Thursday, 22 September 2016

Fund Miss Kitty - August Raffle Draw.

Monday saw the draw of our very first #FundMissKitty raffle draw in which some VERY special and kinky prizes were up for grabs. And without further ado; here's the draw!

The lucky winner of a 30 minute real time session with Miss Julia Taylor was one @MatsNedus - enjoy dear - I'm sure Miss Julia will "look after" you ;-)

How ironic that both of My boys should win a prize!

Panty Boy wins himself a nice 30 minute session, online with Mistress Julia and Domina Amelia - that's going to be his first cam session - and will certainly be a baptism of fire for the poor boy!

And Chastity Sub wins My worn panties - a very rare treat indeed....guess what he's going to be wearing on a Thong Thursday....?

Well done to EVERYBODY who took part. Your generosity means a lot to us all especially Miss Kitty who's currently battling cancer. The next raffle will be launched in the next 24 hours with some more kinky prizes including a very special one from the infamous Mistress Dita! Stay tuned!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Chastity Sub "goes gay" because Mistress tells him to....

It is a fact that I will always find out your deepest, darkest fantasies - even if you don't want Me to. And this was particularly the case with Chastity Sub; when he recently let something slip during an embarrassing Q & A session on twitter.

He was instructed to invite and answer as many humiliating questions as possible. I do love it when he squirms in shame. And of course; he has no choice but to answer honestly - the threat of long-term chastity is very much there and I know how much he now values his orgasms; after 2 years of learning not to take them for granted.

One of the questions he received was as follows:

"Have you ever masturbated to gay porn?"

Chastity Sub was painfully honest in his answer; as Mistress demands, and responded with the following answer:

"No, but I have masturbated to enforced bi porn." He further elaborated in this; stating that he would happily take cock if Mistress instructed him to. So that little nugget of information gave Me the most wonderful idea...

His task was to watch gay porn, whilst teasing himself without cumming. This he did, and confessed he was extremely excited. Interesting.... So I decided to add a further humiliating twist to his task. He was instructed to watch said porn again; this time re-enacting what was happening on screen.

First up, was a clip featuring some gay cock-sucking. Armed with his dildo; Chastity Sub was made to "take part"...

I do love how he savours that cock. He did confess to Me that he was extremely excited while doing this, especially since he imagined Me standing over him, making sure he sucked that cock well.

Next, was a clip featuring gay fucking and of course Chastity Sub was instructed to take part as well. Bending over and shoving his dildo up his arse; he proved that anything they could do, he can do better....

On Friday; Chastity Sub had a full debrief of the above tasks; squirming even further as I asked him very embarrassing questions. While he was shrinking back in shame; his cock was doing quite the opposite. Let this be a lesson boys; I don't pay attention to your words - I pay attention to your body. And your body NEVER lies!

Chastity Sub was then given the tasks of writing a detailed enforced-bi fantasy - something he'd really like to experience. Perhaps one day, he'll get to experience this for real...

Enforced Bi Fantasy

Mistress Cristal has instructed me to write an enforced bi fantasy. This all started from inviting embarrassing questions to answer to amuse and please Mistress. One of the questions was had i watched any gay porn and another asked if i had sucked a cock. I replied that i had only ever watched enforced bi porn and sucked a dildo. This gave Mistress the idea to set me a humiliating task to watch gay porn whilst undergoing my daily tease and denial and to tweet to the world and her fans about it. After carrying this out Mistress instructed me to think of this experience and compose my forced bi fantasy. 

To also prepare me for this Mistress had me watch the gay porn clips again whilst sucking my dildo when there were cock sucking scenes. While I sucked my dildo I had to imagine that it was a real cock. Then when there were men fucking each other I had to ride my dildo imagining it was a real cock.

I arrive for a session with Mistress Cristal full of nervous apprehension knowing that this will be my first experience of enforced bi. There was pleasure in the knowledge that this was all for Mistress pleasure and amusement and i have no choice but to think of her pleasure first. Since becoming Mistress owned pet means Mistress fully owns my body and what happens to it. I am not allowed any form of sexual activity without Mistress permission and She has full control over what sexual activity i am allowed and with whom. Immediately on arrival for the session i prepare myself as i should always be for Mistress fully naked and exposed wearing only my slave collar. I am then in my slave position 1 which is kneeling, legs apart, hands behind my back and head down.

When Mistress Cristal arrives She looks fantastic in Her black outfit with holes in giving glimpses of Her perfect flesh. Mistress is also wearing Her 10 inch strap on cock called the Beast. The Beast looks huge in real life and much bigger than my pathetic little cock. Mistress informs me that I am going to experience humiliation like I have never experienced before and I feel myself going bright red at the prospect. I am full of nervous apprehension and feeling so embarrassed. Mistress informs me that first Her cock needs to be fully hard so she proceeds to spank it with a wooden spoon. I feel the slaps bouncing Her cock about and I feel myself getting harder and more aroused. Once Her cock is hard Mistress then slaps the head of it with the wooden spoon. The slaps are far harder than I have done to myself and I feel Her cock getting more sensitive and aroused. To complete it off Mistress then sensitises my balls with hard slaps from the spoon making me shake and double over.

Mistress then instructs me to get into slave position 3 on all fours bent over with my ass high in the air as She tells me that she is going to warm my ass up ready. Mistress starts with 100 hand spanks to each cheek and I can feel them getting warmer. Then Mistress gives each cheek 80 slaps with the leather paddle. This makes the cheeks feel even warmer. Mistress then finishes this off with 30 canes on each cheek. I feel the cheeks begin to welt and fell warm and itchy from this.

Mistress then informs me I need practice on sucking cock and moves to in front of me. As I am bent over Mistress puts the tip of the Beast to my lips. I feel the plastic pushing into my lips as Mistress instructs me to stick my tongue out. Mistress then runs the tip of the Beast all over my tongue. Then She runs the entire shaft around my tongue making the Beast wet all over. Mistress then positions the Beast so it is in front of my lips and instructs me to open my mouth wide. The Beast is slowly pushed into my mouth and feels so big that it gags me. Mistress moves the Beast slowly in and out of my mouth gradually getting faster as it gets wetter and slides in and out easier. The vision of Mistress in front of me as she fucks my mouth is exciting me despite the humiliation of feeling the Beast completely filling my mouth.

Mistress then instructs me to stay in slave position 3 whilst She goes and brings Her guest into the room. I hear footsteps behind me and then Mistress says “Slave meet your partner for the session and I am sure you will make him feel at ease.” Then a male of about 6 foot stands in front of me completely naked and fully shaven. I feel myself blush a deep red as I know a total stranger has been allowed by Mistress to witness me totally exposed. Mistress then tells me I am to do exactly as I did with the Beast to make the guest feel good. Mistress takes hold of the males cock in front of me and guides it to my mouth telling me to stick my tongue out. Mistress then guides the tip of the cock over my mouth as I taste real cock for the first time. I feel so red with embarrassment and the taste of it feels so much different to plastic cocks. As I feel the tip running over my tongue I feel it starting to get harder and throb against me. “Look how hard you are making your first cock slut” Mistress says as she giggles and I feel myself even redder. Mistress then guides the shaft of the cock all over my tongue as I feel cock flesh for the first time throbbing hard. The cock is about 7 inches long and is starting to get wet with my saliva.

“Open wide slut” Mistress then says as I open my mouth as she guides the shaft of the cock slowly into it. Real cock feels so different from plastic ones as I feel myself blushing even deeper red as I feel it fill my mouth getting deeper in throbbing inside my mouth. “Look at My cock getting all excited” Mistress says as she notices that despite my embarrassment my cock is hard and leaking pre cum. “I will help make this enjoyable as it should be for you slut” Mistress says as she lets go of the cock that is now fully in my mouth and then I feel her foot rubbing slowly against my cock making me so aroused and leaking more pre cum. Mistress instructs the male to slowly fuck my mouth as I feel the cock slowly moving in and out. For the first time of sucking real cock I feel myself getting aroused as Mistress slowly rubs my cock with her foot keeping me hard.

"Now you've gotten that cock nice and hard and wet lets put it to a different use" Mistress said as she instructed the guest to move round from the front to my rear. I then felt Mistress sit on my back. I could feel her warm flesh sat on mine and the hard Beast lying on my back pointing towards my ass. I felt Mistress lean forward slightly to grab hold of the cock behind me and guide the tip to my ass. I was blushing deeply as i felt a real cock for the first time touching my ass. Mistress then spat down on my ass to help lubricate it as i felt the saliva dribble down my ass and around the cock. Then Mistress slowly pulled on the cock to gradually guide it inside me for the first time ever i had experienced a real cock inside my ass. The feeling was a lot different to a dildo or a butt plug as i felt the flesh inside me and then the stomach and balls of the man behind me touch me. Mistress instructed the man to slowly fuck me. I was even more embarrassed as i felt a real cock fucking me for the first time. I felt even more embarrassed as i felt my own cock hard and starting to leak pre cum.

Mistress then stood up and i saw her move in front of me with the Beast in front of my face. "Time for you to experience a spit roast slut" Mistress said as she made me open my mouth and slowly insert Her strap on into it. Mistress then moved the Beast slowly in and out of my mouth in time with the cock fucking me. I felt so embarrassed as i could feel a real cock fucking my ass and Mistresses strap on fucking my mouth. The motion of the cock behind me pushed my mouth harder onto the Beast and the motion of the Beast pushed my ass harder onto the cock in my ass. Mistress told the man behind me to keep up with her strokes and started to speed up. I could feel myself gagging on the Beast and being stretched wider by the cock as both got faster and faster. Mistress told the man to grab hold of my cock and tease me as he fucked me. To my embarrassment i felt myself throbbing and leaking in his hand. I was feeling really slutty and well used. 

The man fucking me informed Mistress he was ready to cum and She instructed him to remove his cock and squirt all over my back. I felt even more embarrassed as i felt the hot cum all down my back. Mistress then removed the Beast from my mouth and my ass and mouth felt well used and i was embarrassed to admit i enjoyed the full enforced bi use.  Mistress asked me if i would like to cum and I have to beg Her really hard for permission. Mistress finally gave Her permission but only by the hand of the man. Mistress put a brandy glass under me and instructed the man to wank me off into the glass. I was so humiliated on all fours being wanked by a man and so excited at the same time that i came hard into the glass. Once all the cum was in the glass Mistress made me get back into slave position 1 and drink all the contents down and lick the glass clean.

As i write this fantasy i feel so embarrassed and know there will be humiliation for Mistress pleasure as her fans will know all about my fantasy. Plus I am sure that this will invite even more embarrassing questions and comments.