Saturday, 13 August 2016


We have been very busy ladies this afternoon and I'm pleased to say that the first Fetish Raffle will launch this coming Friday 19th August. The raffle will run for a month and three lucky winners will have the chance of winning one of three kinky prizes! 

This month; prizes are generously donated by:

 Miss Julia Taylor.

Mistress Julia & Domina Amelia

Mistress Cristal

Be sure to bookmark Miss Kitty's fundraising page for details of the upcoming launch!

#FundMissKitty - ProDommes Against Cancer - Fetish Raffle Coming Soon!

More and more Dommes are donating sexy prizes to our #FundMissKitty raffle. First raffle will be launched VERY soon. Keep checking on Miss Kitty's Fundraising page for details! You won't want to miss this!


Those who read My previous post will be aware that a group of us are working hard to help Miss Kitty De Vine during her fight with cancer.

Together with Mistress Julia, Domina Amelia, Mistress Julia Taylor, Mistress Dita and Mistress Lola Von J, we are about to launch an  extra special fund-raiser which all you boys can get involved in AND be in with a chance of winning a very kinky prize at the same time! Our first raffle will feature something very special from Miss Julia Taylor and I guarantee you won't want to miss this!

This fund-raiser is all about kicking cancer's ass, supporting Miss Kitty in Her time of need and giving you boys a chance to win some sexy goodies and kinky "experience days". But in order to kick it off; we seek a boy to put his hands to better use and do some free graphic design for us in order to promote this cause.

We need some absolutely EPIC pictures so that we can gain as much interest in this fund-raiser as possible; so the graphic designer in question needs to be of an exceptionally high standard. This is a chance for the creative boys among you to serve 7 beautiful Dommes for free. Interested? Send an email and examples of your work to the email address below:

In the meantime; keep checking back for more information about this exciting event! Launch date will be coming VERY SOON! And keep donating to Miss Kitty's fund via the link below - your help & support is needed!

Monday, 8 August 2016

An Appeal To Help Miss Kitty Devine.

Some of you may already be familiar with Miss Kitty Devine aka Demon Kitty. Well Miss Kitty is not only a fellow Domme, but She is also a good friend of Mine.

Currently; Miss Kitty is going through a very hard time right now due to a recent diagnosis of cancer. Following major surgery, She will soon be starting chemotherapy and it is for this reason that She will be unable to work.

This is a very tricky situation for Miss Kitty. Not being able to work, means She will have next to no income and because of Hertreatment, this is likely to last for several months at least.

Like all Dommes, She still has expenses and financial responsibilities She has to meet and obviously with a lack of income, this is going to be very, very difficult.

As a result, Miss Kitty has set up a fundraiser to help Her to meet Her expense budget. 

Let's not forget that Miss Kitty is not just a Dominatrix. She is also a human being and Her current situation proves that cancer can happen to ANYONE.

I ask all My fans and readers to consider showing Miss Kitty some compassion and generosity by donating to Her fund via the link below. Whatever you can spare will be a big help to Her. Even if you are unable to make a donation; you can also help Her by sharing the link so somebody else can donate.

Help Miss Kitty have one less thing to worry about as She goes through a very frightening time in Her life. She deserves this not because of who She is; but because She is still a person underneath the facade.