Saturday, 22 July 2017


If you're reading this; then you've already accepted that you are indeed a wannabe sissy. Right now; you are likely a heterosexual man, who longs to get better acquainted with his feminine side. You may or may not have harboured any homosexual desires, or maybe you will be just a tiny bit curious about what it would be like to take cock instead of give it. It is likely that heterosexual sex hasn't worked out for you; since your little clit barely has any real use.


It is perfectly normal for you to feel this way, and the good news is that I am here to help you. What you really need in life, is some intensive sissy training in order to become fully feminised. Proper instruction is needed, in order to help you to become the sissy girl you truly are inside. You need to be fully transformed physically, emotionally and mentally in order to fulfil your true sissy potential

But what I want is to make you the best sissy you can be. You will in turn, be proud of being My sissy and you will enjoy feeling feminine. You will embrace each and every change I make to you, and you will live as the sissy girl you have long tried to ignore. 

There are many different types of sissy and in order to help you to decide which sissy you were made to be; I'm going to talk about the different ways you can indeed, get in touch with your feminine side.


It is likely that you still identify yourself as fully heterosexual, but at the same time, do feel very feminine in nature. You have always been curious as to what you would look like in a dress, but as yet, haven't managed to find the courage to try one on, let alone purchase one. Yet it is your dream to own a beautiful, pretty dress so that you can flounce about in it. You may or may not have gone so far as to steal your wife's underwear, just so that you can experience the delicate lace or silk next to your skin. You've found great enjoyment in this, and now you find yourself yearning for more. 

If you identify yourself as this type of sissy; then My intensive feminisation training will help you to ensure you have all the items of clothing you need, from underwear to outerwear, make up, shoes and wigs.


Your sex life up to date; has always been strictly heterosexual. But yet you have a curiosity of what it would be like to experience taking cock. You may even have watched gay porn and found yourself becoming extremely aroused. You might even have dabbled with some kinky anal play. You likely get excited at the thought of being forced to take cock; even though you consider yourself to be orienteered to women. You enjoy the thought of having a woman take control of your sex life, forcing you to suck cock and experience homosexual sex. 

If you identify yourself as this kind of sissy; then I can help you. I will train you in how you should present yourself as a sissy cum slut, how to please a man with your mouth and cunt and what your clit is and isn't for.


You have accepted what you really need to be and that is, that you need to be fully feminised and learn how to live, breathe and fuck as a woman. You probably already refer to your genitalia as a "clit" and realise that you don't deserve to fuck a woman. You know full well that the opportunity to be a real man, has passed you by and now you are left with no alternative. You realise that your "cock" no longer has any real purpose and deserves to be locked up permanently; and that the only sexual release you will ever receive, is from a slow painful drip-milk during anal penetration. 

You think about cock during the day and dream about cock at night. Your whole life revolves around your next hard cock-meat injection and you find yourself constantly aroused at the thought of making your holes readily available for any real man who wants to use you. 

With My Faggot Sissy training; I can help you to realise these dreams until you realise your long-term goal - coming out as a sissy faggot and spending the rest of your life living this way. You will want to shout your faggot sissy identity from the rooftops and you will proud of the good little cock-holster you have become. 

So which type of sissy are you? 

If you are interested in taking this side of you further; then you should be prepared to embrace the type of sissy you will eventually become. 

And I am here to help!

I will enjoy helping you to make this full transformation in your life be either permanently or only for "special" occasions. You will enjoy having somebody to guide your journey and help you to validate these secret feelings you have and help you to reach your goals.


This will be an intense program to help you to reach those goals you are already striving for. This will be online based and after you have joined; you will receive the following:

-A sissy questionnaire to help Me to determine where you are currently at in your sissy transformation.

- A personal sissy induction hypnosis to help you be prepared for the mental changes you are about to undergo and help open your mind how you will progress. 

-Email Assignments to help you to push you to the next step, so that you can feel your transition taking place naturally and at a pace you can manage.

-A weekly diary to be kept, in order for you and Myself to gauge how your transformation is coming along.

-Personal Email interaction to help cater your training for your specific needs. One to one cam sessions and phone chats will also be offered; at an additional expense, if you feel you would benefit from this.

But be aware that this training program will be taxing, physically and mentally. I will continually push you to ensure you reach your goals and it will indeed require some VERY hard work on your part. Indeed; what is the point in creating goals if you are not going to reach them? I will be hard, but I will be nurturing; I will be demanding but I will also be encouraging. This a journey we will BOTH share with your own personal goal in mind. 


Sissy Cock Sucking Training.

Chastity Training

Personal Body care.

Clothing Acquisition.

Sissy Mentality.

The cost of the Sissy Training Programme is £55 per month and begins once you sign up. This monthly charge can be cancelled in writing at any time. I will do everything I can to help you to realise your sissy dreams and become fully transformed into the sissy you want to be.

Sign up to the program by contacting Me via the link below:

You will receive your sissy questionnaire, upon receipt of your first monthly payment and the training will commence. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Chester Charles Bennington - 20 March 1976 - 20 July 2017.

It had to be done. Linkin Park is one of My favourite bands and I'm absolutely gutted to hear about the passing of Chester Bennington. Because words fail Me at this sad time; I'm going to quote a tribute from Dave Draiman - lead singer of another of My favourite bands - Disturbed.

" I remember Chester.

I remember my first exposure to him.

We were playing a show in Pittsburgh, I think (location doesn't really matter) and this new band, who's first single "One Step Closer", was ALL OVER the airwaves already, called Linkin Park, were opening for us. I remember thinking, "I wonder if they're from Chicago?" "linkin' park and all.."

I remember sitting in our dressing room and hear that song start during their set. It drew me out of the dressing room and I stood side stage and watched, in awe of his ferocity, precision and power. I walked back to the dressing room and I said to the guys; "uh oh....we'd better step up our game tonight, these guys are GOOD!"

I remember when the band, Warner Bros. Records label mates, came to say hello when we were shooting our music video for Prayer, also the same day I met the woman who was to become the love of my life...Lena.

I remember sharing a stage with them on Ozzfest, and although they were originally met with some boos and jeers by the often less than open minded metal crowd, Chester and co. were unfazed and mid-way through that tour, they had won the crowd over, and were kicking ass and taking names.

I remember doing a side run together at that time, and Chester caught me mind of making fun of him while I was getting some clothes from under the bus. I had my own little version of "Crawling" where I sung the opening line of the verse with my own lyric (JOKINGLY), "I don't know why I have to sing like such a hurts pussy...", not knowing that he was standing directly behind me listening!!!

I turned around and noticed he was there and turned white. "Um...sorry brother! I didn't mean anything by it! I have mad respect for you! Just playing around!", I said. To which he responded, "Well at least I actually sing, not just make noises like ooooh wah ah ah ah and ugh ugh!!! (laughing".
"You got me brother...," I said laughing, "much love."

I remember when us, Papa Roach and Linkin Park were all on a chartered jet together headed to The World Famous KROQ acoustic christmas show, or twisted acoustic christmas show, or weenie roast, or SOMETHING, and it was basically a contest of who could be the loudest, most drunk, and most obnoxious at the, and Chester and Jacoby were trying to outdo each other each minute, with me playing the part of the grumpy old man, trying to get some sleep in my seat, unsuccessful, because Chester and Jacoby kept accosting me every 5 minutes trying to get me to join!

I remember when I first met his family, his children, and saw what a loving father he was, and how much he adored them.

I remember when they got the lead track on the Transformers soundtrack (I was a little jealous,, I heard the track, saw it's copious usage in the film and said; "OK..THIS IS THE GAME CHANGER. They will now go from being nu-metal sensations, to global superstars,"..and they DID.

I remember him reaching out to me right after our performance of "The Sound of Silence" on Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco.

He said, "Dude! That was fucking amazing!!! I had no idea you could sing like that!!! Why don't you sing that way more often???!!"

I was humbled.

I remember talking to him just recently, right after the new record came out, and I told him that I hoped he didn't mind me saying how proud of him I was. That took great courage to break new ground stylistically for the band, and the song ("heavy") was a HUGE HOOK, and to pay no mind to the idiots out there who didn't get it.

AND I will always remember when I first heard of his passing today.

Lena and my son Sam were swimming outside, and the text chain began between my brothers in Disturbed and I about the horrible news. I remember feeling the hot stinging tears streaming down my face as I watched my wife and son playing, with a greater appreciation for them, and my life, than ever...SHOCKED, and in disbelief of what I had just been told.

