Saturday, 20 April 2013

Plans and Summer Sale!

Yesterday did not quite go as I had planned.

Firstly, I had a doctors appointment during which I bumped into a friend whom I'd not seen for a while. This then led to "shall we go for a coffee", which turned into several.

Then My eldest cat decided he wanted to go for a wander, having not been seen for a couple of days. Fortunately, it would seem he has been back as the food I have put out for him has been eaten. When I catch him, he's grounded!

So, I didn't get to cam yesterday afternoon as I intended. But I did manage a few hours on direct chat, and managed to speak to Bra Fucker again - who very much enjoyed the thought of having My nice warm, black lacy bra wrapped around his cock. Very entertaining!

Today however, normal service is resumed, so I will be camming this afternoon as well as offering direct chat.

I have also added some Summer Specials in My store on certain items, which you may want to check out.

These offers are available for the next 14 days, so once they're gone - they're gone!

Plans eh? Should turn them into "hopes"!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Cuntweasle Gets Very Temporary Relief.

I read through Cuntweasle's latest assignment last night and had Me a good old chuckle. Boy, was he desperate! It was littered with "not fair, I need a play" and "for the last few hours, there hasn't been room to spare in this sodding device."

He didn't break and pay his wank tax so he could have a play. I made him wait. However, he did send Me an instant message again yesterday asking for permission to "play" - which I duly ignored so he could continue to stew in his own juices.

He has now been permitted to play once and once only - and is now locked up again. He's less than happy at that, of course.

Oh and he has been made to dust off his collar and start wearing it again - a further reminder that he is now under My full control - and here I thought he was "unbreakable" lol

Thursday, 18 April 2013

New Photos.

Yesterday was My photo-shoot and as a result, you lucky people have the chance to see some of the results.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Prayers For The People of Boston

I am currently watching the news in utter shock and disbelief, as the world's eyes are currently on the city of Boston, N.Y.

Two bombs have exploded in the city earlier today, killing at least 2 people, and injuring many more. Perhaps the most shocking detail of this, is the fact that one bomb was planted close to the finish line. Both were planted at the back of the crowds of spectators. If that wasn't enough, I'm hearing that the final mile of the Boston Marathon was dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook School shootings, and it is this which to Me, makes this act all the more sickening and heartbreaking.

Even though nobody has yet used the words "terrorist attack" with any confirmation, I think we can pretty much draw our own conclusions - whoever did this set out to cause widespread devastation, injury and death. Those people responsible are evil personified in My opinion and I hope they feel the full weight of justice as Barrack Obama has just said.

Many have asked why this happened. There are no reasons behind this. This is sick attack, with an utter lack of respect for human life.

Tonight, I send My prayers and My love to the people of Boston, particularly to those who are injured and the families of those who died. Stay strong - the world loves you.

Cuntweasle Is Desperate! LOL

While I was camming this afternoon I receive an instant message from cuntweasle, which had all the hallmarks of somebody who clearly was very desperate:

"HELP! THE KEY! NEED IT! Envelope still sealed."

I should explain...

In his latest homework assignment, he has been instructed to lock himself into chastity, and post the key to himself by second-class post. On it's return, he is then to leave the envelope sealed until further notice. A nice cruel twist to his predicament I thought.

He has gone without self-pleasure for 8 days now (a long time for him, believe Me!), so he was given the option of paying his wank tax, indulging and locking himself back up immediately afterwards, or continuing to be in chastity.

He did suggest I could order him to play. But like I said to him; yes I could, but it's not half as much fun.

So now he's trying to make a decision as to whether he will pay up and wank or continue to go without. Which one will win I wonder.....?


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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Piss Slave and Idiot.

Not a bad day cam wise. A little on the quiet side. I can only assume that's because there have been a few Premiership football matches going on today. But still, a nice steady stream of subs.

First sub to cam with was a self-confessed piss slave who enjoys forced piss drinking, forced cum eating and humiliation.
He had the tiniest little cock, and readily agreed with Me that it was rather disappointing. I'm glad I had My glasses on, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see the pathetic little stub!

