Monday, 12 December 2016

Chastity Sub Fucks His Figgy Pudding.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!..."

And that's why Chastity Sub was permitted the first of his Festive fucks!

In this weekend's task, he was given instructions to fuck the Christmas pudding. That's right dear readers - he doesn't get to fuck anything in the human sense - unless it's a bull with a nice big dick. Instead; he has to fuck inanimate objects - the Christmas pudding being object of his desires.

And I even allowed him to remove his cage for this task. How generous of Me! Well not that generous. He's still not allowed to cum until 31 December.

Now fucking the Christmas pudding is one thing, but you know Me. I like to see My pet squirm in shame as much as possible. And so I put his daily 5 hour teasing sessions to good use. He's dutifully collected all his pre-cum from these teasing sessions and was instructed to pour it over the pudding AFTER he had fucked it.

Does it look appetising? Absolutely not! And that's exactly why I made him eat the lot once he'd finished his "prepping". So we have a the finished product of Christmas Pudding Au Jus - which Chastity Sub happily tucked into...

I'm pretty sure that taste will be lingering for a while!