28 April 2014


The start of a new week means the start of a new Application process and this will apply to all new applicants who wish to serve Me.

From today, the ONLY way to apply to serve Me will be via email to This means that you if you have a genuine desire to serve via webcam, phone or email, you should send a brief, but respectful email to Me.

This email should contain details of WHY you wish to serve Me in particular and WHY you feel I should consider you.

If your first email impresses Me, I will send you an application form to fill out. You will use this form to detail all of your kinks and fetishes, your limits, any health issues, details of how you wish to serve and how often and how you will be prepared to tribute. On completion, you will then send the application form back  to Me, via email.

I will then review your application. If it pleases Me, I will then invite you to a 10 minute text chat interview via Skype or Yahoo. Before the interview takes place, you will be expected to pay a tribute of £5 for access to My Skype or Yahoo ID. This is to deter time-wasters and should you be successful, you will receive this off your first webcam booking.

There will be no cam or voice. Just instant messenger. And the interview will last NO LONGER THAN 10 minutes. During the  interview, I will go through your application, asking for more information where needed as well as any other information I feel I desire in order to establish if you are suitable to serve. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions of Me.

Once the interview is completed, and depending on whether or not I feel you are suitable, I will then send you a Contract of Slavery to complete and return. Once returned, I will then expect your first booking request within 14 days. If you do not book, I shall assume you do not wish to serve, and you will be removed from My records accordingly.

This new process is designed not only for Me to establish how genuine you are, but for you to establish how genuine I am, and to get to know Me as your possible Owner. It is important that you feel comfortable in serving Me, as I should feel comfortable in training you.

So if you are ready to take the next step and feel you have something to offer, then you should email Me without delay!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Queen of Guided Masturbation - Yes I am!

Yes I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Guided Masturbation - not because I enjoy the title, (yes that is a good one), but because I do know how to get guys off - by themselves.

My Guided Masturbation sessions are very popular because you quickly learn that there are far more techniques out there than you ever dreamed possible. Forget just tugging on your dick until you cum. That's the old way of masturbation. The new ways is to learn different ways to stroke, to use BOTH hands, to tease and to learn that your dick is not the only erogenous zone in your body.

My favourite method of teaching a guy that solo-pleasure can be even more explosive is through the male g-spot massage. Yes, men have one too - and it's far easier to find than it is on a woman! With the male g-spot; no sat-nav is required. It's there, and within reach - you just have to learn how to massage it. And when you do learn how, I guarantee you will cum so hard, your toes will curl!

In the Guided Masturbation sessions I've done in the past; My clients have been completely blown away at the intensity of pleasure they have experienced and many have come back for more. When you learn that there is more than one way to experience pure euphoria, you become addicted!

So forget the old way of jacking off - and learn how to do it differently - how to prolong the pleasure until it builds to a white-hot explosion. I'm not the Queen of Guided Masturbation for nothing!


I am very pleased to announce that from Wednesday 30th April, I will be back in business, offering cam shows via AdultWork, NiteFlirt, Skype and Yahoo. I will also be offering phone chat via NiteFlirt, AdultWork and Skype.

Webcam sessions with Me via Skype and Yahoo are priced at £1.30 per minute. This price includes two-way cam and audio. The minimum booking length for all cam sessions is 10 minutes.

Phone chat sessions via Skype are priced at £1 per minute - and again the minimum booking length is 10 minutes.

Tribute for sessions can only be made via E Gift Card.

If you wish to book one of these sessions you should email Me via the address below, stating the length of booking you require and a brief description of what you wish to explore during the session.

You can of course, as previously mentioned; interact with Me via NiteFlirt and AdultWork - links to these are below.