Friday, 18 March 2016

Tomorrow is a very special day....

In case it has escaped your notice; tomorrow is a very special day for Mistress. And I will not be taking bookings at all on this day.

Tomorrow is My birthday. I shall turn 37 years old and I shall be spending the day away from My minions and instead spending it with My friends and family; while I enjoy some of the gifts My loyal boys have sent to Me.

My absence doesn't  mean that you can rest easy however. Birthday gifts are still very welcome in the form of physical gifts or gift cards to - if you are currently owned or under My consideration; I strongly advise you against disappointing Me!

My special Birthday wishlist can be accessed by the link below. If your gift pleases Me; perhaps I will be generous enough to tweet a picture of it? Only one way to find out!

Panty Boy's Dancing Balls.

See how those balls dance! Panty Boy had another session with the Tens Machine - at level 6 - he didn't quite hit the ceiling...perhaps he will when he has another session at a higher level....

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Panty Boy's Third Visit From "Aunt Flo".

So Panty Boy has been experiencing what it's like to be a girl again; with his THIRD visit from "Aunt Flo". This month; I decided to heighten the experience by having him wear pegs on his nipples for a whole hour. This was to simulate the breast tenderness Women experience around the time of their period...

Of course; Panty Boy did nothing but complain and whine during this period - so his next assignment will reflect this in a well-deserved punishment. He must be reminded that being a girl hurts! And boy did it hurt - especially when he finally took off the pegs!

Two days later; his "period" finally started. Instead of strawberry jam, I decided to make things even more embarrassing for him by instructing him to use strawberry syrup this month. Syrup is much more runny...which means even more chance of "leaks"!

And as a final reminder of why Women are much stronger than men; I had him use a tens machine on his balls - this was to simulate period cramps. He should consider himself fortunate - he only experienced them for 30 minutes. He'll be experiencing more today. He started off at 4 on the tens machine before turning it up to 6 and found himself and I quote; "nearly hitting the ceiling". Just imagine what will happen if I make him use the full 25....ooohh tempting!

Panty Boy will be spending the next FIVE DAYS on his "period". That's five whole days of humiliation..I could be so cruel as to make him wear white trousers too. Now there's a thought....


Now that you've gotten used to something in your fuckable ass; it's time to start stretching it! How else are you going to take a fist up there? 


Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Bitch is Back!

You will be pleased to know that I'm now fully recovered from the flu bug and ready to get My bitch on! Online domination sessions will resume today - and after a week off; I'm more than ready to demonstrate who's Boss!

Today is Sinful Sunday. I know full well that many of you will have committed disgusting sins in My absence. Well today is the day you PAY for those sins. Through some strict behaviour modification; you will soon learn the error of your ways. Impure thoughts about Mistress will be removed from your mind and you will learn to become a fully compliant, selfless little worm again. 

My Church of Pain was designed for this - for the filthy specimens who cannot keep their hands away from their maggots; for those who still fail to accept their true position in life; for those who seem to think their pleasure is all important. I remind you now that there is only one God; and it's Me!

Enter the Church of Pain and through sadistic suffering; you will soon learn that your sole need is to please those who are above you. You will quickly learn your place is at My feet; crawling on your belly like an insignificant little grub. You will learn to respect My Superiority and you will relish in suffering for My entertainment as I demonstrate this. Self-obsessed morons may not approach. Those who are ready to be broken and moulded may crawl forward...