Saturday, 26 September 2015

Weapons of Ball Destruction

A very good slave has sent Me some new ball-kickers! Aren't they lovely? Sexy but oh so very destructive. Just imagine the damage I could do to those pathetic little bollocks! Why I'd have you falling like a house of cards!

But before I let you suffer; first you must polish them with your tongue. Yes, they might be shiny - but I'm sure you can make them sparkle. 

So here's a nice set of pictures for you - lots of pictures of My new "Weapons of Ball Destruction" - taken from many different angles - and showing you every inch of these sexy boots. I know you're already drooling....keep drooling as you click on the button!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Teased and milked..

Ah, there's nothing like a bit of Sunday afternoon teasing...especially when it involves a very frustrated and desperate Chastity sub! Yesterday, we spent about half an hour, experimenting with different techniques to ensure he's left even more frustrated - if that's possible of course! Finally we came up with the perfect combination - a vibrating butt plug AND the hitachi wand. This meant the vibrations were very intense - and had a lovely effect on his cock. Check out the videos below. It's rather like milking a cow....

Exposed Sissy becomes OWNED Sissy!

Exposed sissy is now OWNED sissy. Yes Cock-hungry Faggot is now a servant in My world!
But he won't be "servicing" Me. No, I'm on the wrong team. What this gay-boy wants is cock - and lots of it! He also wants she-males too! In fact he asked Me the other evening if I knew of any she-males who would happily fuck him! So if you're a chick with a dick - he's all yours - a nice bit of fresh meat for you.

I'll be putting him through his faggot paces in the next few weeks. He'll be learning what it truly means to be a submissive fag-boy. I have big plans for this little turd-burglar - and they involve him being on the business end of many, many cocks! I'll keep you posted!