Saturday, 10 August 2013

Taking Online Bookings Saturday 10 August.

I will be taking Cam, Phone and Instant Messenger bookings today from 2.30pm. Communication will be via Skype and Yahoo and tribute is always required.

If you wish to book a session you may email me in the first instance to do so.

Shout-out For Slave Boobi

Another big shout-out goes to Slave Boobi for his generosity in donating more towards My laptop fund. Slave boobi is proving to be a very dedicated slave, and I look forward to seeing how he develops in the future.

In addition, he has sent over a video of him carrying out his latest assignment, which I will be reviewing later. If suitable, I will be sharing it with My readers - so stay tuned!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Taking Bookings Thursday 8 August.

I will be taking webcam, phone and instant messenger bookings today from 2.30pm. Sessions will be conducted via Skype and Yahoo, and tribute is required.

If you wish to book a session, you may email Me directly to discuss.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Cam Slave Turns Cam Whore!

Yesterday, on Adultwork DirectCam, I had great fun in turning the tables on a cam slave, who admitted he likes cross-dressing and humiliation.

Having made him put on a very cute pair of pink panties, I made him get on all fours, and show me his ass. "Come on bitch" I laughed "shake that booty for the camera!" After he'd done a good few shakes and slapped his ass a couple of times, I made him lie back on the bed, with his legs open and "perform" for Me.

"Now then slut," I said to him "Today you're going to perform on webcam, like the girls you've undoubtedly watched while you've wanked that pathetic cock of yours!"

So, under My instruction, he was running his hand up and down the crotch of his panties, winking in into the camera, running his tongue along his lips in a suggestive manner. "Don't forget to play with your tits!" I reminded him, and his hands slid up his body to cup his man-boobs. He was massaging them and squeezing them, all the time blowing kisses into the camera. I even made him lick one of his nipples at one point, trying so hard not to lose it. God, it was just too funny!

Then came the toy. He had with him a blue anal wand, and as he slowly rubbed his little clitty, I had him suck the wand suggestively, spitting on it, running his tongue all over it. "I want you to imagine that it's not Mistress watching you," I said, "but instead it's a dirty wanker, rather like yourself in fact, and he's getting off on watching you behave like a slut on camera!"

I had him moaning and gasping, amid words like "fuck me big boy!" and "my pussy is so juicy for you baby," until it was time for him to push that wand up his man-cunt.

It slid in really easily, and as I made him moan like a girl, he was ramming it in and out of himself, as I permitted him to rub his clit vigorously. "You're such a dirty bitch!" I taunted him. "Imagine how many cocks would spunk with this little performance!"

I ordered him to squeal like "a big girly whore" as he wanked harder and he soon came, shooting all over his stomach as he pumped that wand in and out of his ass. It was a highly enjoyable session, and one I can't wait to repeat. Hopefully next time, it will be in group chat, so he's got quite an audience!