Saturday, 20 June 2015

You say I'm cruel like it's a bad thing...

Today I received a very piteous email from pain-sub...

"Mistress I hope it is okay to email you. I wanted to let you know that the chastity device is giving discomfort as I cannot get to my cock, which is very itchy after the nettles yesterday. Please may I ask if I may have permission to remove it please Mistress?"

Perfect! This is exactly the reaction I wanted and exactly the reason why I insisted he went straight into chastity after yesterday's cock torture session. I want him to be in discomfort. I want to imagine him squirming not only in frustration; but also from the sheer fact that he cannot scratch that itch. I want him to be in so much discomfort that he doesn't know what to do with himself.

I also fail to see how he can consider that he has any say in the matter when it comes to chastity. After all; what would be the point in locking away his little cock; if I'm going to allow him to be unlocked at the drop of a hat?

I did lull him into a false sense of security; telling him that if he sent Me a picture of himself in chastity, I would consider his request. I already knew what the answer was going to be, of course. But it was fun to tweet out his little picture along with his pathetic request. Two things were pointed out in response to said tweeted picture. First; it might look like the cock cage is a little big for him. Room for him to grow perhaps? No, he's not really a grower. There really is no danger of him "filling" it.

Second; and most importantly - his whining only serves to add more days and in fact weeks to his length of time in chastity. Like I've said; I LIKE the fact that he's in discomfort. I find it highly amusing and entertaining. I like to imagine that he's out in public; trying in vain to scratch his locked and itchy cock. Why people will be thinking he's got crabs! That adds a little something else to his suffering and adds to My amusement!

Of course I could be REALLY cruel. I could always instruct him to go swimming - dressed in his cock cage and a pair of tiny swimming trunks....

Friday, 19 June 2015

Session Review From Panty Perv.

Thank you for an amazing Skype IM chat this evening Mistress. You made me realise my fetish for woman's panties and how just a glimpse of a thong turns me on. Mistress Cristal made me instantly aroused when she told me she was wearing a tight, sexy thong and she had been all day. She said that she would make me wear them all day over my head, after she had been wearing them all day! If only I could be so lucky, the chance to sniff and lick Mistress' thong! Mistress then allowed me to start masturbating, telling me how she would get me to wank into her panties after she had been wearing them. Obviously Mistress told me this was the closest a worthless panty perv like myself would ever get to tasting her sweet nectar, but this only made me more aroused! After lots of begging, Mistress let me cum on the condition that I cleaned it all up with my tongue. Which I did of course, wishing that it was in Mistress' thong where I could taste her sweet taste as well!

Thank you again Mistress, I hope my tribute is worthy enough of a picture of your sexy thong. 

Your Panty Perv 

Pain-subs suffering...

Ah, there's nothing like a very harsh CBT session on a Friday afternoon! And that's just what I enjoyed with pain-sub today. Not only has he been crawling the walls in frustration; but he's now had his pain threshold pushed even further with some very heavy treatment!

Today his cock and balls were spanked, stretched, tiger-balmed, squeezed, sand-papered and finally nettled. The nettle torture was exquisite. Rather than him tentatively brushing his balls with the nettles; today he was made to grab a nice big handful and rub the nettles all over his cock and balls. Oh those painful little bumps looked lovely! He was in so much pain; he was physically shaking from it, much to My delight!

I did let him cum today. Well he has been in a permanent state of arousal since last Friday. And I have been spending the week teasing him while he collects his pre-cum in a brandy glass. He produced that today. It was of an interesting consistency. It had become watery where it had separated - looked rather like very sour milk actually. I can imagine it tasted no better. Even so; he was made to add to the contents and masturbated until he came into the glass - and he drank the entire contents. His face was screwed up in revulsion at this task; but he understands that he has no choice but to do exactly as he's told.

His chastity device arrived today and after the session; he was immediately locked into it. I want to add an edge to his constant teasing. How terrible it will be for him to be teased until he goes crazy, but not be allowed to get hard. He'll be doing more than climbing the walls by the time I've finished with him!

The chastity device he has is fully metal, and he does struggle somewhat to put it on and take it off. He has seen another one which is metal with leather straps. As tempting as it is to see him in discomfort; I plan for him to be in chastity for a long while - so I don't want him to risk injury. He's ordered the leather one - while he remains in the metal one until it's arrival.

At the end of the session; he did send Me a lovely little email:

"Mistress. As instructed I have put the chastity device back on and attach a picture. It added to the discomfort getting the ring over my stung balls and i can feel my cock itching inside it but can not touch it. I can still taste the week of precum and cum from the glass Mistress."

Oh, I'm going to have so much fun with this boy!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

And the teasing continues....

So since our nettle-torture session on Friday; I've been teasing pain-sub continuously and keeping him on edge. He's now learning a whole new level of domination - and learning a very valuable lesson. The lessons is NEVER to take your pleasure for granted. For a start; it's not yours to begin with. Mistress decides when and if you may receive pleasure. Don't ever make the mistake of assuming I will always allow you to cum. I can give you the gift of pleasure and I can also take it away.

Saturday saw Me upload some very sexy clips to My AdultWork profile and I instructed pain-sub to go and watch them while he slowly stroked his cock. He was also instructed to have a brandy glass placed beneath his cock so he could catch the drips as he "drooled." Of course drooling was all he was permitted to do. Cumming was not on the agenda.

Having mastered that torturous task; he came back to report on his progress and admitted that he'd probably never felt so frustrated in his life. Of course I've lulled him into a false sense of security. He's about to learn that his level of frustration can and will be increased...

On Monday he came into direct IM for some more teasing - still I hadn't allowed him to cum at this point. Instead I felt it was needed for him to be teased some more. So I had him put on one of his favourite porn DVDs while he was chatting to Me. He chose a vanilla kind and got himself comfortable for a nice leisurely wank before work. Of course I had other ideas. So instead of him pulling himself off; he was forced to describe in detail what was happening on the DVD - including the lingerie the model was wearing, exactly what she was going to herself, how her pussy looked - what he'd like to do with her. All this while he continued to slowly stroke his cock without cumming. This time he was even more frustrated and fighting hard not to cum. He knew that he didn't have any choice but to take the level of teasing I have inflicted on him. But the fact that all his senses were being stimulated at the same time; meant that his horniness leapt to new levels and still he was begging for more permission to have his release.

Did I let him? Of course not! Instead I found it much more fun to send him to work in a permanent state of arousal. I wonder if he managed to concentrate on his job? I'm sure I'll be sharing his report with you all, soon! Mean while he has just over a centimetre of pre-cum collected in his brandy glass. He won't be allowed to cum until the glass is full - and I mean FULL. Yes, that's going to take a fair while...but the best things come to those who wait! 

Monday, 15 June 2015


Unfortunately; Mistress has succumbed to a summer cold and looks and feels absolutely dreadful. I had hoped it was hay fever, but sadly not. This means I will be unable to offer cam to cam bookings until I'm better.

Instead; I will be offering text chat bookings and one-way cam bookings (your cam) bookings at a reduced rate as follows:

Text chat bookings via Skype (minimum 10 mins) - £0.50 per min

One way cam bookings via Skype (minimum 10 mins) - £1 per min

I will not be offering cam to cam bookings until Friday.

There is also a change to My schedule this week. I will be available for text chat and one way cam this week as follows:








To book an online session with Me during these times; you may email Me at the address below: