Friday, 19 August 2016

Separated at birth?

Do I see a similarity between Chastity Sub and the frilled-neck dragon?

That's what a spiked parachute and weights will do! 

#FundMissKitty - August Fetish Raffle!

Today; we officially launch our #FundMissKitty Fetish raffle and this month we have some EPIC prizes for you!

1st Prize

30 Minute Real Time Session & 1 pair of worn stockings from Miss Julia Taylor!

2nd Prize

30 Minute "Double Domme" Cam session with Mistress Julia & Domina Amelia!

3rd Prize

1 x pair of worn panties from Mistress Cristal!

For your chance to win one of these fabulously kinky prizes; simple donate £25 or more to the #FundMissKitty fund via the link below. Each £25 donation qualifies as one entry into the raffle prize draw.

  1. Closing date for August Fetish Raffle is Monday 19th September 2016.
  2. Winners will be announced by video draw after that date.
  3. No cash alternative to prizes.
  4. Draw decision is final.
  5. You must be over 18 to enter the raffle.
  6. Each £25 donation qualifies as one entry to the raffle.
  7. Funds raised are to support Miss Kitty as she undergoes cancer treatment.

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Sinful Sundays are all about confession and worship! You will visit My Church; get to your knees and confess all of your disgusting sins of the week. Clearly you disgusting boys will have many things to get off your chest, and I want to hear every single sordid detail.

Not only will you confess, but you will also beg for My forgiveness. Of course forgiveness doesn't come easy. You must repent for your sins and the only way you can truly repent, is by suffering whatever suitable punishment I choose for you. Such punishment WILL be hard whether it be physical or psychological, but suffer you must! Don't ever think I will be merciful on you. The word "mercy" does not feature in My vocabulary. I will only believe you are truly sorry for your sins when I see evidence of it - and you have a long way to go in order to demonstrate that.

And then after confession and repentance, comes WORSHIP! No of course mortals like you don't get to worship My Superior body. My body is NOT for you. It is a deity which is only for those who are worthy - you aren't and never will be. But My feet are heels are where you will direct your worship - the lowest part of My body for the lowest of the low.

Should I decide you are not even worthy of that little delicacy; then I will find another way for you to worship Me - FINANCIALLY! Every church passes around a collection box, and Mine is no different. The only difference is that Mine is not a "voluntary" collection. If I decide you must pay; then you will pay - no questions asked. What I choose to spend your money on is for Me to know. All you need to be aware of is that My forgiveness comes at a price - physical, psychological and financial. 

There are no "Hail Marys" in My Church. And no, this Goddess does not forgive all. I am not the gentle, loving God you have read about. I'm the God who will not hesitate to unleash My wrath should you displease Me. Remember that!

Book your place in the Sinful Sunday Confessional by sending Me an email at the address below. Sessions are carried out via Skype and audio is included. My Church is open to all sinners - others will be tolerated. Confessional begins at 1pm and ends at 5pm. Start crawling!