Thursday, 8 June 2017


Andrew plucks up the courage to visit a Dominatrix for the very first time, and finds his deviant desires awoken. Mistress ensures he is left with a lasting impression of what She expects from him.



Silky, nylon stockings, clad on My beautiful shapely legs. As you kneel at My feet; you are overcome by the desire to worship the nylon and kiss your way up to the stocking tops. But the sight of My Superior Feet in those stockings proves a bigger temptation and you know you must do all you can to earn that delight.



Close your eyes. Breathe and relax. You cannot resist the lure of becoming My servant. It is in your blood. It is what you were made to do. And I mean to make it part of your every waking life. You exist for Me - only for Me.




Just when you thought you were straight. The thought of going anywhere near the male cock makes you feel physically sick.
But don't worry. There's a cure for that. Faggot Hypnosis is what you need. You'll soon embrace the idea of surrendering yourself to what your subconscious really wants. You aren't straight at all. You're a closeted faggot, screaming to get out. And very soon, you'll be out and proud! You'll go deeper and deeper into a trance until you're craving cock so much; you'll do ANYTHING to get it!



Monday, 5 June 2017

Chastity Sub goes on a shopping trip - and is buzzing - literally!

Last week, Chastity Sub was set a particularly humiliating task which meant he would be doing some serious squirming in public. He is such a compliant little sub, and will happily obey every order I give him. And he didn't fail to amuse this time!

When Chastity Sub first started serving Me; he mentioned that he didn't like to be feminised. He's now been with Me for well over a year and his training has taken a rather surprising turn. He's gone from being a compliant, chastised boy, to a slutty, compliant sissy - not bad for somebody who was against feminisation!

So to set him on his journey of becoming a fully sissy and to live as one in every moment of his life; I sent him on a very embarrassing shopping trip, which had him buzzing - literally!

When Mistress Cristal gave me the task to perform on Bank Holiday Monday it filled me with dread and apprehension. I was instructed that I was to put my vibrating cock ring on and go to a local department store and buy 3 pairs of panties. When I got home I was to throw away 3 pairs of my mens underwear. As I was given this task on the Friday it gave me plenty of time to squirm in worry before Monday. The final part of the task was that every time I was near the shop I had to buy another pair of panties and replace a pair of masculine pants until I was rid of all masculine pants and only had feminine panties left to wear.

On Monday I was extremely nervous as I put on the vibrating cock cage and got dressed ready to go out. The sound of the buzzing sounded really loud and because I haven’t cum since 1 January and have been teased and denied a lot since then the vibrations went through me making me aroused and feeling on edge and starting to leak pre cum all the time. I had to wait for my cock to soften from it being very hard before I could leave the house. I did not want people seeing that I was erect no matter how small it is.

As I made my way to the shop I was fully conscious of feeling bright red and of feeling aroused and leaking and the noise from the ring. I was hoping no one would notice the sound or see my arousal or the growing wet patch in my trousers.

When I got to the shop I must have felt the most embarrassed I had ever and must have been bright red. When I stepped into the shop I kept pretending that the sound was my phone hoping everyone would believe it. There were 5 women in the shop as I made my way to the panties. 2 were close to the panties so I pretended that my phone was buzzing and I was being careful not to let it be seen that I was aroused and leaking so much.

When I started looking through the panties I was extremely self conscious and feeling so much more aroused and leaking more. I was feeling like my face was glowing red. As I looked through them I kept thinking about what panties Mistress would like and how much fun She would be having if She was there watching. I thought that Mistress would also have me wearing the loudest cock ring as well.

I had never felt so embarrassed and squirming when I took 3 pairs to the counter. When I was at the counter I was being very careful for the assistant not to see my arousal or wetness and doing my best to try to disguise the noise still pretending it was my phone.

When I left the shop I was hoping that the people in the shop and the assistant had not paid much attention or would have noticed and talked to their friends about it.

To add to the embarrassment and humiliation Mistress made me tell twitter about it so it was not a secret. To further add to the embarrassment the tweets seemed quite popular and I was being asked plenty of questions. Mistress ensures that I have to answer all questions honestly no matter how embarrassing or humiliating they are as part of not being allowed to have any secrets.

Not only did I have him tell twitter, but I also made him model his purchases on twitter. Below are pictures of the panties he bought. I'm sure you'll agree that they are really quite pretty! He'd better get used to wear them, because this week he's replacing ALL of his masculine underwear with panties. On Friday; he will be throwing away any masculine underwear and will only be wearing panties from now on - that should be interesting if he ever has to go for a physical....

Next week; we move on to vests - to replace with crop tops and bras. And then finally socks; to replace with feminine socks, tights and stockings. As you can see; Chastity Sub is becoming every inch a real sissy, which each passing week!