Saturday, 18 July 2015

Insta-Dommes never learn..

You can always tell when it's summer. The weather gets warmer. The days get longer - and all the instadommes crawl out of the woodwork. They seem to think it's an easy way to get wads of cash for them to spend on their summer holidays.

Let's get one thing absolutely straight here. Financial Fetish is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If it was; all the established and genuine Findoms would have long-since retired to lead a life of luxury. Let's get real here. You aren't going to get rich from it - and you're not going to make a single penny if you don't know anything about the fetish.

Today, I've seen a so-called "findom" who brings nothing but shame to the scene. Not only is she clueless, but she seems to think that being foul-mouthed and abusive is the key to success. She also thinks buying twitter followers also makes her successful. No, it makes you desperate. In fact, no genuine finsub is going to touch you. Time-wasters however; will flock to you in their droves. They know you're clueless and will quite happily exploit that - time-wasting is a fetish in itself, don't forget.

In 13 years in the scene; I have received many gifts from subs. Each one has been offered - never demanded. These gifts are a lovely surprise from boys who have enjoyed being in My online company. Or they have simply sent Me a gift because they want to - because I have obviously done or said something which as meant a great deal to them. It's a form of gratitude.

Let's put things into perspective here. Would you say to your friends and family; "it's my birthday next week, so you better fucking give me a gift, losers!" No, you wouldn't. The most you would get is a slap in the face for being such a nasty little bitch. You'd lose friends and admirers pretty rapidly too. So why then; is it acceptable to speak to your followers like this? It isn't. Sub boys are still human beings at the end of the day. Granted; they differ from Dommes in terms of status - but they are still human. And even though they should of course been completely respectful to those above them; respect is very much a two-way street. Show a modicum of respect to your sub, and they will show the utmost respect to you. Verbally abuse them, and generally have a mouth like a sewer and they will avoid you like the plague. Subs like class, dignity and intelligence. They don't like a trashy little gutter-mouth who projects an image of desperate little slapper. They won't touch you with a dead man's dick, nevermind their wallets!

Now this particular "findom" had some serious delusions of grandeur - she is apparently going to take over the findom world! Funnily enough; I don't hear the sound of a hundred genuine Findoms quaking in their thigh boots...I think she may be confusing that with them pissing themselves laughing!

The fact is; if you're fake and you scream fake; you will be found out. You WILL be exposed. It might not be some exposure account which does it. You will expose YOURSELF. Genuine Dommes and subs have heard and read your tweets before - your tweets are a carbon copy of every other instadomme I've seen and you're not fooling anybody...except maybe yourself that is.

If you want to truly become a Findom - put in the effort and learn about the fetish - have a sense of pride in what you do. Those who do put in the effort will reap the rewards. Those who don't and instead prefer to fake their way through it will end up either being caught out or end up at the mercy of many time-wasters - its just a question of which will happen first...

Friday, 17 July 2015

Blue Balls Anyone?

Poor little pain sub. He's been in chastity for a whole week. During that week, he's had to endure endless teasing and denial from your's truly. Today, he enjoyed 40 minutes of intense cock and ball torture. He got so hard and excited and was leaking away from the word go. All engorged but no where to cum. I felt it far more fun to deny him for another week - let's see just how blue those balls can get, shall we?