Saturday, 17 October 2015

Chastity Sub suffers for cheating.

Attempting to cheat your way through a session is NEVER a good idea. If you think Mistress will be oblivious - think again. I ALWAYS know when you haven't put in 100% effort.

Take for example Chastity Sub during his session yesterday. As part of his suffering; I enjoy having him drop hot wax all over his cock and balls. I like him to completely cover them so they're encased in the wax. And once the wax has set; I make him remove it all by whipping his cock and balls with a leather belt. As you can imagine; it takes a fair few strokes to remove every single speck of the wax. Sometimes he's at it for a good 20 minutes before all the wax is removed. I enjoy seeing him squirm and struggle to remove it all while under such intense pain. Of course; it is his duty to suffer for Me. And that's why I enjoy using such sadistic methods to ensure he suffers with maximum effect.

So his attempt to brush away the wax; rather than whipping it all off, did not go unnoticed. I know he was rather hoping I'd missed it. I didn't. I have eyes like a hawk - I see everything.

Now because he was silly enough to try and take the easy option; I decided to make things even more difficult for him.....

Yes those are are indeed bulldog clips - which he was forced to wear for 30 minutes. This is AFTER he had endured intense cock and ball torture; so you can imagine the painful effect. He'll be feeling this for a few days.

He's also been given lines as a further punishment. "I must not cheat my way through a session" 2000 times. Well since he won't be having wanker's cramp any time soon; he might as well have writer's cramp instead.

Friday, 16 October 2015

In the words of Chastity Sub.

So here's what Chastity Sub had to say about his big reward on Monday:

Today I was fortunate to receive the ultimate reward from Mistress Cristal. After a month and a half of chastity with intense tease and denial to keep me constantly aroused, frustrated and desperate with a constant reminder of how my orgasm is controlled and kept away from me by Mistress Cristal. During the month and a half of chastity the teasing had been producing plenty of pre cum which I had to catch and store in a brandy glass. I had to beg Mistress to be allowed out of the chastity cage and because it was for pleasurable reasons I had to beg hard for that permission. Once I received permission I had to kneel on the floor in front of Mistress and make sure that my cock was hard enough for her by beating the cock and then its head and my balls with a wooden spoon. This made them more tender and a reminder that Mistress controls my pain as well as my pleasure.
I was informed by Mistress that she was only going to allow me to cum by inserting the aneros in my ass and simulating it. Mistress also informed me that the only way I could gain my pleasure was to drink the month and a half worth of pre cum first. As it had been building up for so long it had a horrible smell as well. I took the first sip and it was the most disgusting drink I have ever tasted. It was a vile taste and I could only manage it in little sips. As it tasted so vile it took me quite a while to completely drink the glass and Mistress was highly amused and because it took so long it kept her pleasure going longer. I have never had so much pre cum in my entire life and it was a large glass full that I had to drink in. The taste of pre cum will be with me for days after as a constant reminder. Whilst I was drinking it I had the wand vibrating on full power against the aneros which gave me a pleasurable feeling keeping my cock aroused whilst I was consuming all the disgusting drink. I don't think I will ever have so much pre cum added together for all the time I am forced to consume it.
When I eventually managed to finish the drink I was then allowed to go back to permission to cum. My cock was feeling intense pleasure from the aneros vibrating inside my ass making it dance and stay on the edge. My cock was drooling throughout this but was not completely cumming. I begged Mistress hard to have permission to rub my cock to orgasm and it was a relief to be finally given her permission. With the wand vibrating the aneros and my cock feeling the intense pleasure from that and the wanking I was shaking and feeling intense pleasure like never before. When I finally came it was such a pleasure that I was shaking from the intensity of it and I had forgotten what a pleasure it was to have the ultimate permission to cum from Mistress. It was the most pleasurable orgasm I have experienced after a month and a half of being on the edge feeling ready to cum. There was humiliation as well as pleasure when Mistress informed me that she had taken pictures and video of it to show the world. It was extremely pleasurable and the humiliation comes from knowing the entire world can see the intimate details.
The pleasure felt from the intensity of the orgasm was worth the humiliation of drinking so much pre cum which after a month and a half tasted vile and was worth the humiliation of the entire world having the opportunity to view it.
I also had to drink all the cum but it was better tasting than the drink of so much pre cum before.

Monday, 12 October 2015

The Big Day arrives for Chastity Sub.

Finally, the big day has arrived. Having been in chastity, being forced to constantly tease himself and to fill up a large brandy glass with pre-cum for 6 whole weeks; ChastitySub has finally been granted an orgasm.

Of course this with a few conditions. What kind of Dominatrix would I be if I made things easy for him? I decided right from the very beginning that once he'd completely filled the brandy glass; and BEFORE he was granted permission to cum, he was to drink the entire contents. Yes folks; that's 6 week's worth of foul-smelling, foul-tasting, fermented pre-cum. And he had to drink every last drop.

Now I will be honest; there was a part of Me which fully expected him to protest. Who would want to drink such a thing? But remember; he doesn't have any choice. Well that's not quite true. His choices were to drink the contents and be allowed to cum. Or to chicken out and be forced to repeat the whole process again - this time with a pint glass. Yes, I am that cruel.

So he resigned himself to it. He was desperate to cum. This is a guy who's used to having at least one self-indulged orgasm a week and has been climbing the walls for the past six. The alternative was not not at all appealing to him or his sanity. As a result; he dutifully sat there and took delicate sips of the stuff. Not one huge slug - he sipped it; like he was sipping at a cup of earl grey. Of course; the more he sipped; the greener he looked and I half expected him to throw up on the spot. But no; he carried on until he'd finished the entire glass AND kept it down. Now that's dedication for you!

And his reward? The most intense orgasm he's ever experienced! Of course 6 weeks of gestating in his ball bag means it was rather thick and curd-like - still he had to drink the lot. I'll be uploading his "reward2 to My clips channel...

Oh and he's back in chastity again. For how long? Oh I haven't decided....But he'll be sharing his view of it later...stay tuned!

Chastity Sub makes good progress!

A month and a half of being in chastity. A month and a half of teasing. A month and half of constant frustration. Looks like ChastitySub's efforts are paying off. He's almost there! Will he get to cum this week? Maybe...but he doesn't know what I have planned for this glass of pre-cum...can anybody guess? *evil grin*