Thursday, 8 September 2016

Chastity Sub Endures His First Caning

One of My favourite kinks is corporal punishment and I felt the time had come for Chastity Sub to endure this traditional punishment - not because he had misbehaved. Oh no. Chastity Sub is indeed a very obedient slave. Instead; he endured it because it amuses Me. Taking him to new and painful territory is both rewarding and entertaining - and his first caning certainly made Me chuckle!

"It was with great anticipation that I entered the session with Mistress Cristal after being instructed to order a cane to be used on myself. Mistress had been kind enough to let me know where I could order the cane from and the care required to look after it to ensure it kept its proper flexibility.

I was in the correct slave position 1 required when entering Mistress’ company. Kneeling naked wearing only my slave collar. Mistress looked fantastic in her red corset when I presented myself to her. Mistress informed me that I would be receiving my first caning session. Firstly Mistress inspected the brandy glass of my pre cum collected during my daily tease and denial. Then I had to make sure Her cock was hard enough by spanking it hard with a wooden spoon on the shaft and then on the helmet followed by warming my balls up with spanking them with the spoon. Prior to my first taste of caning Mistress made me put on 2 industrial clamps onto my balls. The pain from the clamps is unforgiving. I then had to dress her cock up by putting 20 bulldog clips all over her cock. Once I had all the clips on I had to thread string through the ones on each side then use the string and clips to lift up my cock and spank the underside of it with the wooden spoon and the tip of Her cock. The wooden spoon is painful on Her cock but even worse when it is being hit and metal clips are bouncing about tugging it all over whilst at the same time the clips are tugging my cock upwards.

I was then instructed to get into slave position 3 which is on all fours with my ass in the air ready for use. For the week before I was under instruction to post humiliating tweets to amuse Mistress and part of the tweets I put up pictures of me naked in the slave positions so that I was humiliatingly exposed to the whole world and Mistress followers so these positions are available to view on my twitter. At first I had to warm up my ass for Mistress with 100 hand spanks on each cheek then 80 spanks with a leather paddle. Once my ass was warmed up suitably for Mistress She gave me instructions on how to administer caning. I was informed that the back and legs are to be avoided and aim for the fleshy part of the cheeks only. Mistress then showed me how to line up the cane horizontally and then guided me by counting 12 cane hits to each cheek.  It was my first experience of being caned and each hit stung and the stinging got worse with each hit. I could feel the cane hitting down each time getting more of a sensation. Mistress taught me to keep the cane horizontal and the correct parts to hit. When I had 12 on each cheek I could feel them warm and stinging. Mistress told me to rub the cheeks and let Her know how it felt. I could feel welts formed from the cane on them. It was good to know that this had pleased Mistress. I could feel the after effects of the caning and it felt good to have experienced my first lesson from Mistress.

Mistress then informed me that I would experience some more paddling and caning later to get me more use to it. Mistress then wanted to turn Her attention to other parts of my body which is her property to use as She desires. Mistress allowed me to remove the clamps from my balls but I had to immediately place them on my nipples. The pain as they crush my nipples is unforgiving. I then had to put on the spiked ball parachute and all my weights which are 2 6lb ones and a 10lb one.

I had to then get in slave position 2 which is standing with my head on my hands and Mistress gave me instructions for exercising. I had to do a minute marching on the spot which made the clamps on my nipples bounce up and down, Mistress cock to bounce up and down making the clips tug it all over and the weights on the parachute to bounce up and down forcing the spikes top dig in deeper. This was followed by a minute jogging on the spot which made the clamps and clips bounce more harshly and the weights to bounce harder tugging the spikes in even deeper. I had to then do 30 squats and 15 lunges with each leg. This was rounded up with a minute of pogo jumping with Mistress instructing me to jump high. This made the torture even worse as the clamps on my nipples and the clips on my cock were made to bounce up and down high and harsh and the weights on the parachute bounce really high which meant that when they swung back down they really made the spikes dig in harsh. The pain rating has shot up to 120 from all this.