I remember Chester Charles Bennington....

...I cherished and admired him...

...and for all the reasons listed above, and many more...

...I will never forget him."

- David Draiman.

Rest in Peace Chester...we'll miss you, buddy. 

Chasity Sub - BBC Muncher.

My pet Chastity Sub is progressing well with his feminisation training, so much so, that he is no longer referred as "male. SHE is now a compliant, feminised slut who is only too happy to obey every single command given to her.

She LOVES to be humiliated, particularly on social media and knows full well, that Mistress gets turned on from seeing her squirm. Indeed; by suffering humiliation, it truly is the ONLY way she can ever hope to please Me and I have no doubt that her obedience will continue, the more humiliated she is.

You see; chastity sub equates humiliation with arousal. Every time she is humiliated, she is aroused. But the fact that she is aroused; doesn't necessarily mean she gets to cum. She is currently in her 7th month of chastity and there is no end in sight. She has been ordered to tease herself for 5 hours per day; to produce as much pre-cum as she can, in order to fill an entire brandy glass. Naturally; this is indeed torture for her and she still remains locked; despite how frustrated she is.

Of course her frustration isn't eased with the multitude of embarrassing tasks I have her do. Recently; she has admitted that she gets turned on at the thought of sucking big black cock. So I thought it was time to get her ready for the real thing. She has recently taken delivery of a huge black dildo and below is a clip of her "enjoying" it.

Her previous attempts at sucking were simply not good enough and so I told her that if she valued the possibility of being given the chance to cum; she would ensure that those big, black rubber balls were pressed against her chin. What use is a slut who can't deep throat a black cock? The little darling spent the week practising and as finally managed to get her deep throat technique off to a fine art. Yes boys; she's now ready to be face-fucked, so form an orderly queue!

This week; she's practising her twerking technique. Her previous attempts left a lot to be desired, so she has been ordered to put in some intensive practice. Naturally; her chance of orgasm rests on this. I will be uploading said twerking clip, once I'm satisfied it is up to My high standard. I hope for the sake of her continued frustration, it is....

Thursday, 20 July 2017


It's time for you to accept the inevitable and stop resisting. You realise that deep down, you are slut just waiting to get out. You love cock. You need cock. You live to suck and you live to fuck. No need to fight it. It's so much better if you don't fight. Your inner slut will come out eventually. And before you know it; you'll be thinking of cock 24/7. You need to do this. It is who you truly are. Your mind needs a full change - a software update. This software will flick your "slut switch" into the permanent "on" position. And once that happens; there is no going back.




Been thinking about cock all the time? I know you have. A slut like you has her mind in the gutter, 24/7. You've probably been rubbing your little clit while you think about cock. You might even have been shoving your fingers in your sissy cunt. All that slutty behaviour has no doubt got you all hot and bothered. So now we have to cool you down again - with the perfect remedy....



Let's face it - your brain is far too over-worked for a sissy slut like you. It's in great danger of over-heating. You really don't have the ability to use it to it's maximum capacity. You'd be far better off, giggling like a dumb blonde and chewing gum. Such menial tasks are far more your thing.

But don't worry. I'm going to help protect your brain from dangerous over-use. With this "dumbing down" hypnosis therapy; your brain will be able to relax and stay empty...




What do you imagine it would be like to be completely incapable of thought? What do you imagine it would be like to have a completely blank mind? What do you imagine it would be like to only be capable of thinking whatever I choose to allow you think?

Relax, sleep, and listen to My voice. Your mind is far too overworked. It's time to empty it completely.


Monday, 17 July 2017


Mistress is being VERY kind to you. I'm combining THREE of delicious kinks in one clip. Lipstick fetish, smoking fetish and finally; teasing.

And oh boy, do I tease you! You'll be panting like a thirsty dog by the time I've finished - that's if you're not panting already that is. Oh the things you'd like to do with My red lips. The things you'd like Me to do to you, with My red lips. Are those fantasies already kicking in? I thought so....What are you waiting for? Click, stroke and try your best not to least until I tell you to...



Have you ever experienced the greatest orgasm of your life? Well now you're about it. Follow the instruction; stroke, play, wait & earn the ULTIMATE prostate orgasm - not for the faint-hearted!