Friday, 26 August 2016

Tease Marathon For Panty Boy.

Now back in chastity until next March, Panty Boy was giving the task of a 3 hour 10 minute tease marathon - as voted for by the twitter public. Of course he wasn't allowed to cum. But here's how he got on....

i’m delighted to be back serving Mistress Cristal after a pause that has seemed to go on for ever. So, in the glow of happiness of being back serving i asked Mistress to run a Twitter poll for me. Of course i left everything else up to Mistress. She asked me to get a new magic wand vibrator and some other toys which i ordered from Lovehoney and got delivered the next day by special delivery – i was keen to get started. So i tweeted Mistress pictures of the toys and She set the balls (so to speak) in motion. The result? A 3 hour and 10 minute teasing session with the magic wand. As soon as the result was in Mistress sent me a DM:

Well i nearly sh!t myself! Mistress has such a commanding tone even by DM that it just demands immediate response. But this time i could not do as She commanded as i was looking after the kids (school holidays). A quick DM back explaining that i would obey if i could and Mistress gave me a stay of execution (that’s what it felt like) until after they’d gone to bed.
Well i did a bit better than that and managed to off-load the kids to the in-laws for the night. After staying at the in-laws for a drink (sparkling water Mistress – sticking to the diet) and a chat for the polite amount of time it was back home to tidy up and get then get ready for the main event so to speak.

Now performing these tasks IS a task. They often take quite a bit of time (this one ticks that box) can require getting into some ‘unusual’ positions (not so much, but being in one position for quite a while can be hard on the knees, back, arms etc) and require dexterity because you have to document your performance of said tasks by taking photos and video (another box tick). Because this videoing etc is difficult whilst performing the tasks i had decided to try a different method of filming this one.  i set up a new HD webcam on my laptop and used that to take both video and photos. A couple of test videos and photos were successfully captured so it was off with all my clothes, on with my slave collar and down to business.

Well the Lovehoney magic wand performed miracles. i had thought my cage was pretty much a suit of armour but the vibrations from the wand penetrated it with no problems – provided you got the pressure, speed and angle right. Which i did – on frequent occasions. But care was also required; my cock was doing its best to escape its bonds and this cage has a nice, big pee-hole at the end. So my cock was frequently bulging out of that said pee-hole. One tip if any one of you masochists reading this is considering doing this to yourself: do NOT catch the exposed end of your cock with the wand! It’s like a pinch/electric shock right on the end of your cock. And i did it a few times; once i even had to stop and check for blood as i was sure i’d cut the tip off! Don’t do that even if you are a masochist.

Anyway, the Lovehoney magic wand was holding up like a trooper. Over 3 hours of use is a long time and it did get warm – but no more than that. It did make quite a noise though especially when pressed hard onto the cage – i  was glad i’d got rid of the kids as sometimes the vibe sounded like the battle of Britain memorial flight going overhead! And i wasn’t exactly being noiseless either – i live in a semi and bet the neighbours were wondering what on earth i was up to! Hopefully they’ll have the decency to never ask…
But i digress. i was really struggling, the wand was bringing me to the edge and, as i checked, i’d been going for precisely – 1 hour!!
On second thoughts maybe starting at about 10:45 pm wasn’t such a good idea. i had the choice of Friday night or getting up early (5ish) Saturday morning as both these would be kid-free times. i’d chosen Friday night as i didn’t trust myself not to oversleep on Saturday morning. i still stand by that decision but at about midnight i was beginning to flag. And i really needed a pee. So, after a quick pee break i continued this was torture – literally. For that is what it was. i was tired, my cock was crying out for a time-out and my brain was getting distinctly foggy. Add to that i had dried up on the pre-cum front. i don’t know whether it was the constant arousal, the duration of the teasing, the lateness of the hour or my general tiredness but my cock was trying it’s best but no amount of vibration was producing any more pre-cum. To keep myself going for the last half hour or so i had to resort to watching some online porn as well.

i woke automatically at about 7:30 and got up to go to the bathroom. It was then that i really discovered how much my cock had waved the white flag of surrender the night before. It was trying to disappear! Never had i seen it look so small, there was loads of room to spare in my cage! i had to take a picture of my shame and then i went back to bed for another hour and a half - i was just too brain-scrambled to stay up. When i woke at about 9 my cock had recovered a bit so i took a picture for comparison to the earlier one got up and proceeded about my daily routine – albeit slowly. And if i bump into the neighbours i’ll keep a low profile.
i hope Mistress Cristal, that You are satisfied with how i have completed this task. i have the glass stewing and await Your instructions on that 

As a final act of humiliation; Panty Boy was instructed to pour his pre-cum into a cocktail glass and add a straw and umbrella to give it an extra exotic feel. This was his Friday-night tipple last week - and he slurped every last drop - before noticing the taste clinging to his tongue and the back of his throat...a lasting reminder of his place of course!