Mistress was then kind enough to allow me to remove the parachute but the relief was short lived because I immediately had to pour hot wax on my balls followed by covering my cock in hot wax. Due to the spikes having tenderised my balls the wax felt hotter than normal. Whilst the wax set I was given permission to remove the clamps from my nipples. Removing the clamps is as painful as putting them on because the nipples have been so tenderised from having them on and having them bounce up and down harshly that when they are taken off the rush of blood back to the nipples is so painful. I have to take them off gently due to this pain.

 I then had to whip all the wax off my cock using a leather belt. To remove it properly I have to hit it very hard which is really painful. Once I had managed to get it all off my cock I had to remove it from my balls. This required hitting them hard and was making me shake from it. On both my cock and balls there were stubborn pieces of wax that no matter how hard they were hit would not come off easily. This added to the pain as I had to constantly hit those areas harder and harder.

Mistress then instructed me to pick up the pin wheel and start running it all over the indents left by the clips on Her cock. As the pins on the wheel dug in the felt sharper than usual due to the cock being made more sensitive from the clips digging in and bouncing about. When my cock was stinging all over from the pins i then had to run them all over my balls and they felt especially sharp where the clamps had been digging in. This was followed by running the pins over the deep ruts the clamps had left on my nipples which made them feel so much sharper. 

I had to rub my cock hard for a minute with sand paper which really made it so sensitive and was reminded i was not allowed to cum as i did it. Whilst the sandpaper scraped the cock painfully the rubbing also put me on edge. I then had to scrub my balls hard for a minute with the sandpaper followed by my left and then right nipple. There were tears in my eyes from the torture my nipples, cock, balls and ass had received and the pain scale had gone up to 350. I felt trepidation when Mistress informed me that it was going to get worse.

I then had to paint a good thick coat of wasabi paste onto my nipples, then my balls and then every inch of my cock. As my nipples, balls and cock were already tenderised and in pain from all the treatment they had received for Mistress pleasure the heat from the paste was like fire and really bought tears to my eyes. There was no relief as i was then instructed to put on the spiked cock sheath and spiked ball parachute. The spikes dug the paste deeper into my cock and balls making the heat hotter and the spikes feel sharper. I was really crying now.

Mistress was then kind enough to continue my caning lesson. I had to get back into slave position 3 and further warm my ass up with 80 spanks on each cheek with the leather paddle which made my ass redder and warmer. Then Mistress guided me on the correct use of the cane and counted 12 canes to each cheek. Each strike felt sharper and I could feel the welts building up. My ass was feeling glowing and I could feel stinging where it had been caned.

Mistress informed me that as I had managed to get through my first caning lesson to Her satisfaction that she would allow me a reward of an orgasm. I was allowed to start wanking fast which made the spikes of the sheath scrape the hot wasabi up and down my cock. This was a mixture of pain bringing tears to my eyes and pleasure at the same time. It was the most painful wank i have ever had. Mistress made it even more exciting by reminding me how good her topless fetish wank clip is and to imagine Her oiled breasts. This thought made me throb more with excitement pushing my cock harder into the spikes. I begged Mistress for Her permission to cum as I can’t without it as it is Her choice when and how i cum. Mistress was so kind to grant me permission and i came hard into the brandy glass adding to the pre cum. The pumping of the cum out of my cock made it throb harder into the spikes giving a mix of pain and pleasure at the same time. Mistress then instructed me to drink all the cum and pre cum which i gulped down as Mistress has made me addicted to the taste.

It will be a long time for the effects of the session to recede and I will feel the stinging on my ass from my first caning lesson for a few days as well as the pain on my cock, balls and nipples. This was all worth it knowing i had pleased and amused Mistress Cristal. Mistress Cristal has tweeted the results from my caning for the world to see how it went and to add to my humiliation and embarrassment with the world seeing my caned ass as I am bent over with the spiked parachute also visible on my balls."