Thursday, 20 October 2016

Chasity Sub's Shameful Secret....

When an owned pet starts to open up more; it's very interesting the kind of things they let slip - or willingly offer because they know they have no say in the matter. Like Chasity Sub who has recently admitted that he likes the idea of enforced bi. Of course; I not one to bypass on the opportunity fully exploit his dirty little secret, especially when it means I can make him squirm in humiliation to My heart's content. So here we have a picture of Chastity Sub in all his slutty glory....

As you can see; he's tied up and spread open ready to be used by any willing bulls. He loves a nice big cock up his boy cunt and I'm sure you'd like to take full advantage of his lovely, soft, wet, hot mouth.

Chastity Sub has had a sample of what it's like to be a cock-holster when he was in My group cam room the other day. Group means that any other boys can enter the room and watch the proceedings. Except the proceedings were Chastity Sub begging for cock to satisfy. So when one bull entered My cam room; Chastity Sub was made to beg him for permission to suck his cock. That's when I sat back, and enjoyed Chastity Sub giving said bull a blow by blow (pun intended) account of how he'd suck that mighty cock. Adding to his humiliation was the fact that the bull insisted on asking Chastity Sub lots of embarrassing questions; and even suggesting new ways to humiliate him - like some nasty ass to mouth action and of course being spit-roasted by Myself and bull. All the time this was happening, Chastity Sub was squirming in shame while his little maggot dick throbbed in excitement. 

He still hasn't cum, despite his constant state of arousal and humiliation. It is almost a month since his balls were last emptied, and still the taunting continues. Every time he enters My group room; I like to send out a nice little tweet to alert other boys to come and join in. The more who want to humiliate and abuse him, the better! There's no such thing as too much cock where Chastity Sub is concerned. 

It is in this way that Chastity Sub can be "virtually pimped". He has the willing holes and the boys who "virtually fuck" him; have the cash to pay me for using him. It's a win-win situation - for Me. 

I'm already looking at ways Chastity Sub can appear on webcam during a group session; and then he can have a nice audience while he shows off his slutty ways. And because he has no choice but to please Me; you'll be able to give him any command you like. It doesn't matter how depraved it is. He will do it. The threat of being back in long-term chastity is a suitable reminder of what happens when he doesn't obey.

So while I research this VERY viable option for exploiting and humiliating Chastity Sub some more; do feel free to follow him on twitter and ask him lots of embarrassing questions. His twitter handle is:


He will answer each and every question with 100% honesty - no matter how shameful it is. And he will squirm and even post pictures with My permission. Just be sure to keep praising him for being a "dirty fucking whore" regularly and he'll do his very best to please!