Thursday, 6 October 2016

Chastity Sub Wears My Knickers.

I have to say that My worn panties definitely suit Chastity Sub. He received them last week and can't seem to leave them alone! Look how well they fit him!

Obviously, Chastity Sub was very honoured to be the lucky winner of My worn panties in the Fund Miss Kitty September Raffle. As soon as they arrived; he eagerly opened them and gave them a good sniff. I wore them for a full 24 hours to make sure they were strongly scented, before sealing them into a plastic bag to preserve their scent. He was instructed to tweet a picture of himself wearing them, the moment they arrived, and he couldn't wait to tell Me; "they smell wonderful Mistress!"

He's now addicted to the scent and I made sure of this. Last Friday; he was instructed to wear them over his head from 4pm until 11pm. The scent filled his nostrils and lingered on until the next morning. He's never been so frustrated! 

No matter how frustrated and addicted he is, he's still not allowed to cum. It's almost three weeks since he last had an orgasm, and I'm tightening the thumb-screws on a daily basis. The constant scent of his Mistress is driving him crazy, and acts as a suitable reminder as to who controls every part of him. And to keep him occupied; I instruct him to invite people to ask him very embarrassing questions on twitter. He has to answer every single one, no matter how humiliating it may be for him. He also has to be completely honest. The threat of his little maggot being caged again is ever present.

So do look out for him on twitter and feel free to make him squirm with your questions. No question is too shameful for his answer!