Saturday, 2 May 2015

Wank-Holiday Torture & Servitude.

I will be available throughout the Bank Holiday weekend to keep My beady eye on you little worms. Cam days will be as follows:

Sadistic Saturday - My favourite day of the week. Yes, I can really unleash My sadistic side and become your Mistress of Pain. You will suffer for My entertainment and amusement because you need to. It is the only thing which will give you meaning. You will work hard to ensure you suffer well - and only then will I consider rewarding you with relief...

The Church Of Sadistic Purification will be open as usual this Sunday. I know all you pathetic wimps have been misbehaving all week. The Church of Sadistic Purification is designed to deal with that. You will enter the confessional and tell Me all about your crimes; every single humiliating detail while I watch you squirm. And then you will be purified by pain. How that pain will manifest itself; is entirely up to Me....

Masturbation Monday is a day for all you wank-obsessed losers. It is the ONE day of the week where you are ALLOWED to masturbate. But there are conditions - you must masturbate to My instructions and you will ALWAYS clean up after yourself - with your tongue. No, cum-eating is NOT optional.

Skype sessions are available between the hours of 1.30pm and 4.30pm. Tribute is always required.
to book; you should email Me at the address below:

Thursday, 30 April 2015


When applying to serve Me; you should be aware than the application process is intense and is also a test of how honest your intentions are when it comes to serving Me. This is because I like to sort the wheat from the chaff and will only accept those who have proven themselves to have a genuine desire to serve. I also use this method to ensure you have your priorities in the right order - with Me being at the very top of the list - and you not being on the list at all.

The application process is a four step process as follows:


This is the most important part of the application process and the one which will determine whether or not you will be given the honour of My attention. You should be 100% honest and detailed about WHAT you can do for Me in terms of your servitude. If your initial email interests Me, then I will invite you to continue the application process. However; if your email bores Me; you will be resigned to the trash can; where you will remain.


Those who have managed to capture My interest now have the opportunity to work hard to keep it. You will be sent an application form to fill out. This will ask you questions about your life-style, your health history, your BDSM experience, kinks and fetishes and any limits you may have. You will be expected to fill out all parts of the application form COMPLETELY and TRUTHFULLY. You should be careful that you re-check your answers before submitting; you can still lose My attention; even at this stage.


Provided your application pleases Me; you will be invited to serve on a trial basis. This means you will be expected to complete three email tasks, three cam sessions or three instances of Financial Worship BEFORE I decide to train you on a long-term basis. At this point; tribute will be expected, BEFORE the trial begins. Fail to make the tribute or fail the trial period and this is where the journey ends for you. Please Me with your trial; and you have the opportunity to continue your journey deeper and deeper into My realm.


On completion of a successful trial period; you will be sent a Contract to complete and return. This will signify that you are now owned and are under My jurisdiction. You will be granted access to My private Skype ID for the purpose of requesting online sessions. And you will be expected to send photographs indicating you are now the property of Mistress Cristal. Congratulations! You have passed the test - and you are now My slave to mould and manipulate into the perfect little servant!

Have what it takes to see the application process through? Then send your initial email to:

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Kik & Skype Chat Rules.

There are some boys out there who are attempting to add Me on Kik or Skype without first making tribute. Well let Me tell you; you really are wasting your time - that is YOUR time, not Mine. 

You see; as I have reminded you numb-skulls over and over again; My attention is NOT for free. If you want it - you pay for it. No pay = NO PLAY. End of. Attempting to add Me without making tribute will result in you being instantly blocked. I am not negotiating on this. And I am not making any exceptions.

Those who have a genuine desire to serve; are only too pleased to pay a small tribute for the honour of gaining access to My private Kik and Skype IDs. They know what they must do to be granted access into My online world. And they don't sit there; making excuse after excuse as to why they should have free attention. They simply do as they are told - and tribute. And this is the way I do things. If you don't like it then don't approach. 

If you feel that you cannot afford to tribute in order to chat with Me via these methods; then it is plainly obvious that you cannot afford to serve Me. I don't owe you anything and there is no "try before you buy". The message is simple; PAY UP OR PISS OFF. I'm not going to sugar coat it. 

Oh and for those who dare to ask; "what do I get in return"; you are invited to shove your tribute up your arse and keep it there. I'm not interested in chatting to those who don't have their priorities in the right order. I'm NUMBER ONE on your list of priorities - you aren't on the list. And I will only consider your needs once you have pleased Me. That's right - PLEASE ME. That is what serving is all about - ME. If you fail to understand that - then you have no business contacting Me.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Free-Loaders - How to spot them - and how to exterminate them!

Today I want to talk about free-loaders. You will have probably heard Me use this term very often. And for those of you who don't understand what a free-loaders is; you're about to receive some education.

A free-loader who is somebody who seeks your attention or a cam show, but has no intention of paying for it. They've probably exhausted every free-porn site on the net and now want a taste of a live show...but expect it for free. They haven't had to pay for their porn before, so why should they pay for it now, live or not?

Let’s face it – free-loaders are scum. They are leeches who plague Dommes and camgirls because in their warped imagination; they feel we OWE it to them to give them free attention. We are just a stranger on a webcam and because of that they feel they shouldn’t have to pay for our time. Hell, we only exist so they can get their rocks off, right? Without them, we wouldn’t even be on cam…WRONG!

The fact is, we don’t need the attention of free-loaders.  And it seriously is messed up thinking that they expect us to help them “cum” or live out their sexual fantasies for nothing. It’s not going to happen.  They are simply stealing our time and our attention and taking advantage at the same time.
Seriously, would you go into a restaurant; have a slap-up 4 course meal, and say “yeah, I feel satisfied now, but don’t bother sending me the bill. I’m having this for nothing!”? No of course you wouldn’t. And would you take your car into the garage, have it serviced and then say “yeah this is on the house – you need to service my car. I don’t need you!” Nope, that wouldn’t happen either.

