Saturday, 23 January 2016

The deliciousness of Nipple Torture.

Nipple torture is such a sweet torture to administer. Particularly if you have a slave who has been fully broken and is powerless to resist. You can use a whole range of clamps designed to cause maximum pain. You can get creative too! I mean; why would you just let the clamps sit there? Of course you're going to have them tugged and twisted. And if they're heavy clamps; then some exercise is needed.

Jogging on the spot is a good one for making those clamps wobble. Pogo-jumping is also good - get's those clamps flying up and down and those nipples burning. Not satisfied with your work? Oh well - extra strength tabasco will ensure the painful experience is drawn out for as long as possible...

Friday, 22 January 2016

A Word About Kik Messenger.

In recent weeks; it would seem there is some thinking from some boys; who it's quite okay to attempt to chat with Me via Kik without paying for it. Let Me tell you now - it isn't.

The fact is; My time is valuable. You're not just having a chat with one of your "buddies". You're having a chat with a Professional who has spent many years learning Her craft. When you spend time with Me; be it on Kik, Skype or by any other form of online interaction for that matter; you're enjoying the benefit of My expertise, knowledge and experience. You are receiving a service - and because of that; I expect to be paid for it.

Consider this. You wouldn't go to a mechanic, expect him to use his knowledge and experience to fix your car and expect all this for free. It amounts to the same. The fact that I'm offering a service in the sex industry does not make any difference. If you want to play - you have to pay.

The ONLY way you can chat with Me via Kik is to make a tribute. I expect a fee of £5 for a 10 minute chat with Me. That is all. And I make it clear that tribute is ALWAYS required. Don't think you can insult Me with various excuses as to why you shouldn't pay for this service. I'm not listening and I don't care.

£5 is nothing. It is a small payment for 10 minutes of My time and attention. And if you feel you cannot pay that; then you have no business approaching Me. If you cannot afford to pay for access to My Kik messenger; then you cannot afford to serve Me. It is as simple as that. I'm not going to give My attention away to a free-loader when there are boys who understand My terms and are quite willing to pay for My time. They will receive My attention - YOU WON'T.

So for those who refuse to pay; by all means keep up your futile attempts to engage with Me. You'll only be wasting your own time however - not Mine. If you haven't had the decency to pay - then I will have the decency to block you. And then you will be forgotten about - you will not exist in My world. And you will not return.