He had two glasses with him; one for piss and the other for cum. He confessed he was actually desperate to pee, and it was so much fun having him beg while he squirmed in discomfort. I made him wait a little while, dangling the relief like a carrot on a string, until finally, he filled up the first glass, and half of the second glass. Clearly he was as desperate as he looked.

"I hope you're thirsty slave," I taunted before ordering him to down the entire contents of the first glass. The look of utter disgust on his face as he swallowed was absolutely priceless! He twisted his features into a grimace as he began to look a little green around the gills. Still, I hadn't finished with him yet.

"Go on, let's see how well you can wank that pathetic little worm," I said, as his hand instantly flew to his cock. At first he was using his whole hand, but as he had a micro-dick I told him that one finger and one thumb would be more than enough. In fact, a pair of tweezers would be better!

So there he was, wanking away, as I told him how his little maggot dick disgusted Me. "You're not a real man," I hissed. "A real man has a cock which can actually fill Me!" As punishment for having such a pathetic little tiddler, I made him take a mouthful of piss from the other glass, and hold it in his mouth. "You will not swallow until I give you permission," I ordered.

He came pretty quickly, cumming into the remaining glass of piss as instructed. Only then was he allowed to swallow his mouthful - cue that hilarious grimace again!

As a final humiliation, I told him he was to drink up the combination of spunk and piss. He didn't try and beg his way out of it. Neither did he chicken out by leaving the session. He simply picked up the glass, downed the contents and thanked Me for reminding him of what he was - a disgusting maggot-dicked loser.

A real loser came into directcam this afternoon too. I suspected he was going to give Me trouble, when he appeared in free preview. When asked what he wished to explore today, he simply replied "your glasses." I mean what kind of answer is that?!

Anyway, he entered private chat, and greeted Me with the word "hey!" That was his first mistake. "Hello Mistress" is a far more appropriate greeting. I'm not one of his pals down at the pub. I'm a Dominant Goddess to whom he is expected to show the utmost respect.

I asked him again, what he wished to explore and he replied that he wanted to do some angry wanking. He also asked for audio, so I activated it for him.
Once audio was activated, I started firing questions at him; was he naked? Was he already touching himself? Was he hard? Then came the question I somehow knew I was going to get - "can I see those tits Mistress?"

"Did you read My profile, slave?" I asked rather abruptly. "No Mistress", came the response. "Well perhaps you should have done, before annoying Me and asking stupid questions. Now fuck off out of My chat room!" And with that, he was kicked - never to return again.

I clearly state on My profile that I don't get naked. I don't need to and I prefer not to. Plenty of Professional Dommes prefer to remain fully clothed, and like Me, they get highly irritated when an ignorant tosser asks for nudity. While some do ask in free preview, and I do tell them that I don't (most of those who ask, don't come back, because it's not BDSM they want - it's a vanilla cam girl), but to ask in session is downright disrespectful - especially since I have taken the trouble in My Adultwork profile to make it clear that I don't get naked. So remember that readers - if you want nudity, I'm not the Domme for you!

Domination Phone Chat.

Phone chat sessions give you the chance to speak to Me via landline or mobile and listen to My sexy yet commanding voice.
We can speak about whatever you choose, provided it is within My limits. You will enjoy Me telling you exactly what I want to do with you, as well as carrying out My every instruction over the phone.

Phone chat sessions are charged at £1.10 per minute and are booked in blocks of time. The minimum booking time is 10 minutes, and the maximum is 30 mins.

To book, you simply contact Me with details of how long you would like to chat for, with a brief description of what you would like to explore in the session. I will then quote you a price for the session, and advise you of how to pay.

Once I have received your tribute, you will then be sent a number to call Me on which will be basic telephone number - I do not use any premium rate numbers.

So if you want to talk to Me over the phone, and enjoy yourself at the same time, book a phone chat session with Me today!