Saturday, 14 December 2013

Guidelines For Serving Me.

Ok, let's get a few things straight here. Clearly some of you are thinking with your dicks instead of your brains, so I will make this absolutely clear for you:

  • You may ONLY serve Me via Email, Phone and Webcam. NO I will not meet you, no matter what ridiculous and pie-in-the-sky amount of money you offer Me.

  • If you wish to serve Me, you will RESPECTFULLY email Me at I am not in the least bit interested in your cock, so don't bother attaching any photos of it - it just sickens Me. Emails containing the words "I'm a well hung guy..." will go straight into the trash.

  • I am not "babe" "bb" "honey" or "sexy." I am MISTRESS - and that is how you will address Me - nothing else.

  • Tribute is ALWAYS REQUIRED for My time. If you aren't prepared to pay for My time then move along because you are of zero use to Me.

  • I will only add you on Skype/Yahoo once you have paid the appropriate tribute of £5. No pay = no add. Period.

  • If you choose to serve Me via Adultwork DirectCam I will NOT stand up, turn around or anything else in free chat. I will NOT add your cam in free chat. I will NOT speak explicitly about your fantasy. If you aren't prepared to enter private or group chat; the message is simple - GO AWAY.

  • Statements like "Mistress I will dedicate My twitter to you," or "Mistress I will help you with your website" etc will be ignored.

  • When serving ME, you don't come into the equation. It is about serving ME and only ME.

  • Always ensure you check out My Kinks and Limits before contacting Me otherwise you run the risk of annoying Me.

  • I don't give out freebies - not now - NOT EVER! 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Professor Profile Launch - Only 4 Days To Go!

Professor Profile officially launches this coming Saturday at 8pm! (UK time)

Find out who he is and what he can do via the link below!