Friday, 12 February 2016

Panty Boy Gives Up A Word For Lent.

I don't consider Myself to be deeply religious; despite the fact that I was raised as a Christian. In actual fact; I am a Christian-Buddhist - leaning more towards a philosophy rather than religion - for the freedom of choice.

But; sometimes Christian festivals do have their merits. Like Lent for example. Lent can come in very handy when you're a sadist.

It is traditional in Lent to give something up until Easter Sunday. This is why we have Shrove Tuesday. The idea is that you pig out on fatty food then give it up all up for Lent. The pig out then commences during the consumption of chocolate eggs on Easter Day.

But giving up food is far too easy. You just don't buy it - then you can't eat it. But what if you were to give up a word in your vocabulary? Yes; that's very difficult - it means you have to think very carefully about what you say.

From now until Easter Sunday; Panty Boy will be giving up the word "me". He will not use the word in any of his conversations with Me; other slaves. other Dommes, in emails, twitter, and during any assignments. Should the word "me" be uttered; it will equate to 1 extra day in chastity for each utterance. He's already in chastity until the end of March...could it be extended? Oh yes - if he slips up!

Of course the decision of his sentence was put to a public vote. The choices were "alcohol" or "me". Clearly a few of My followers enjoy sadism since they voted for the most evil of the two. But hey; what kind of sadist would I be if I didn't create a nice sadistic sentence?

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Panty Boy Gets A Visit From Mother Nature...

Sissy training is not just about sucking on a dildo and fucking yourself. Neither is it about dressing up in lingerie and putting on some lipstick. When you are being trained by Me; it's the whole experience of what it's like to be a girl - the good and the bad.

Sometimes; it hurts to be a girl. Sometimes; being a girl is really quite awkward. Once a month; girls bleed and suffer pain. They suffer emotional pain as well as physical pain. They suffer the inconvenience of Mother Nature bringing them their monthly gift. And with that gift comes the stuffing of half a nappy in their knickers and visiting the bathroom every 4 hours to change said half a nappy.

But there is a big difference between a real girl and a sissy girl. Real girls are used to this inconvenience every month. They take it in their stride with the knowledge that in around 5 days' time; this ordeal will be over for at least another 28 days. They can rest easy and not be bothered with the "is my towel showing through my trousers" nightmare.

Panty Boy is learning what being a girl is all about. She has finally started her periods. She too will be stuffing her knickers with a maxi pad for the next 5 days. She'll be changing them every four hours. When she received this order; her response was "don't periods arrive on the most inconvenient of days?" Yes darling; I believe you've just learned a very valuable lesson about being a girl! Periods do tend to arrive on the days you could really do without them. That is life's way of being a complete and utter bastard.

There is however one huge difference for the sissy girls' monthly visit. They don't have the luxury of using the urinal in the public toilets. It's the stalls every time - unless they want others to see their sanitary pad...and then a whole can of worms is opened. How to explain that you're a man wearing feminine hygiene products? Hmmm....

Of course the awkward situation isn't My problem; as Panty Boy is about to find out. Discomfort, embarrassment and shame are all part of the journey of becoming My sissy. I don't make things easy...