The restaurant and the garage amount to the same – they are providing a service. So are we. And because we are providing a service; we expect to be PAID for it. It’s not about demanding you give us money because you owe us. It’s about the fact that we are giving you one on one attention, taking time out of our day to speak to you, performing on webcam for you, as SERVICE – not out of the goodness of our hearts. Yeah, some of us may be as sweet as sugar – but we’re not stupid and you’re not a charity case.

Day in, day out I encounter freeloaders – mostly on AdultWork  Direct Cam. Yes, I could choose not to use the free preview option – but in all honesty, if it wasn't for the freeloaders – it would be a nifty little marketing tool. Sometimes I’ll offer free preview throughout my entire shift, sometimes I’ll offer it for a limited time – just to whet their appetite.  But I won’t EVER give them a full cam show for free.

The thing is; most free-loaders are subtle about it. But not so subtle that I don’t know what they’re up to. The ones who hang around in free preview asking endless questions..yeah, they’re stealing your attention away from those who are happy to pay for your time. The ones who claim they will go private if you stand up, show your feet,  or any other part of your body – yeah right, I’ve heard THAT one before. Try before you buy – not in My cam room.

And then there are those who are blatant – and yes I have had a few of these. I had one recently, who gave the game away by asking; “what do you do in free?” Now this speaks volumes. Translated it means  “I’m a free-loader. I’m not going to pay – but you’re going to give me what I want in free preview..”  No, I’m not. And with that, like every other free-loader – he was kicked out. And even though it’s a six week block via Adultwork, I shall remember him – and keep kicking him out until he gets the message and stops trying.

Free-loaders find themselves in for a big disappointment when they try it on with Me. I don’t give anything away. No teasing flashes of feet, no Skype address, no kik usernames, no explicit chat – NOTHING until they have paid. If they send gifts, they don’t get ANYTHING until gift is received (yes, free-loaders like to cancel gifts as well). In fact, if they’re unknown to Me, they tribute via gift certificate until they have proven themselves trustworthy. No tribute – no attention. This is also why I only take Amazon GC as tribute. I don’t take Paypal, not just because Paypal  doesn’t allow it but because payments can be reversed or cancelled.

I also apply the same approach with emails. I have a 3 email rule – they will get a response to 3 emails and no more. After that; they are expected to tribute. No tribute means no more emails to them. This applies to both My personal email address and the AdultWork/NiteFlirt email system. Just think about it – while you’re sending emails to them; they’re stealing your time and attention and probably getting a free wank in the process.

The trick is to be vigilant. Don’t give it away – give an inch and they will take a yard.  And trust your gut. If you instincts tell you “okay, this guy is after a freebie” get rid of them. Don’t allow them to steal your attention away from those who are paying for you time. If they claim they have “sent tribute” double check. If they tip in Direct Cam – verify they have tipped before doing a show. Yes, that is a popular scam as well – fake tips. If they attempt to chat with you on Skype – remind them at once that they must pay tribute. Then don’t engage in any further conversation with them until they have made that tribute If they don’t  tribute; get rid of them – those who are genuine will be only too happy to tribute. Those who come up with excuse after excuse, or try the old “delay tactics” have no intention of paying. Yes, I’m referring to those who attempt to chat after you have told them to make a tribute – they aren’t going to pay – so you aren’t going to talk to them.

Oh and those on twitter who ask you to follow them – they’re free-loaders. (And more often than not; are the twitter "egg".)  A genuine sub knows that to be granted the honour of a follow; he has to tribute. Same goes for those who send you a DM when you have specifically told them to email you – they ignore your demand and continue to message you. Yeah – ignore them – they don’t want to tribute either.

Be smart; be up front and tell them straight – you want it, you pay for it. And STICK to it. Don’t be swayed by promises, offers or even threats (yes, I’ve been threatened with bad feedback by a free-loader! Like him, his threat meant nothing.)  It’s YOUR cam room or cam business at the end of the day. And it’s YOUR rules.  If they can’t follow them, then they have no business approaching you.

Erotic Hypnosis - Surrender to My voice!

I want you to fall deeper and deeper under My spell as you experience the incredible impact of My hypnotic control. Listen to the sound of My voice... as you feel yourself being pulled further into My world, lulling you into a deep hypnotic trance until your mind surrenders to Me completely.

With each word I say; you will find yourself becoming weaker and weaker until it is impossible to resist..... You will drift away, surrendering all that you are; giving yourself to Me, in a true need to serve and obey.... You were made to serve.... You were made to obey....You made to please Me.... You were made for this.

Each and every word I say will give you meaning; and you will understand that you need to act upon those words... You will see that I am helping you to understand what you were made to do...and you will be powerless to resist the urge to do what you were made to please...

Let yourself go...relax...hear My words....listen to My voice...let My voice take you....deeper and deeper....into a state of hypnotic bliss....becoming weak...becoming compliant.....becoming obedient....becoming what you were made to be....totally submissive to Me.

Erotic Hypnosis is available via MP3. To see the MP3's I currently have available, visit the link below:

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Church Is Open.....

It is time. 
It is time for all you disgusting little maggots to make your deviant confessions and pay for your crimes. Another Sunday is upon us - and it's time to go to church. For get the "hallelujahs" and the "Praise God!". All I will expect to hear is "please have mercy, Mistress!"

Skype bookings are available from 1.30pm. Email your booking request to: