Thursday, 15 September 2016

Fund Miss Kitty & Win A Kinky Prize!

You only have 4 days left for a chance to win a kinky prize in our #FundMissKitty raffle! A reminder that this raffle is for the purpose of raising funds to support Miss Kitty De Vine as she battles cancer. This is a worthwhile cause, with kinky frolics for you to enjoy.

A reminder of the prizes up for grabs:

A FREE real-time session with Miss Julia Taylor of Dudley. You will not only receive a pair of Her used stockings; but you will also be given the opportunity to worship Her superior feet in person and for FREE! 

A FREE Double Domme webcam session with Mistress Julia & Domina Amelia. The Queens of "Double Trouble" will indulge your kinks for 30 minutes; while they whip you into a fetish frenzy! Their "Double Domme" sessions are LEGENDARY and certainly not to be missed!

A pair of My worn panties. This is indeed a VERY rare treat. I don't sell My used underwear so entering the fetish raffle is the ONLY way to get your hands on a pair of My knickers. You can do with them what ever your kinky little heart desires, and who knows? Perhaps I'll make them extra creamy for you....

To enter for a chance to win one of these kinky prizes; all you need to do is make a donation of Miss Kitty's Cancer fund of £25 or more. Each donation of £25 counts as 1 entry to the raffle - so the more you donate; the greater your chance of winning!

The raffle will close at midnight on 19th September. Mistress Julia & Domina Amelia will then draw three winners at random on their video draw. 

Salivating already? You know what to the link below and make that donation!