Friday, 8 January 2016


Every so often; fellow Dommes will seek My advice on a particular BDSM technique. And I'm more than happy to give advice. It is far better to seek the advice of those who are experienced; rather than go for "hit and miss". Blindly stumbling your way through various BDSM techniques is the fastest route to injury. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the safety of your slave at all times.

Today; I want to talk about sounding. Sounding is the art of inserting surgical steel rods into the urethral canal of the penis. Done properly; this can be very erotic and pleasurable to your slave. But like all BDSM techniques; it does carry risks - more so than many other techniques.


Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to sounding. No matter what your slave is into; it is always important to ensure you get a full medical history from him. If your slave has a history of urinary tract infections, bladder infections, kidney problems or prostate problems; then sounding is not for him. Disregard this advice; and you risk serious infection and/or injury to your slave.

Secondly; make sure you purchase a set of surgical steel sounding rods for the task. Household objects are NOT a good idea for this. Everything; and I mean everything; must be sterile. Don't forget; you are inserting a foreign object into a particularly delicate part of the anatomy. This is technically classed as a surgical procedure. So respect this and ensure you work in a safe, sterile manner.


We've already talked about sterile practice and I cannot emphasise this enough. Ensure your slave has washed his penis, glans and pee hole with antibacterial soap - and he should wash himself twice. The same goes for you. The rods needs to be sterilised. Your hands need to be washed with antibacterial soap - twice. And for goodness sake - ALWAYS WEAR SURGICAL GLOVES.

While we're on the subject - lubricant is a must. Don't be tempted to use simple ky jelly. You need a good surgical lubricant for the job. I recommend "Surgilube" which is available from Amazon.


Sounding takes practice - both for you and your slave. The best way to start is to start off slowly. But; don't think that this means using the smallest sounding rod. You need to avoid this. The smaller the rod; the greater the risk of puncturing the urethral wall - you do NOT want to do this! Use a rod you can comfortably fit into the urethra with minimum resistance and no real stretching. Apply lubricant to the first couple of inches of the rod and also a generous amount to the pee hole. Ensuring you have a very steady hand; place the end into the pee hole and GENTLY guide it into the urethra. You should ensure you use the minimum of force. You're not shoving a sharp skewer into a sausage. You're doing it slowly and gently and allowing it to "fall" into the urethra as far as it wants. The moment you meet resistance, is the time to stop and let it sit there. Allow the slave to enjoy the sensation before slowly removing the sound and re-lubing ready to go again.


Your slave should experience an uncomfortable sensation and maybe a slight burning sensation. But they should not be experiencing any sharp pains or areas that hurt more, in particularly at the tip of the sound. Sharp pains or abnormal pain is a warning sign - and it means you need to stop.


Don't push against the resistance - allow the sound to guide you; rather than you forcing it.
NEVER push it into the bladder - this means you have broken against the natural resistance of the sound.
NEVER force water or any other fluid into the bladder.
NEVER encourage your slave to cum while the sound is in place - this can cause semen to go into the bladder.
NEVER use a sound smaller than is comfortable for slave. Only use a bigger sound once slave has become used to it. SLOW is the way to go.


After a sounding session; you need to ensure your slave is clean again. Thoroughly wash the penis TWICE with antibacterial soap, paying particular attention to around the pee hole. It is also important that you sterilise your sounding rods before and afterwards.

Your slave may experience a burning sensation during urination for a few hours or days afterwards. BUT watch out for any bleeding, discharge, fever or cramping. Such symptoms will need medical attention. Continued after-care for your slave is very important. Remember; your slave is YOUR responsibility - particularly after such a session.

This is but a small insight into the art of sounding. But it is by no means comprehensive. If you are a novice to the technique; then I highly recommend you do further research on the topic - whether you are a practising Domme or a curious slave. You can never know too much about a subject!

One final word of advice - to practice sounding you need to be there in person. Distance Dommes who are flirting with the idea of sounding - sounding cannot be done on line. ONLY PRACTICE SOUNDING A REAL TIME SESSION WHERE YOU ARE FULLY IN CONTROL.

And there you have it - another kinky technique for you and slave. Do it properly; and both of you can gain much enjoyment from the experience.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Panty Boy Locked Via Public Vote.

As Panty Boy begins his second email assignment; I decided to show him what it's REALLY like to be My slave.

A vote was taken via twitter this afternoon; to determine how long he should remain in chastity. Currently; he's been caged for 19 days and I know he's already frustrated. Well that frustration is about to get a whole lot worse. 

The people have spoken. 

Panty Boy will now remain in chastity for the next 12 WEEKS! Yes that's 12 whole weeks of being locked - no orgasm. No time off for good behaviour. Sentence has been passed and sentence will be carried out. And in My particular "jail"; I don't do parole or time-spent on remand. He sees out the ENTIRE SENTENCE.

So 12 weeks from today will take him up to mid- March - another boy who might be released for My birthday....


Due to unforeseen circumstances; I will be offering instant messenger, Direct IM (AdultWork), one way cam and kik session only today. I hope to be back on cam as normal from Thursday.

Prices for these sessions are as follows:

Instant Messenger - £0.50 per min

One way cam (your cam) - £0.75 per min

Kik - £5 for 10 mins 

Direct IM - available via My AdultWork Profile

For Instant Messenger, one way and Kik, minimum booking length is 10 mins. Sessions are available via email request to;