Thursday, 19 January 2017

Chastity Sub's Humiliating Shopping Trip.

Of course it's no secret that I love to humiliate Chastity Sub as much as possible. So last week, I felt it was high time he endured some public humiliation. His task was to visit his local sex shop, and ask the assistant where he could find some sissy porn.

The very fact that he had to ask this highly embarrassing question was enough. But I also made him wear his slave collar. Here's how he got on...

Mistress Cristal. Todays task was very embarrassing. When i was walking to the shop i was very conscious of feeling the collar. I had my jacket buttoned right up to my neck to conceal it but felt like everyone i passed noticed it making me bright red. I was extremely nervous and even more nervous when i went through the door. It took building up courage to go to the assistant and i must have been letting off a lot of heat from how red my face was. My voice must have sounded very low and nervous when i asked the assistant if he had any sissy porn and i was squirming with nerves and embarrassment. I felt he could see my collar as i spoke to him. There was another man in the shop and i felt more embarrassed thinking he found it very amusing. I was bright red as he showed me the dvds that were in and i chose these 3 from what they had. I hope these are to Your satisfaction. I felt even more embarrassed as i imagined that he was thinking of me watching them and even more embarrassed walking out of the shop and back to the car. I was imagining everyone i passed could see the dvds even though they were well hidden. I hope this report and the dvds are to Your satisfaction Mistress.

Of course he's yet to find out what I intend to make him do with said material. Is he worried? He should be!